Jan 2, 2012

7 KTM 200 Duke is "Ready To Race" in India in just a few weeks. Happy New Year..!!

The first motorcycle launch of 2012 in India is just a couple of weeks away..!!

"The 200 Duke makes the Yamaha R15 feel too slow and the Honda CBR250R too heavy"

- Overdrive

The 200 Duke has the Best/Sportiest exhaust note among made in India bikes..

    1. Major Indian auto publications got the first ride of the 200 Duke [read this]

    2. KTM puts India link on its official international website [click here]

    3. Bajaj puts KTM link on its official (india) website

    4. KTM India Official Facebook Fanpage launched [click here]

    5. Bajaj Probiking showrooms converted into KTM Showrooms [read this]

    6. Official launch only a few weeks away..!! [read this]

Happy New Year 2012..!!

Ready to Race DNA:

With hundreds of wins/trophies in off road/endurance races, "Ready To Race" is KTM’s tagline and brand DNA and this baby Duke is no exception. With just 136 kgs of kerb weight and a 25 bhp, fast spinning engine, this bike looks all poised to blast on our Indian streets.

Overdrive has quoted on their TV show that "After riding the 200 Duke, the Yamaha R15 feels too slow and the Honda CBR250R too heavy..!!"

The 200 Duke comes with (first on an Indian bike) upside down front forks, a beautiful and strong looking aluminum swingarm, a DOHC - 4 valve, liquid cooled - fuel injected engine, a trademark KTM trellis frame and bodywork that is devoid of any unnecessary fat. It looks exotic, lean, mean and every bit of the mental image that I have of the KTM brand.

Pricing of the 200 Duke in India:

Indians should consider themselves lucky that the KTM 200 Duke is being built completely in India (by Bajaj Auto) which would translate into tremendous pricing (one won’t have to shell out 100% import duties) advantage.

Though the official pricing has not yet been announced, one should expect a price range of anywhere between the Yamaha R15 (1.1 lakh ex-showroom) and the Honda CBR250R (1.5 lakh ex-showroom).

Exhaust note of the 200 Duke:

In case anyone is wondering how the KTM 200 Duke sounds, here is a video of the 200 Duke shot at the Bajaj premises. That’s the Best/Sportiest "legal" exhaust note that I have heard on a Made in India bike..!!

So should the 200 Duke be my next bike..??

KTM 200 DUKE: Photos/Wallpapers


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Anonymous said...

cbr 250 is heavy but comfortable and suitable for tourin,city driving,on race track its suits all..duke 200 is typical street fighter............

Anonymous said...

oh mind blowin....exhaust note..reminds me yamaha r6 which saw along back in bangalore...........

Joseph said...

you should go for this bike..........it is just perfect for everyday use and for touring as well............I don worry about windblast, no fairing n all...........just take it to the highways and go.....

Sajal said...

ahhhh... finally you go for lightbox for your pics... good good!!

well I absolutely fell in love with the visual impressions of the D200 as an overall package. Will it entice me in flesh... well I'm pretty positive about it, but still would hold on to my horses till the time comes. :)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Actually the "lightbox" effect has been activated/upgraded by blogger (google) automatically


Test ride should be able to convince a lot of propective buyers

Anonymous said...

What about 125cc ?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

125 cc is only for export markets.. India is getting a better deal in the form of 200 cc

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