Dec 25, 2011

5 Next Generation Pulsars spotted once again..!!

Next Generation Pulsars caught being tested once again..

Next Generation Pulsar motorcycles were caught on camera while on their test runs. The images this time comes from IndianCarsBikes. The test mules seem to be the same ones that were spotted a month back.

From the photos it becomes clear that just as Mr. Bajaj had mentioned in an interview earlier this year, the Next Gen Pulsars indeed shares some common parts with the KTM 125/200 Duke (that Bajaj has co-developed with KTM and manufactured in India).

KTM 125/200 Duke Chassis

1. The engine block on the Next Gen Pulsars looks like a carbon copy of the KTM 125/200 Duke.

2. Absence of cooling fins means and what looks like coolant tubes means that the engine on the Next Gen Pulsars is a liquid cooled one.

3. The underbelly exhaust though seems to be inspired from the 125/200 Duke, looks to be different in layout from the KTM.

4. So is the design of the alloy wheels which looks inspired from the KTM but is actually different in design.

5. Mr Bajaj had already mentioned that the Next Gen Pulsar would feature a 4 valve-SOHC head.

6. Downtubes normally associated with conventional frames found on most Indian bikes seem to be absent on the test bikes (from whatever is visible on the spy photos). Looks like there is a good chance that the frame on the Next Generation Pulsar could well be an advanced and modern one (like the Trellis frame on the KTM 200 Duke)..!!

The test bikes in the photos are heavily disguised, moreover final touches like rear mudguard, chain cover, exhaust cover (speculating) and probably a belly pan (speculating again) are missing, therefore commenting on the styling is premature.

Some sites/blogs are speculating that it might be a 125 cc engine. Why? Because KTM 125 Duke exists? Because rear disc is absent on the spied test bikes..??

According to me it does not make any business sense to put a 125 cc bike in the market when one can command a handsome premium by launching a higher cc engine.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this time Pulsar will rock with Next Gen X.I hope the Next Gen X would be best performances rather than what it looks.

Nitin Gupta aka LP said...

A good piece of info, I guess it will 200, but the absence of rear disc makes me skeptical about it.
There must be something up in the expo, lets wait :)

shekhar said...

proud of u brother..........this article is something what made a lot of sense.......unlike other speculative, stupid articles.........

myla said...

Its an liquid cooled engine. New gen pulsars sharing the same KTM engines, and will rock the market.

myla said...

The next generation pulsar shown above has an liquid engine, look at the hose from the radiator to the engine.

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