Jan 22, 2012

13 2012 Yamaha SZ-X / SZ-R (New Colors + Kick Starter) [Photos/Specs]

Yamaha India updates its SX-X and SZ-R models with new colors/graphics and adds a kick starter..

Yamaha India had launched three models under the SZ brand name in August/September 2010. Unless one keeps a regular tab on the 2 wheeler scene in India, its a bit confusing for the common man to differentiate between the three SZ models.

When first launched, SZ: Had only Kick start and had no tank scoop, SZ-X: Had Electric start (but no kick start) + had a tank scoop & SZ-R: Had Electric Start (but no kick start) + had a different tank scoop design than the SZ-X + had a front disc brake.

2012 Yamaha SX-R

What's new in the 2012 upgrade?: Yamaha India has added the earlier missing Kick starter along with the Electric starter on the SZ-X and SZ-R models. Also the SZ-X and SZ-R models get slightly redesigned decals and a new "Silver" color.

The base SZ model seems to have been untouched also in the technical specifications remain almost identical with the older model except for the 2 kg increase in the kerb weight.

Price: When launched the SZ-X had a price tag od Rs. 52,000 (Ex-Showroom Delhi) and the SZ-R Rs. 55,500 (Ex-Showroom Delhi). It is not known whether the price has been increased for the 2012 SZ-X and SZ-R models.. but even if there is an increment, it would not be too substantial.

Yamaha SZ Technical Specifications:


Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Displacement: 153 cc
Bore & Stroke: 58.0 × 57.9 mm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Maximum power: 12.1PS / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 12.8N.m / 4500 rpm
Starting system: Kick start (SZ) / Electric Start (SZ-X/R)
Lubrication: wet sump
Clutch type: wet, multiple disc
Ignition system: C.D.I
Fuel supply: Carburettor

Battery: 12 V, 5 AH (10 AH)
Headlight: Halogen bulb (12 V, 35/35 W)

Primary/Secondary reduction ratios: 3.409/3.000
Tranmission type: 5 gear constant mesh
Caster/Trail: 26 degree/99 mm


Frame type: Diamond
Front suspension: Telescopic
Front brake: Drum(150 mm) / Disc (SZ-R)
Rear brake: Drum (130 mm)
Front tyre: 2.75-17 41P
Rear tyre: 100/90-17 55P


Overall length x width x height: 2,050mm x 730mm × 1,100mm
Kerb Weight: 134 kg
Wheelbase: 1,320mm
Minimum ground clearance: 165mm
Engine oil volume: 1.0 litres
Fuel tank capacity: 14 liters
Seat Height: 802 mm

2012 Yamaha SX-R / SZ-X [Photos]:

2012 Yamaha SX-R Silver2012 Yamaha SZ-R Red2012 Yamaha SZ-R Black
2012 Yamaha SX-X Silver2012 Yamaha SZ-X Red2012 Yamaha SZ-X Black

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Prakash said...

Hd never actually paid attention to this bike. It actually looks good especially the ones in only silver and only black. They shud promote this bike more

Anonymous said...

wake up yamaha after the launch of R15 and FZ in 2008 its now 2012. is this the best that yamaha india can do?

the new pulsar will soon blow yamaha to pieces

Anonymous said...

Yamaha is getting the market share in the premium segment.Last year yamaha gained 8% market share where bajaj loses 6%.Yamaha is going great.YES!YAMAHA!

Anonymous said...

Good move. This kickstart was badly needed in SZ-R to woo conservative customers, and it practicality is required in indian traffic situation. Now, SZ-R sales will definitely increase.

Also, with adding kickstart, kerb weight has increased by 2 kg. Kerb weight is now 134 kg, but this is still one of the lightest 150cc bikes. Good city bike.

But needs digital speedo. Even 125 cc bikes are having digital speedo now.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yamaha. Please consider others comment & have stylish Digital speed o Meter. Since generations have changed & Even low profile 100 CC bikes are also have digital Meter

rubin said...

sz x in metallic colour looks stunning than the colours available in sz r..definitely kick star option was badly required... don't know why they launched without it because it is neither a 1000 nor a 500 cc bike that you find it difficult to kick, no wonder why their sale could not improve..

bhargav said...

is it gud szr bike
or honda unicon
compare so which one is best

Anonymous said...

Need pass switch



Gunawan MS said...

This bike design is quite nice, i like it, simple yet elegant, but ......

12 fuckin PS out of a 150cc modern engine ?? Are you kidding me ? This is all Yamaha can muster with all of their engineering resources ? I suspect the engine is a derivative of FZ engine, which is not quite a gallant, efficient performer in itself, and to make it more commuter friendly, they have to somewhat "choke" its fuel consumption, no wonder the output's quite horrible.

Sagar Tiwatane said...

Yes, Kick is must for bike. I think it is very good bike and price also lowest as compare to other 150cc bike. Thanks Yamaha to launch this city bike.

aman gandhi said...

I wants to know the speedometer cable part code of sz r coz my cable is damage...plz send msg on my ph 09416376835

manas said...

i have bought new yamaha sz-r. it is a very good stylish bike in india in low price. i was missing kick start. but when i come to know that in new yamaha sz-r has kick start, i immediately take it. yes!yamaha

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