Oct 23, 2011

11 Exclusive "world first" tech for next gen Pulsars (to be showcased on Dec 2011)

Official word about next gen Pulsars.. to be showcased by Dec 2011.. to hit roads in 2012

Just as posted by me early this year (Feb 2011), the top man of Bajaj Auto (Mr. Rajiv Bajaj) had stated in an interview that completely re-engineered Pulsars were to commemorate the 10 anniversary of the birth of the Pulsar motorcycle/brand.

Now very recently Mr. Bajaj has again stated:

"We launched the first Pulsar in November 2001 and are now ready with a 100 per cent new bike with remarkable engine technology. It is really the next big step after DTS-i"

According to Hindu Businessline, Bajaj Auto will showcase an all-new Pulsar in early December (2011) and the new bike will hit the roads next year (2012). This new bike will will feature an exclusive technology, "this technology does not exist anywhere in the world and could soon be a part of the company's Pulsar and Discover range in due course".

Speculation on what to expect from the new Pulsars?

There are already quite a lot of online sites/blogs which will do the speculation job. I do not see any point to further add to the clutter/noise/confusion. I'd rather wait for the curtains to be lifted officially.

The Pulsar has dominated the 150 cc Plus / Sporty segment in India since its birth in 2001. Despite competition from formidable Japanese brands like Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki, Pulsar has managed to weather the storm of cut throat competition admirably. The Pulsar success story is definitely case study material for management students.

Not only in India but also in countries where it is exported (Colombia, Indonesia etc.), Pulsar has tasted great success. It will be interesting to see how the second/next generation of Pulsar motorcycles carry the game forward.

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Hari Kishan said...

I think bajaj will be launching new pulsar with engine which has variable valve timing engine. They presented a paper on this tech in 2006 in SAE.

Hari Kishan

Anonymous said...

iam also eager to see the new pulsar but as you said its better to wait in patience for the actual bike and its features and specs rather than speculating more and more with rubbish info...bro let me ask you how was your experience with pulsar dts-fi ? please,if you could,can you enlighten me and all the others visitors with an article about your experience owning the beast p220 dts-fi...? its me varun here...


Yes waiting eagerly for the new series!
Over the year Pulsar series has become boring along-with the advent of new international bikes. Let us hope fervently that Bajaj would kick in with a
refreshing Pulsar series.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks Hari,


The best thing about the P220 DTS-Fi was its fuel injection because of which I never faced any trouble in starting the bike. It had a good spread of torque in its low-mid rpm range. The suspension was tuned more towards comfort and there fore was softer than the current Pulsar 220F.

The bike did have some small niggles which were common in the early P220 DTS-Fi batches. Just before selling the bike, I did replace the bore-piston kit, which surprisingly cost me just around Rs. 2,500-3,000.

My P220 DTS-Fi used to return me around 35 kmpl.


Yes the excitement of the Pulsars has gone down over the years. Hope the new one(s) bring back the excitement

chunky said...

It is six-stroke engine. Does not exist anywhere in the world.

Subby said...


for your information, 6-stroke engine technology already exists in the world :-)

Better luck with your sarcasm next time

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

I guess the whole biking industry will be closely watching for the upcoming Pulsar series.
With competition like Yamaha and Honda getting aggressive with time, there is a great chance of Bajaj coming up with something that should be hugely competitive.
10 years of rich experience with Pulsar series and ofcourse being a Desi company they exactly know what the general biking enthusiasts are looking forward to.

For the matter of reference, Mahindra's latest XUV 500 has been a revelation.
- Mahindra's experience in UV market and their evolution.
- They benchmarked the topselling SUVs in the market and designed the XUV accordingly..

I hope Bajaj comes up with something similarly spectacular.
My next upgrade might not be a Honda or Yamaha then ;-)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Oh yes, I am sure that Bajaj will come up with something similar spectacular to what Mahindra has done with its XUV 500. 10 years of rich experience would have taught them a lot not to mention the association with KTM.

hemant said...

i always like the pulsar as a good design but never liked it engine wise.I found honda's engine more reliable.But surly want to bajaj to come up with good reliable engine.pulsar like design with good engine can really rock the 2 wheels industry.

Anonymous said...

Hi all i am new to the site.

my name is Aadarsh.

I would like to know that can we expect a new 135cc pulsar because i am planning to buy the current P135LS. So should i wait for a new model or not?

Sethumadhavan Nampoothiri said...

Ya it might be the KTM DUKE200 copy..
Now only the KTM DUKE is available in the whole world. Now onwards BAJAJ DUKE also be in market.. :)

INDIAN Market's own Technology... :D

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