Nov 23, 2011

15 First Photos of the Next Generation Pulsar..!!

Scoop photos of the Next Generation Pulsar models caught being tested..

Next generation Pulsars are expected to showcased in a couple of weeks time (Dec 2011). Now just before the official unveiling, a couple of heavily camouflaged test mules of what seems like Next Generation Pulsar models were caught being tested near the outskirts of Pune (birthplace of the Pulsar).


Although there are no telltale signs on the bikes, a desi bike enthusiast can make some deductions based on what is seen in those photos.

Why is it the next generation Pulsar?

  • Twin Tail light design: A trademark Pulsar design cue

  • Rear number plate holder design: Similar to the Pulsar 135LS

  • Touches from the KTM Duke 125/200: Centralized exhaust silencer, "KTM Racing" written on the engine casings of the test mules

Its been made public officially that the KTM 125/200 Duke has been co-developed by Bajaj and KTM and that the Duke and the next gen Pulsars would therefore share quite a lot of stuff. Therefore finding traces of the 125/200 Duke on the test mules dispells any doubts that these are indeed photos of the Next Generation Pulsars..!!

What's new in the Next Generation Pulsars?

  • Monoshock (probably of the Gas Charged "Nitrox" variety)

  • New 10 spoke alloy wheel design

  • A huge frontal tank design

  • Pillion footpegs seems to be integrated with the chassis/frame

  • Front footpegs are very sporty with quite rearset footpegs

  • Sitting position seems to be quite relaxed

  • Centralized exhaust silencer

  • Liquid cooled engine (?) (there appears to be something like a radiator cover at the front)

  • New Frame (?) ("Trellis frame" like the KTM 125/200 Duke?)


It would be very early to comment about the looks of the next gen Pulsar just from the following spy photos as the bikes were completely covered. Moreover a lot of parts like a rear mudguard, chain cover and the mandatory saree guard etc. are missing on the test mules. But one can make out that the design is beefier and it is taking forward the handsome classic shape of the Pulsar 200/220S/180 (UG-IV) towards the future.


The engine is expected to be born out the Bajaj-KTM alliance which has produced the 125/200 Duke and therefore can be expected to pack a big punch in terms of performance, reliability and refinement. Mr. Bajaj had already stated that we can expect "Liquid Cooled, 4 Valves per cylinder engines".


From whatever that can made out from the photos, the Chassis seems to be new. Whether it is a treliis frame like the 125/200 Duke is hard to tell but a "monoshock" treatment to the rear is most welcome. The absence of a rear disc brake is a bit surprising though.

Waiting for the wraps to be officially lifted from the Next Generation Pulsars but from whatever I can make out from the spy photos, it looks that the dominance of Pulsars in its category would easily continue.

Have a look at the photos posted below to imagine how the Next Generation Pulsars would look without the camouflage.

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Anonymous said...

gr8 post... w8ing for this news 4 long time... bt the swingarm looks a bit awkward...

Sankoobaba said...

this is so exciting

Anonymous said...

NO disc brakes at rear?????

Anonymous said...

Disappointed by drum brakes at rear :(

Anonymous said...

does engine carry name of pulsar? not bajaj?.. looks like pulsar is written in red on engine :)

Shaiju B said...

No disc in the back means the spotted bike is a 150 or less than that. Bcoz now a days most of the 150s offer rear disc brakes. I am sure Bajaj won't stay away from that. They are always on par or above in offering features. Mono shock is going to be a real visual treat from the rear side.

New gen Pulsars are definitely going to give the competitors a run for their money. Japanese giants - are you listening ? Oh I forgot now there is a big Indian giant, Hero Moto.

Anonymous said...

