Nov 20, 2011

9 Review: Daijya Carbon Fibre Helmet

Review of the Daijya Carbon Fibre helmet from DSG..

My previous helmet was a Daijya, that particular helmet was for me a kind of initiation into the world of good quality helmets. It had a good build quality, excellent face shield/visor, snug fitting inner padding and to top it off the helmet looked great. The only issue with my Daijya was that it was a bit heavy.

It seems that the best international helmets usually weighs around 1.5-1.7 kgs. So I guess it’s a small compromise that a serious biker has to make. Unless of course the helmet is constructed out of “Carbon Fibre”..!!

Daijya is the helmet brand from DSG (Dream Sporting Gear), a Pune based Indian brand which is into motorcyle riding gears. The Daijya Carbon Fibre Helmet is the flagship model of the 2011 range of Daijya helmets

Posted below is my review/experience of my new “Daijya Carbon Fibre Helmet”.

“Carbon Fibre” is that wonder material which makes modern Formula 1 cars extremely light weight yet stronger than steel. Carbon Fibre is also used to fabricate motorcycle helmets which makes such helmets very light in weight and at the time quite sturdy. "Joe Rocket" branded Carbon Fibre helmets are available in India. But at Rs. 27,000-28,000 these helmets are heavy on the Indian pocket.

After using my Daijya for around 4 years (normal life span of a helmet), it was time to replace my helmet. As I had been quite happy with my older Daijya helmet except for its slight heavy weight. So when I got to know that Planet DSG has come out with a Carbon Fibre model for its 2011 range of Daijya helmets, it fit into my requirements perfectly. In Sep 2011, I eventually replaced my older helmet with a new Daijya “Carbon Fibre”.

Construction & build quality of the outer shell: “Light weight yet sturdy


+ Very Light weight

+ Good build quality

+ Excellent visor/ face shield quality & built

Lightness was the prime reason why I was looking for in a Carbon Fibre helmet and the Daijya Carbon Fibre did not disappoint me. The helmet weighs 1.165 Kgs and feels quite light. I was quite happy with the build quality of the outer shell of my earlier Daijya and this new one also does not disappoint in that aspect.

My older Daijya had some cool & attractive graphics which made it an attention magnet. The latest one is devoid in graphics but like a typical Carbon Fibre helmet, it shows off it’s Carbon Fibre finish, which is of great flaunt value in front of the discerning guys who know about Carbon Fibre.

Built quality of the Visor/Face Shield: “Excellent..!!

The quality of the visor/face shield of my earlier Daijya was very good. The view through the visor was both distortion and glare free. The mechanism for movement of the visor was positive. On the Daijya Carbon Fibre helmet, the visor mechanism feels even better. The visor is also distortion and glare free. The fit of the visor over the helmet is quite good and it does not let air pass through the helmet at all speeds.

My old helmet (left) & my new helmet (right)

Inner pads / fit of the helmet: “Would have liked a slightly more snug fitting inner/padding


- Noisy at high speeds (above 70-80 kmph)

- Inner padding could have been better

- Inner drop down visor is not distortion free

Daijya helmets come with removable & washable inners. I like the soft feel of the material used on the cheek pads, but I would have liked the interiors to have a more snug fit. The interiors is a lot better than the Rs.2,000-3,000 range of helmets but then even the normal (non-carbon fibre) latest Daijya helmets has more snug fitting interiors than the Daijya Carbon Fibre helmet.

The new 2011 Daijya helmets (both carbon fibre and normal) come with a “G Fit” system by which one can inflate the inner cheek pads by pumping air into it and therefore get a custom fit. The “G Fit” feature does work but then I have to pump the push button some 30-35 times to get a real good tight fit. This is not really practical every time I have to put the helmet on. Therefore a more sung fitting inner lining/pads is more desirable.

Strap/Retention mechanism: “Did not fancy the “Quick Release” mechanism.. so I changed it with the “Double D Rings” of my older helmet

My older Daijya helmet used to come with “Double D Rings” but the new 2011 range of Daijya helmets now come with a “Quick Release’ mechanism. The “Quick Release” mechanism as the name suggests provides an easy to fit and remove strap mechanism, but it cannot be easily adjusted for varying tightness of fit every time.

Quick Release mechanism of the new 2011 Daijya Helmets

After 4 years of usage, I am now more comfortable with the Double D Ring system and I also found the Quick Release system slightly uncomfortable as it came just above my adam's apple.

Custom fitted Double D Rings on the Daijya Carbon Fibre Helmet

I swapped the “Double D Rings” of my older Daijya helmet on to the new helmet by cutting the straps of both the helmets and interchanging them. I took the helmets to a cobbler so that the stitches made to reattach the interchanged straps were sturdy and there is no compromise on safety.

Replaced the Quick Release with Double D Rings

Anyone interested to buy the new 2011 range of Daijya helmets should first check out if he/she is comfortable with the “Quick Release” retention mechanism.

