Nov 4, 2011

16 Ducati Moster 795 coming to India.. help me park it in my garage..!!

Ducati will soon launch a specifically tailor made for India/Asia model.. the Moster 795.. Your vote can help me make it mine..!!

Affordable and Ducati are two words which is difficult to associate. But if the grapevine is to be believed, that could well turn out to be true for India..!!

Ducati has unveiled a "Made for Asia (India included)" Monster naked bike called as the Monster 795. Ducati have also started a "Photo contest" to promote its Monster 795. The winner of the contest would get a Ducati Monster 795 as prize.

Needless to say, yours truly has registered for the contest..!! If you have enjoyed reading my blog for the last 5 years or if you like my blog, then please help me realize my dream of owing a Ducati..!!

To visit my entry on the Ducati website and vote for me, Click here..

All you have to do is to visit my entry in the competition and click at the “Vote” button (as shown in the screen shot posted above). You’ll be asked to enter your e-mail id to which a confirmation link would be sent. Just click on the confirmation link to complete the voting process.

Although details like pricing of the Ducati 795 haven’t been made official yet but auto journos are speculating anything between 5-6 lakh Indian rupees. At this price it would put the Monster 795 very competitively amongst the Hyosung GT650R/650N, the Kawasaki Ninja 650 and the Harley davidson Iron/Super Low in India.


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Anonymous said...

in your previous blogs u wrote tat now u wont drive your bike as the petrol prises are hiking.. for tat u bought a new btwin and also sold your P220.. now how cum all of a sudden again bikes.. if u win will u gift me :P ..?
if u say yes wereva i have influence i wil ask them to vote u :P

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


you haven't read my previous post properly. I am cycling to work now so that

[1] I can save on my petrol bills
[2] So that it keeps me fit
[3] So that I don't reduce my future bikes into a commuter

I will definitely own and ride bikes/motorcycles.. but not for commuting, but for pleasure and as a hobby

Saurabh said...

Best of luck sir...
6 votes by my side(1 mine & 5 my friend's)

Anonymous said...

I did my vote

@Sri Lanka,.

hemant said...

As i have been continuosly reading your blog for years so my vote will show gratitude for the info you shared with us.Thanks -Hemant wadhwa

The Explorer said...

Hi Payeng Da,

Have been following your blog for last 3 years almost... All ready voted for U... All the best...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks a lot guys

Lightsportz said...

Did it...! Wish u best of luck...

Anonymous said...

best of luck payeng sir!!!

Suman K. Shrestha said...

You Got One From me..

Anonymous said...

Payeng my for ya....:D

good luck friend... -gary-

Prem said...

vote done from my side all the best

praveen said...

Done from my side, strongly hope u own this machine and post ur experience.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks a lot guys.

Even if I don't win, it won't matter much. Your votes have currently placed in the in 20's (rank) among a lot of contestants from different countries.

Your support has been great and that is the most important thing for me.

Thanks again guys

Anonymous said...

hey bro when wil de results be out.. curious about your result

Anonymous said...

Voted Payeng. This is the least that I could do, for your blog has been a absolute pleasure to visit.


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