Nov 18, 2011

3 Pulsar (1st Gen): A Decade of Dominance- Part II [Copying the leader]

From features, to advertisement campaigns, to strategies to downright ‘copycat’ styling.. the Pulsar has been an influence

"There is no ample evidence that a Chinese company has ever replicated Pulsar. The 'news' has originated within India and could be a clandestine method of misleading Indian consumer. Gulsar is only on paper not on road…

..This bike doesn't exist on earth, some vested interest has 'created' a story that a Chinese company has copied Pulsar. There is no concrete evidence of existence of Gulsar. Bike bloggers in India are fooled at this fabricated story."

The above statement was made in a thread on [Click here to visit that thread], India’s premier motorcycle forum. A particular member of that forum wanted to prove a point that the Chinese had never copied the design of the Pulsar.

In 2006, there was news of a particular Chinese made copy of the Pulsar which was being sold in some international markets with the name “Gulsar” (Sic). As evident from the above quoted statements, that particular member has the opinion that the “Gulsar” never existed and “Bike Bloggers” in India have been fooled to believe in this story..!!

Hmm.. “misleading Indian consumers”..?? That’s a serious accusation.

My blog did carry news about the “Gulsar” came way back in 2006. The news did seem genuine in 2006 with premier newspapers of India covering it. Even in 2011 the Gulsar seems to be in existance under a brand called "Amico" which seems to have an Iranian address [Click here to visit its site].

So is the Gulsar really a Chinese made copy of the Pulsar? Or is it just a propaganda by some "vested interests"?

Lets leave aside the Gulsar from Amico, the following images (& links) posted below should dispel the doubts of anyone that this is no propaganda.. Chinese made copies of Pulsar do exist.

1. Pulsar 135LS copy By Kaitong Motor [Click here to go to the site]

2. Pulsar copy by Lifan [Click here to go to the site]

3. Pulsar copy by Yamasaki [Click here to go to the site]

Apart from the Pulsar inspiring a few companies in China to copy its styling, the competition in India also has been following the footsteps of the Pulsar in providing features. Stuff like, alloy wheels, gas filled rear shock absorbers, clip on handlebars, split seats, LED lighting on tail lamps, digital speedometer consoles were provided by Pulsar way back in 2006-2007.

Pulsar started the trend of showcasing motorcycle stunts which others also started to follow but never having the same kind of impact which Pulsar campaigns have had.

All these just go to show how Pulsar has been a trend setter so far. And yes, Chinese copies of the Pulsar does exist.


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Sankoobaba said...

Pulsar was path breaking... It needs do some of it again

subby said...

there are some miserable and pathetic guys who can't get over with the japanese fixation (even if they deliver bad quality)

for bajaj- imitation is the best form of flattery

Anonymous said...

OMG.. P135LS copy is too much, no wonder people treat chinese products with disdain. Rightly pointed out by Subby "imitation is the best form of flattery". Looking forward to next gen pulsars, hope they set new standards once again for affordable performance.

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