Noise levels : “Becomes noisy at over 70-80 kmph

The Daijya “Carbon Fibre” helmet remains quiet till about 70-80 kmph. The face shield/visor sits tight over the helmet and does not let air inside the helmet. But at speeds over 80 Kmph, air turbulence is created inside the helmet (through the neck area) and there is a considerable whistling noise of the air inside the helmet. By covering with hands, I could later make out that the air turbulence inside the helmet is because of the air entering from the neck area.

Normally I do not exceed 80 Kmph very often, therefore for most of the time I don't have to excounter the wind noise inside the helmet. But over long open highways and while riding at speeds over 80 kmph, I would have liked a quieter helmet. On most helmets, wind noise at high speeds is not an uncommon phenomenon. The best solution is said to be riding with earplugs (I haven't yet tried it).

A cloth muffler worn around the neck could deflects/reduce the wind creating turbulence inside the helmet at high speeds, I have yet not experimented with that though.

Sizes, Color Options & Price:

Size: The Daijya “Carbon Fibre” helmet comes in sizes starting from Medium (M) to Extra Large (XL). I would have liked to try on a Small (S) size but sadly it was/is not available. I therefore had to go for size “M”. I believe a size “S” would have been a perfect fit for me.

Colors: The helmets come on 2 colors [1] Black & [2] Red. I opted for the black color as I have always associated Carbon Fibre with this color. Also the Red color was costlier by Rs. 3,000 over the Black one.

Price: The Daijya “Carbon Fibre” helmet has a price tag of Rs. 12,990 with the Red and Blue costing an addition Rs. 3,000. At that price it certainly is not cheap but compared to other carbon fibre helmets which costs around Rs. 28,000 it is at least affordable.

Some other stuff worth mentioning:

>> The new 2011 Daijya range comes with a inner tinted visor which can be dropped down or retracted back. Although it looks cool with the inner visor dropped down, there is a little bit of distortion of the view through the inner visor. This makes the drop down visor a bit disconcerting to use.

>> Air vents are provided on the top of the helmet and also at the chin. The vents have been provided to let the air flow over the scalp and keep the rider ventilated inside the helmet. The closing/opening mechanism of the vent on the chin feels a bit flimsy though.

>> At the back of the helmet the weight is mentioned as 1400 + 50 gms but the helmet actually weighs 1165 gms..!!

Verdict: At Rs. 12,990 the Daijya “Carbon Fibre” helmet might appear slightly high priced, but then this is the only Carbon Fibre helmet that one can buy in India at this price along with good construction & build quality.

The quick release mechanism is more popular among the Indian masses than the “Double D Ring”. Nevetheless I would like DSG to revert back to the older Double D Rings instead of the quick release mechanism on its current Daijya helmets.

The inner padding could have had been more snug fitting and the drop down visor distortion free. But then these are not major issues (one can retract the inner visor and the padding is not that bad) and should not turn you away from getting this light weight beauty.

Daijya Carbon Fibre Helmet: Photos

Daijya Carbon Fibre HelmetDaijya Carbon Fibre HelmetDaijya Carbon Fibre Helmet
Daijya Carbon Fibre HelmetDaijya Carbon Fibre HelmetDaijya Carbon Fibre Helmet
Daijya Carbon Fibre HelmetDaijya Carbon Fibre HelmetDaijya Carbon Fibre Helmet

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Ashley Shaun said...

I hav had no problems so far.. and yes, I liked the light weight ad the solid build quality of the helmet

Anonymous said...

Awesome helmet bro

Jayamohan said...

Daijya Helmets Design and colours looks amazing :)

Aditya said...

Hey Payeng, is it that a helmet can crash only once.
i.e. if u crash on head, u must replace the helmet.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


ANY helmet that has been involved even in a minor crash/impact needs to be replaced. Even if there is no visible damage, it is advised that the helmet os replaced.

Helmets are made for a single impact purpose only.

Normal life span of a helmet os around 4-5 years, and is advised to replace with a new helmet after that time period.

Sid said...

I think at that price probably it cud be the lightest helmet but I dont think its VFM. you could actually get or a KBC or sparx (from KBC) at a price less than that. Also KBC and Sparx(Sparx S07 is highly rated by all reviewers and comes from less than INR 10K) are DOT certified for sure. Sparx is ECE certified as well. wonder if daijyas certification is really authentic.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


I have been usuing the Daijya Carbon Fibre for some time now.. and I am very satisfied with it.

I have seen a friend's Sparx and the rubber beading from the bottom was coming off just after a few months of use.

I am addicted to the lightness of Carbon Fibre. Also you must be aware that Carbon Fibre is a very strong and sturdy material. After using a carbon fibre helmet it is almost impossible for me to settle for anything else.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure we get the Daijya brand of helmet in the United States but from your pictures and review it appears to be a good looking helmet. when i replace mine again i'll have to seriously consider a carbon fiber helmet.
about the "D" rings versus the "quick release" on the helmet's chin strap, i have come to prefer the quick release as i have always worn either pigskin or leather gloves when riding and find it quicker and simpler to lock and unlock while wearing gloves. -ride well

Tom george said...

it's nice what is cost

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