Sep 29, 2011

6 Guide: How to select a good pair of Motorcycle Riding Gloves (in India)

Tips on selecting a good pair of riding gloves in India..

Why wear gloves while riding a motorcycle?

Looking cool is not the primary objective of wearing any kind of motorcycle protective gear. Motorcycle riding gloves are an important and essential part of a biker’s wardrobe as they provide Protection & Comfort to the rider.

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4 Points:

• Keep in mind the weather/climate

• ALWAYS get the correct size/fit

• Make the choice between Leather & Textile

• Know the brands available in India

Protection: Most of the times it is our hands/palms which hit the ground/tarmac first in case of a crash or fall. Regardless of the severity of the fall, human flesh & skin is not thick enough to take the impact without causing injury or road rash.

Motorcycle riding gloves provide protective layer(s) which protects our hands/palms. Modern riding gloves are designed to provide protection to the finger joints, knuckles and the palms with materials like carbon fibre inserts and sturdy construction at the impact areas.

Comfort: Riding gloves are also designed to provide the rider comfort during his ride by keeping him isolated from the harsh climate. A comfortable rider would ultimately mean that the ride will be a safer one.

Summer: India for most of the time has a hot climate. The Summer sun in most parts of India is intense enough to cause sun burn. Riding gloves protect the skin over the rider’s hands from the harsh Indian Sun. Riding gloves meant for hot weather riding are designed with perforated surface around the fingers to keep the rider’s hands ventilated and cool while riding.

Winter: During chilly winters (especially in North & East part of India) a good pair of gloves with enough layers would keep the rider’s hands warm and comfortable as well as safe. Leather gloves are good enough to keep the riders hands warm during winter in most part of India.

Rains/Monsoon: There are also 100% water proof gloves which can be worn while riding in the Indian monsoon. These gloves also have a water proof synthetic outer to keep the water out and a soft inner fabric to keep the hands warm and dry. Due to the wind insulation and warm inner lining, these gloves can also be used during winters.

DSG Acqua: 100% Water proof riding gloves

Tips on selecting the right Motorcycle Riding Gloves: [in India]

The following tips should be helpful for someone looking to select a good pair of motorcycle riding gloves in India.

1. Keep in mind the weather/climate you’ll be riding

A glove with perforated surface would keep the rider’s hands well ventilated during the summer but in the rains the same pair of gloves will get soggy and wet. In monsoons, a glove made out of 100% waterproof material is ideal. Gloves like the "DSG Motomesh" which are made for hot weather riding, will not keep out the chilly winter.

Therefore depending on the kind of weather one will be riding, the choice of gloves is crucial to keep the rider comfortable.

2. Always get the correct size/fit

Always.. I repeat always get the pair of gloves which fits your hand perfectly. Don’t buy a pair which is too tight and definitely never a loose pair. Tight gloves will be uncomfortable and loose ones will make it cumbersome for your fingers to operate the controls of the bike.

New gloves might feel slightly tight. Therefore while making a purchase it advisable to wear the gloves for a couple of minutes just to make sure that you are choosing the right size/fit.

3. Make the choice of material [Leather & Synthetic textile or Mesh]

Genuine leather is the most preferred choice of material for riding gear including gloves. But nowadays there are some man made synthetic materials like Kevlar which are extremely strong as well. For 100% waterproofing there is no option but synthetic material.

Posted below are the benefits and negatives of Leather, Synthetic textile & Mesh gloves.

Benefits of riding gloves made out of genuine leather:

• Good grade genuine leather gives the best protection from road rash
• Leather is a naturally breathable material and is therefore easy on the skin
• Leather takes the natural shape of the rider’s hand easily

Negatives of riding gloves made out of genuine leather:

• Exposure to rain/water damage the leather (therefore is not totally washable)
• Genuine leather is heavier than synthetic fabric
• Its difficult to get rid of odors/smell from leather
• As leather is thick, the fingers loose their dexterity and it becomes difficult to work with small objects (like helmet straps/coins) without removing the gloves

DSG Primal: Genuine leather riding gloves

Benefits of riding gloves made out of synthetic textile fabric (like the 100% water proof glove mentioned above):

• Light weight compared to genuine leather
• Tolerant to water/rain (easy to wash)
• With proper construction and use of high strength materials, they provide good protection as well

Negatives of riding gloves made out of synthetic textile:

• Unlike genuine leather, synthetic textile is not a naturally breathable material & need special liner inside the gloves to keep the rider’s hands ventilated & dry. Therefore it’s advisable to go for a pair which is of good quality.

Benefits of riding gloves made out of Mesh:

• Airy and comfortable (beacause of the mesh construction) to ride in Hot climate
• Light weight, easy to put on/take off in city riding conditions
• Easy to work with your fingers without taking off the gloves
• Cheaper than leather or synthetic textile gloves

Negatives of riding gloves made out of Mesh:

• Protection is not of the same level as leather or synthetic textile
• Not water proof and not usable during cold winters

DSG Motomesh: Mesh riding gloves

4. Know the branded riding gloves available in India [In 2011]

Right from some good value for money Indian brands like “DSG” to some of the best brands like “Alpinestars” is available in India. Posted below is a list of some branded riding gloves and their web links to its distributors in India. The address from where these gloves can be bought can be obtained from the listed websites.

Special Note: Avoid “Fingerless Gloves”

Fingerless gloves neither give total protection and aren’t effective during rains or in cold climate. To me they don’t qualify as riding gloves.

Avoid them.

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