Jul 17, 2011

6 Royal Enfield Classic Chrome for India? Maybe.. Maybe Not

The desi blogosphere has broken news of Royal Enfield launching it's Classic model in Chrome for India.. really?

Its like a domino effect.. one blog breaks out a news, soon the others follow suit. This time it is the news of Royal Enfield planning to launch it Classic Chrome (so far an export only model) in India.

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome

Most blogs has quoted the "Official Royal Enfield Facebook Fanpage" for making the announcement on it Fanpage wall. Try visiting the fanpage for yourself and try to search for that comment.. I tried doing that but couldn't find it.

[Let me know if you can find it]

Actually the desi blogs are not totally off track. The Royal Enfield did make a comment on it's Facebook Fanpage about the Classic Chrome model being launched in India soon; but a day later, that post/comment was deleted (by them).

So what can it mean? Maybe Royal Enfield is not too sure whether it should launch the Classic Chrome in India or maybe they are not in a position right now to commit a launch date. The latter seems more probable as Royal Enfield has it's hands full in India in trying to meet the demand for current lineup (the Classic enjoys a waiting period of around 10 months in some places..!!).

In any case, the desi automotive blogs should now update the earlier breaking news.

Update 18'th Jul 2011: I had posted a question on the Royal Enfield Fanpage regarding the launch of the Classic 500 Chrome model in India. Royal Enfield has replied to my query and just like I had guessed, they have "not yet finalized" the launch of the Classic 500 Chrome in India.

Posted below is the screen shot of the reply from Royal Enfield.

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Anonymous said...

Payeng bhai,

Have you checked Royal Enfield page's profile pic?

Anonymous said...

check the official site and then speak anything. Others are also doing cross-check.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


the profile pic can also be changed..

@the other above,

You can now check the "availability" of the model shown on their website in "Your Country".. the availability of the Classic Chrome model is currenty shown as "Unavailable" in "India"

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between can be changed, and is changed.

Saurabh said...

hey anonymous, a fanpage profile pic is not the official confirmation of anything. by the way the fanpage is NOT just for India but a global fanpage

it can even put up a profile pic of a bike from the 1950's-60's, that does not mean that they are launching it.

also payeng is not saying that the Classic chrome is not coming to india. he is just saything that there is no official conformation of it yet

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Royal Enfiled can post any pic on its fanpage. By the way they have JUST Changed the Profile Pic [:-)]

Like I said above, "Maybe" they are making up their minds.. "maybe" the Classic Chrome will come to India.. maybe after sometime.. maybe not right now.

All I want to say: "There is Nothing Official About it.. at least right now".

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