speculations are going on sky high in the web regarding the soon to be launched 2012 next gen pulsar is gonna be a pulsar 200.Here are some of my conclusions or speculations (if you wanna use that term) i for some reason think that it might be a 135-150 cc bike because :- 1.the bike is spotting drum brakes at the rear(at least in the test mules),which is unlikely bajaj in nature, who has always been the one to bring new innovative features when it comes to "segment firsts"/first time on a motorcycle in india if the product they are launching is a premium segment one
2.the bike seems to possess a lot styling inspiration/cues from the p135 LS...
3.the front fork seems to me as of the same dimensions like that of the one doing duty on p180- p220 (current generation)although an all together new unit. and the clip on handle bar looks almost similar at least in size to the ones in the current 150
4. The rear tyre luks like some what near 120/90 tire size like the current p180-220s which seems to be an ideal tire size ugradation for the p135/150.
5.Now coming to the engine, as indicated by Mr. bajaj, since bajaj had developed the all new engine platform according to ktm specifications and international and (particularly European standards)for mutual usage, bajaj can also use the same platform in their new pulsars also,and it would only be different from ktms in terms of their cylinder head configurations as the pulsars will be spotting a 4V dtsi SOHC head as opposed to the 4V single spark plug DOHC head present in the ktm dukes. And since because of this very fact, it would be child's play for bajaj to design a 135-150 cc engine from this shared platform by simply boring it out of the baby duke's engine.
6.And the last but not the least, I would also like remind that since the pulsar had began his life as pulsar 150 and 180 twins a decade ago and considering the fact that now the p150, among all pulsar is the one who is in a desperate need of up gradation/ overhaul and getting outdated among the lot of the new generation contenders in the 150 cc sports commuter class and is the weakling & least changed pulsar within the pulsar brand for the past 2 years, and also since Rajiv Bajaj's indication about increased sales target and its achievement (despite still being the most hot selling model & the segment leader in 150 cc class) once after the launch of the new 2012 pulsar variant (which indicating the fact that this model is big volume player), i stongly believe in my theory and wish to believe that this might be the new 2012 pulsar 135/150 dtsi version 2.0..& of course it wont be surprising/disappointing if its a p135/150& 180 twins with a simple carb setup instead of using expensive Fi systems(but all other bells & whistles like aforementioned 4v lc sohc dtsi engine included but without fi). since according to me Fi is not a must for the so called sports commuters and big volume players...but if bajaj can manage putting Fi & still able to stick to the same price group as similar to other competetion then its ok...
note:-i dont wish to mislead people here & i would like to add that this is just me speculating so i could be wrong also...

ps. i hope you dont crack after seeing such a big post bro...its just that i wanted to express my view in the vividly detailed iam still not sure whether it would be ok for me to discuss this freely in our xbhp as iam still very much afraid on where and how to post the matter and also afraid of getting banned...but here i dont have that fear thats why i opened up my mind as hardcore pulsar maniac since 2002 itself. so whats your view on my theory...?

praveen said...

Looks like Yamaha FZ, but till have to wait for the final version
good job Bajaj

Anonymous said...

I like the next generation Pulsar. This is definitely a lower displacement Pulsar because there is no rear disc brake. The Logo on the engine say's "RACING KTM" on it. So we will most likely be a KTM 125 with new clothes. I hope that this time all the Pulsar's do not get the exact same look. The different displacement Pulsar's should get different look's. I hope if bajaj is reading this they should give this bike clip-on handle bars, change the swing arm with a better looking design & give rear disc brake option as well.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


That's quite a long comment :-)

I think that the new Pulsars can't be small capacity (135/150 cc), as it would not fetch in the profits.

Also with smaller capacity Pulsars getting the next gen treatment would make the bigger capacity Pulsars (180/220) look oddly positioned.

Omission of a rear disc is odd though but who knows there could be other test bikes with disc brakes as well. "Fi" tech is costly and the benefits are not proportionate with its cost. Lets see if Bajaj is able to plonk in "Fi" on the next gen Pulsars and still price them competitively.

And Yes, the Pulsar story so far has mainly been of the 150/180 twins (though 135 and 220 have joined the family).. expecting anoter twin attack is logical.

Anonymous said...

At this very point in time, all we can do is speculate. YAMAHA and now HONDA have come up with substancially superior 150 cc bikes than the current 150 BAJAJ has to offer, so it's only fair that our home grown bike maker fights back. With 39.3% stake in KTM, we can expect stunning new machines from our chakan guys,and very soon. Hope's up,friends:))

Anonymous said...

where is the exhaust, cant see clearly, is it below engine, if so it is a complete desi copy of duke 200, even spokes are rip off of duke (though a bit bent than duke). Cmon bajaj grow up. Give us something new n different not a rip off your existing product line to be launched.
Looks like bajaj is out of ideas

Waiting for duke 200 to launch........

vik-RAM said...

नाद खुळा...!!!
खूप दिवस याची वाट पाहत होतो...
जेव्हा ही रस्त्यावरून सर्वांना मागे
'फेकत' जाईल तेव्हाच समाधान होईल...

Anonymous said...

Guys dont get fooled by the pictures. The Pulsar 2012 picture that's running on net is a rumor. It is a work of photoshop. It is better to stop the rumor than be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

The month (Nov 2011) marks the competition & Dominance of 10 years of existence of the THE PULSAR...evn though the brand has lost a bit of its sheen Its said tht history repeats itself .... the time has come for the PULSARS to rise again...few more days of wait the second generation PULSARS are cmein n whn they arrive THE SECOND GENERATION OF BIKING BEGINS...THE DOMINANCE WILL REPEAT..P E A C E

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