Dec 16, 2011

0 Review: "DSG Primal" Riding Gloves

Ownership review of my 4 year old DSG Primal "leather" Gloves..

"Wish it was available in size S (Small)": I got myself a pair of the DSG Primal gloves in October 2007. As I have small hands therefore I ordered size M (medium) since that was (and still is) the smallest size available. But I soon found out that size M on the DSG Primal is one size large for me. Due to the oversize it becomes clumsy for me to use my fingers with the gloves on. Therefore till date I have been able to use my DSG Primal gloves only on long rides.

Tough Build quality


+ Looks cool
+ Durable build
+ Comfortable
+ Good protection

"Tough as Leather..!!" That’s how I would like to describe the DSG Primal gloves. And for good reason as the gloves are constructed out of high grade leather.

I might not have used my gloves that extensively during these 4 years but one of my friend who is a heavy tourer also has a similar pair of the DSG Primal gloves which he has used and abused extensively. He is all praise for the gloves. According to him his DSG Primal gloves are the most durable that he has used so far. There has not been any tear or damage on our gloves yet.

Comfort of leather

Even though my gloves is one size large for me, after a couple of weeks of use the leather nicely took the natural shape of my hands and fingers, making it easier for me to use the gloves at least on long trips. The leather ensures that the hands remain comfortable during hot climate by absorbing the perspiration and also keeps the hands warm during the Indian winter.

Protection of leather and carbon fibre


- Not available in S-size

- Dual wrist closure cumbersome with a riding jacket

Leather is one of the best material for protection from road rash and coupled with carbon fibre inserts on the knuckles and on impact areas such as the palm, the DSG Primal provides very good protection to the hands from injury in case of a crash.

The glove extends over the wrist to the mid forearm over which there is a velcro closure. This is supposed to keep the glove from coming off in case of a road spill and also provide some extra protection. When worn without a riding jacket they seem to be quite fine but I have found that the extended wrist closure is a bit cumbersome to be worn over the sleeves of a riding jacket.

DSG Primal Gloves: Specifications

• Constructed with premium grade leather to provide the utmost feel & control
• Carbon Fibre knuckles protection
• Carbon Fibre protection for little finger
• Flexi-fit fingers for comfort fit
• Air Vents on fingers to provide air flow
• Special Abrasion Resistant palm protection
• Dual Velcro wrist closure to ensure gloves do not come off in case of a fall
• Keprotec Fabric: a product of Schoeller Switzerland, is five times stronger than steel per gram& used in the manufacture to provide [a] Frictional Resistance [b] Heat Resistance [c] Weather resistance


At Rs. 2,490 the DSG Primal comes at a slight premium over other gloves from the DSG stables but with the kind of durability and protection that it provides, I would rate it very highly and even put it as a good value for money product.

How I wish it came is size S (Small).

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