Nov 28, 2011

13 I have become a father..!!

Being a dad means more responsibility and less time.. so what does it mean for the biker and blogger for a "biker next door"?

If there is a long pause in between blog posts.. means that I am just being a dad or I am out there riding somewhere

We have been blessed with a baby boy on 23’rd Nov 2011. By the grace of God both the child and mother is in good health and doing fine. Everything in my life has been a gradual change so far, but the birth of my son marks a radical change in my life/lifestyle.

The joy of being a dad is yet to sink in but already the drastic changes in my life is very evident. For example, sleeping is an activity which now is accomplished in “Power Naps”. Patience now comes without any effort. And it’s amazing how such a tiny individual demands so much laundry service. Everything in my life now revolves around our bundle of joy. Also for the first time in my life I am really glad that I have a 4 wheeler..!!

So does it mean that my biking days are over? Also what repercussion could it have on my online bike diary, “Bike Chronicles of India”?

Changes for the "Biker" in me

Safety for my myself and my family is the utmost priority now. It’ll be the car which will carry around my family.

I have already sold off my Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi a couple of months back. But I would still like to keep the biker flame in me alive and get a new motorcycle. Whatever I decide to get as my next model, I certainly won’t be using it for commuting. I'll be using my next motorcycle mostly for occasional weekend/pleasure rides (if I am lucky enough to spare some time).

All the riding gear, all the time:

Riding on special occasions/pleasure riding now would make it possible for me to ride with complete protection and with full riding attire/gear. I already have a good Helmet, riding Jacket and a good pair of riding gloves. A pair of riding pants and riding boots are next in line and will get them too whenever I get my next motorcycle.

Changes for the "Blogger" in me

After marriage, I was finding it real tough just to post 10-12 posts in a month. After becoming a father, making just 5-8 posts is a month seems to be a really Herculean effort. But after 5 years of blogging I don’t have the heart to let my blog die. Therefore it’s not a promise but I’ll definitely try to post/update my blog whenever I find some spare time.

So whenever there is a long pause in between posts, it either means that:

  • I am just being a dad or..

  • I have managed to squeeze some time for myself and out there riding somewhere

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Anonymous said...

congrats... bro i saw the pic in fB and he is looking very cute and awesome hope he does have the biking spirit of yours....And yes there is no problem taking a bit more time for becoming a dad from your usual blogging time...its that you, if possible,should try to find some spare time once in a while for the great blogger and rider in you that is all... wishing him (junior)the very best for his future life from the deepest of my heart....take good care of him bro...and best of luck for the next best role in your life being a good and inspirational DAD that junior can always depend on...i'll check on you guys every ones in a while...i'll keep in touch with through fB and xbhp tc...
with regards

ps. sorry for bothering you @ a time like this but i was wondering if you would be kind enough and if you get time to go through a comment which has been posted by me in the"first photos of the next gen pulsar"post as i have posted a very short(hi hi...)comment in the discussion about the new next gen pulsars and i would like to know your response on my view which i have expressed there as iam also as a bajaj admirer is eagerly excited and counting each day and waiting hard for the pulsars to come out... thank you...

Shaiju B said...

Congratulations !!

sahil99 said...

congrats :)

Anonymous said...

congrats, man

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Shaiju, Varun, Sahil

thanks a lot for the whishes guys

Ritesh.Sharma said...

Dear Payeng,



Ritesh Sharma

nirmal said...

hey congratulations bro!

Akash said...

CONGRATS MAN! Finally a Biker DAD!

Hope u gift a Harley Davidson bike model to your child's first birthday :P

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks, Nirmal, Akash and Ritesh

Aamir Jamal said...

Congrats Payeng ji :)

rahul pathak said...

congrats bro.. :) try uploading his pic

Anonymous said...

congrats man!

Mahavir Kothari

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bro, i already read this on email subscription, but i came to this blog after a long time.

Congrats and happy wishes to the Little Prince.

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