Aug 9, 2011

13 Hero MotoCorp's new corporate logo + New Impulse "Dual purpose" motorcycle unveiled

Dhak Dhak Gone..!! Hero Moto unveils its new corporate identity / logo in London.. also a Dual Purpose bike & christens it "Impulse"..

Hero MotoCorp New Logo

Just a couple of hours back today (9'th Aug, 2011) Hero MotoCorp officially unveiled its new corporate identity / logo at a glitterting function at London.

A long list of Indian and International celebrities attended the function. Apart from unveiling it's new logo, Hero MotoCorp also showed two new two wheelers, a scooter and an on-off road / dual purpose motorcycle christened as "Impulse".

..the bike has to be priced sensibly to pass off as a 2nd or 3rd vehicle

Complete details of the bike like it's specification, pricing or launch date in India has not been made official so far.

But from the looks of it, the Hero MotoCorp Impulse looks to be based on the 150 cc, Honda NXR 150 Bros.

First photos of the Hero MotoCorp Impulse:

Source: Overdrive Mag's Facebook Page. More photos posted below..

By the way Bollywood star Ranvir Kapoor seems to be the new face of Hero Moto (so what happens to Hrithik? Dropped?), also A.R Rahman has composed a new tune for Hero MotoCorp (Dhak Dhak.. Gone..??).

Nevermind the celebration.. to me nothing much seems to have changed.. apart from dropping of the Honda tag. The current and the new products still have the Honda heart in them.

The engine in all probability would be a 150 cc. Even with the modest engine capacity, the "Impulse" seems to be a fun machine. If priced sensibly, the bike might find enthusiasts who would like to have a fun machine in their garage for that weekend blast on off road trails.

But like I said, the bike has to be priced sensibly to pass off as a second or third vehicle in a middle class enthusiasts garage. Price it between Rs. 55K-65K and even I might start to consider it as my second bike..!!

But then that's probably a bit too much to ask. Best of luck Hero MotoCorp.

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Lohit Mohanta said...

Good to see Hero growing up from its typical cosmetic upgrades.

karthik_jk said...

headlights doesnt suit the bike!!

Lohit Mohanta said...

The looks are very much similar to the NXR 150. Hope Hero Corp keeps its weight low,so that off roading could be fun.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Weight should be low.. if the price is reasonable as well, then the impulse can be a fun "toy" to have

Anonymous said...

Its copy and paste of Honda NXR 150

to hero jst grow and develop own bike and own technology

Anonymous said...

Please anyone tell me what are the visual diferences that can be seen in Impluse bike compared to the Honda Bros bike now that the bike is photographed without any covering.

hansel said...

first pics of the bike exposed .. didnt find it on any site so far ( atleast the ones i look into ) .. same for the last r15 update .. u were the first .. keep up the good work .. appreciate it ! :) bravo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well the article got big blunder in it:-) its not ranveer kapoor dude he is ranbir kapoor...looks lik biker next door in hurry to mak fun of heromoto(lik dhak dhak gone) dude he is ranbir kapoor...looks lik biker next door in hurry to mak fun of heromoto(lik dhak dhak gone)

Anonymous said...

first of all, its most childish, meaningless & foolish logo in indian automotive industries... what other will we expect if a respected company like hero honda depends on bollywood to get promoted??? rahman is ok for tune, but srk for bike??? holy shit!

what difference remains between HH and HMC if they are continue to use honda engines ? & again playing the same useless game of cosmetic surgery????

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@post no. 8 guy..


Sm said...

The big question for this bike will be acceptance. Fun riding & off-roading is still not so popular in India. And we do not accept anything without a fairing as a sports bike ;)

When I was a kid, I remember Ajay Devgan riding these kind of bikes in most of his movies. I really loved those stunts. So, people have seen similar models (lookwise) in 15-20 year old hindi movies. Will buyers be able to accept it as a NEW kind of bike?

Anonymous said...

Hey guy's there is no disk break at the rear.

Sam said...

It's about time a dual-sport showed up here. A lot will depend on how well-designed the suspension is, but if it's properly set, this will make an excellent bike for those living outside the city limits. With so many roads (especially here in Odisha) under construction or still dirt lanes, a long-travel suspension makes far more sense, and will enable riders to move at a better speed on such rough roads, rather than winding between the potholes at walking pace.

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