Jan 26, 2012

8 Next Gen Pulsar to be officially unveiled on Jan 30, 2012..!!

The official countown has began for the curtains to be lifted off the Next Gen Pulsar..!!

The KTM 200 Duke and now the Next Gen Pulsar.. the Bajaj onslaught has truly begun..!!

After comprehensively dominating the 150 plus motorcycle segment of India for 10 straight years, Bajaj Auto will officially unveil the Next Gen Pulsar on 30'th Jan 2012.

The official Pulsar website has started a countdown timer which indicates that the new Pulsar(s) will be officialy unveiled on 30'th Jan..!!

According to Mr. Bajaj (MD Bajaj Auto), the Next Gen Pulsars will be "completely re-engineered" and share a lot of parts with the KTM 200 Duke, which incidentally has been co-developed by Bajaj with KTM and is manufactured by Bajaj @ Pune, India.

So far there has been a few spy photos of a couple of heavily disguised Pulsars being tested around Pune (birth place of Pulsar). With the launch of the KTM 200 Duke with a mouth watering price tag and now the official confirmation of the launch of the Next Gen Pulsar..!!

The onslaught of Bajaj Auto has truly begun..!!

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Koley Nilesh said...

A Decade long Dominance Yet to Continue again :)


Let us hope for the best and also about the series (will they keep the same series 150, 180, 220) or something else!

santosa said...

still 2 days left.
each day seems like a week.

ashish said...

14h 39m to go.............

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Right now its just 7 odd hours left..!!

Anonymous said...

why are they planning to launch afternoon ?

Anonymous said...

5 hrs 15 mins still...shit i wil be in office...

Anonymous said...

look at the pics here

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