Aug 15, 2011

2 Hero MotoCorp revamps its website + new corporate TVC "Hum main hai Hero" by AR Rahman

More chages on the Hero MotoCorp front.. after a new corporate logo, it's a new corporate TVC + a revamped website now

Things are slowly but surely changing at Hero MotoCorp (earlier known as Hero Honda). First it was the unveiling of the new corporate logo and now it's website gets a complete overhaul.

The new site is way better in terms of it's visual appeal compared to the older HeroHonda website. The site seems to have been designed by the London firm Law & Kenneth's Digital arm. Needless to say, the end result is very professional.

Click here to visit the new HeroMoto Corp Site

Despite the new Coporate logo and the new website, the "HeroHonda" badging on the models still remains.. but I am sure that will time the "HeroHonda" badging on the products will too slowly disappear.

New 2011 Corporate TVC

15'th August is the day when India celebrates it's Independence day, and it seems Hero MotoCorp has deliberately choosen this date to unveil its 2011 Corporate TVC with the lyrics "Hum Main Hai Hero" ("The Hero Lies Within Us"). The music has been composed by music maestro and Oscar award winner, India's own A.R Rahman..!!

Have a look at the TVC posted below. How do you like it..??

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Anonymous said...

Old Legend: "Taj Mahal dekhkar bola Shah Jahan ko pota... Hamara bhi Bank Balance hota, agar Dada diwana na hota..."

New Legend: "Purani page bhar ad dekhkar bola Munjal ka pota.... No. one abhibhi hamara hota, agar itna paisa kharcha kiya na hota...."


Anonymous said...

the TV ad could have been better. this one puts you off to sleep

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