Dec 28, 2011

14 The 2012 Pulsar 135 gets “Speedlines” and a new Blue Color [Photos]

The 2012 Pulsar 135 gets new colors..

Now the entire Pulsar family gets the "Speedlines" color scheme..

New color schemes do not excite me that much. But the Pulsar 135LS which is a gem of a bike badly needed some new colors. So far Bajaj had provided the Pulsar 135 just with two colors, Red and Black.

After 2 years of being launched the “baby” Pulsar gets a new Blue color. Also the Pulsar 135 now gets the Pulsar “Speedlines” which is the marketing speak for a dual color theme for the Pulsars.

The new color and dual tone treatment should keep the appeal of the Pulsar 135 fresh. According to me the Pulsar 135 in fact looks better in this new dual tone. There is no change in the engine/technical specs of the Pulsar 135 but the bright side is that the price also has not been touched.

So what’s new on the 2012 Pulsar 135?

  • The Pulsar 135 gets a new Blue color (it was available only in black and red so far)

  • The Red and Blue colors come with a dual combination with Black

  • The Black color remains in single color tone

  • The alloy grab rails and the clip on alloy handlebars get a black finish

  • The engine casings gets the new and exclusive to Pulsar "Golden hue" finish

  • With the Pulsar 135, now the entire Pulsar family (135/150/180 and 220) now comes with the "Speedlines" color scheme

2012 Pulsar 135 with "Speedlines": Photos

2012 Pulsar 135LS2012 Pulsar 1352012 Pulsar 135
2012 Pulsar 1352012 Pulsar 1352012 Pulsar 135

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Anonymous said...

Bajaj admirers where are you hiding? What happened to your outcry on HH for those crazy color tones? Why everyone keeps mum now? Speak up please....................... I'm lovin' it.

Anonymous said...

Bajaj haters, they next generation Pulsars will be here soon to further shut you up :-)

Prakash said...

Bajaj....i hope u do not go the HH way by overdoing the stickers...fortunately for u its looking good this time...

Anonymous said...

Well for Bajaj haters.. Bajaj will never say "all new pulsar" when they are just doing new color schemes/sticker work, unlike Hero/Honda.

Anonymous said...

wow this is looking great especially blue so this confirms that the next gen pulsar is not the next gen p135.i hope this was not the pulsar that rajiv bajaj said that is coming out soon... what do you have to say bro..?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


No I don't think that this is the next gen P135.. moreover we have all seen the spy pics of the next gen Pulsar(s) being tested on road right.. and those test mules look different.

Anyway the P135 did need some refreshment after 2 years of its launch

Anonymous said...

Well am the one who left Anon comment no.1; I knew you will all come up with your own justifications. Well every other manufacturer does the same every few years to refresh their line up. Advantage Bajaj and TVS has over HH is that they are manufacturing their own Engine where as Hero has to get the nod of Honda. That enables Bajaj or TVS to increase 10 cc or add one more Valve to their engine in the name of technological advancement. At the end of the day all of the above mentioned bike gives mileage in the range of 45 to 55.

Enough of ranting.... If you enjoy the brand you love, love it and live it. Stop dragging other brand here to satisfy your ego. Period.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Chill bro, you should not have started it in the first place.

By the way Hero now officially no longer needs Honda's nod

Anonymous said...

HERO sucks big tym :P

Anonymous said...

The month (Nov 2011) marks the competition & Dominance of 10 years of existence of the THE PULSAR...evn though the brand has lost a bit of its sheen Its said tht history repeats itself .... the time has come for the PULSARS to rise again...few more days of wait the second generation PULSARS are cmein n whn they arrive THE SECOND GENERATION OF BIKING BEGINS...THE DOMINANCE WILL REPEAT..P E A C E

Anonymous said...

Bajaj sucks big tym.
nuthin new in this byk

Manash@ said...

Its really cool than previous version..

Anonymous said...

you all antics.... i am using this and it sounds good

Anonymous said...

u r right bro...

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