Dec 23, 2011

4 My Top 3 Dream Bikes

My current top 3 motorcycle dreams..

Flashback (Mid 1990’s): Back in those pre “internet-mobile phone” days any kind of FOREIGN motorcycle form was as desirable as Madonna of the 90’s. Any exotic motorcycle with a FAT rear tyre used to stir my raging teenage hormones.

The seed of economic reforms sown by Dr. Manmohan Singh in the early 90’s started to show its effect by the turn of the new millennium. As a result Hero Honda started the movement of satiating desi boy racer dreams in 1999 with the CBZ. The CBZ was the most stylish bike at that time made to Indian specs/money. In 2011 this movement has culminated in the form of Indians getting models like the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR250R..!!

The real McCoy also eventually began to arrive in India starting with the Yamaha R1 and MT-01. In 2011 apart from the Japanese big fours (Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki & Kawasaki), even brands like Harley-Davidson, Ducati, BMW, Aprilia have set shops in India. Soon to follow suit are Triumph and KTM. The prices for these stuff is stratospheric (as they are imported as CBU: Completely Built Unit) but then hey, for anyone who can afford it, the bikes are now clean (legal) and one also gets the assurance of service and genuine spares.

2011-12: The Indian motorcycle market has definitely evolved a lot during the last 12 years. On a personal note, after dreaming, thinking, living and riding motorcycles for over 12 years, I can also state with some authority that now I can see and appreciate the beauty of a motorcycle beyond its FAT rear tyre.

So as I enter into my mid 30’s, listed below are now my Top 3 Dream Bikes

At the outset let me make it clear than I don’t expect to ever own these motorcycles and they would in all probability remain stuff of DREAMS to me. Apart from the very high price tags, these machines are also bit big and heavy for someone like me to ride comfortably. Nevertheless “Dream Karne Main Kya Jaata Hai..??

No. 3: Honda CBR600RR

Honda CBR600RR

Full faired Super Sports bikes are without any doubt the object of desire of the young and the restless. While I might not be that restless now but I still am (and will be) young at heart. The Honda CBR600RR to me is the most beautiful among the multitude of Super Sport/Superbike machines.

No. 2: Ducati Streetfighter

Ducati Streetfighter 848

This Ducati makes my Jaw drop more than a Playboy center spread. I simply can’t find words to describe the sheer raw and mechanical beauty of this nude object of desire.

No. 1: BMW R1200 GS

BMW R1200 GS

The BMW R1200 GS would not have even worth a look in my “Dhoom Machale” days. But as I have matured as a biker, the R1200 GS now appeals to me like seasoned wine. The R1200GS is the progenitor of the Adventure Touring category of bikes. It has the looks and reputation of being virtually indestructible and has that “conquer any terrain/tour the globe” capability.

No wonder this particular model still continues to be BMW’s largest selling model in the mature markets of Europe.

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aditya said...

hey payeng,

chk this tour for BMW 1200's exploits

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Thanks for the link bro. I did catch a couple of episodes of the "Long Way Down" series on TV.

Anonymous said...

No cruiser in ur wishlish....???
Biker next door in India, generally have...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


somehow I have never been a cruiser fan

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