Jan 8, 2012

2 Mahindra shows its Moto3 bike the MGP30, 110 cc Stallio & 300 cc Mojo @ 2012 AutoExpo

Mahindra 2 Wheelers shows off it Moto3 Race bike the MGP30 at the 2012 AutoExpo..

Mahindra's "Mojo" dream seems to be still alive..

The recently upgraded and launched 125 cc, Duro DZ scooter was shown at the AutoExpo. Mahindra 2 Wheelers must be having high hopes from this particular scooter to bring in the sales numbers. But to pull in the crowds and enthusiasts, Mahindra also showed off it's MGP30 the Moto3 Race Bike at the 2012 AutoExpo.

[Photo Credit: Debajit Basu]

The 250 cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke Moto3 challenger from Mahindra has been developed in conjunction with two-wheeler design firm Engines Engineering (which Mahindra has bought out) with another renowned firm Oral Engineering.

The MGP30 will race in the 2013 season of MotoGP and will wear the new White + Red colors compared to the Silver + Red revelry of last MotoGP season. For more on the Mahindra Racing click here..

Mahindra's Mojo dream alive (?)

Just when I was beginning to think that Mahindra 2 Wheelers might have dumped its 300 cc Mojo motorcycle which was showed as a prototype on Sep 2010, Mahindra kind of surprised me by showing the Mojo at the 2012 AutoExpo. There is no official confirmation whether and when it's getting launched.

[Photo Credit: TheAutomotiveIndia]

Mahindra's shows off its (refreshed..??) 110 cc Stallio

The 110 cc Stallio motorcycle did not have the best of launches and just after 5-6 months of its commercial launch, the bike had to be pulled off the showrooms citing quality issues especially with its gearbox.

It's not sure whether Mahindra is now once again ready to relaunch the Stallio but they did show off the model at the recent AutoExpo. The bike looks the same albeit sporting some new decals this time round.

[Photo Credit: TheAutomotiveIndia]

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Sanket Kambli said...

1) mojo one of the weirdest looking bike to-be/launched in india..
2) whose idea was it to say that we like red coloured rear suspension

Anonymous said...

Brought a Rodeo 18 months back, regret it. Dont care about the milage, but to service it is a MAJOR PAIN. Very few service centers in a city like mumbai (am in kandivali) and the ones that are there are and look shabby. Parts are not available. Banged the scooter from front and it took 2&1/2 months to fix as parts were not there. In 18 months :
1)Speedometer has failed (no indication).
2)Main stand jammed, have to physically push/pull it up or it hits the ground.
3)Takes 10-15 attempts to open fuel lid.
4)Battery has died & cant be recharged.
5)Sidestand warning had to be disconnected as it keeps getting stuck and keeps on beeping.
6)Low bottom due to under-foot fuel tank keeps hitting speedbrakers with 2 people riding.
7)Someone took the rubber floormat 15 months back and i still cant find one in the market.
Mahindra are not bothered about post sales service of their scooters. There were few service centeres to start with but some of them have closed down too as they say mahindra keeps delaying sending parts to them.
So dont make the same mistake i did . Buy any other scooter then a mahindra.

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