Nov 26, 2011

2 New Colors for the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler & CB Twister

HMSI (Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India) refreshes its Dazzler & Twister models with new colors..

One can assume that:

The CBR250R also in all probability won't change much in the coming future..

The first two HMSI models, the 125 cc Shine to the 150 cc Unicorn has changed only cosmetically over the years. The other 125 cc model, the CBF Stunner has also got cosmetic treatment as upgrades.

So when its time to upgrade the latest two HMSI models the (150 cc) CB Unicorn Dazzler and the (110 cc) CB Twister, What could happen?

Cosmetic upgrade of course..!!

CB Unicorn Dazzler Deluxe

The CB Unicorn Dazzler is now available in a Deluxe avatar which is nothing but two new color schemes. The CB Twister is also available now in White Color.

HMSI has priced the CB Unicorn Dazzler Deluxe model Rs. 1,000 over the standard model. The Deluxe variant will be available in two colours and is priced at Rs 66,198 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the standard variant is priced at Rs 65,198 (ex-showroom, Delhi). [Source: Economic Times]

There is no price rise for the White color on the CB Twister.

CB Twister

Honda fans usually justify these cosmetic upgrades by stating that all Honda bikes are perfect and therefore need no major product upgrades. Just basic color/sticker job is enough to keep them fresh.

If this trend continues then we shouldn't expect any major change in the CBR250R for no one knows how long.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler Deluxe: Photos

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler DeluxeHonda CB Unicorn Dazzler Deluxe

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k.p said...

bull shit....2nd generation pulsars eat on the sales of the honda share in the market...long waitin period,unavailability of spares making things worse.....

Anonymous said...

Well, I am sure of Indian intellectual brain-set to produce better vehicles by quality as-well-as purpose. Look at Impulse, hope Hero Moto Corp will come up with their engine too very soon. Bajaj Pulsar is always on the by-lane and that to fore-front to Honda.
Policy of Honda is (and so with Hero Moto Corp to a minor extent)to keep hype in market by artificially maintaining waiting list.
Why the hell Honda wants to push Dazzler Deluxe when public demands Unicorn?

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