Jul 26, 2011

0 Pulsar MTV Stuntmania Underground (India) & Pulsarmania Reto 10 (Colombia)

3’rd season of the Pulsar MTV Stuntmania show is on.. also watch a similar Colombian TV show called “Pulsarmania Reto 10” online..

Colombia is one country where the Pulsar has a great fan following. For the last six years, every year there has been an annual Pulsar owners meet in that country; where fans of the bike come together for a couple of days to celebrate, ride and have a good time together.

Now similar to the lines of Pulsar MTV Stuntmania (India) a TV show called Pulsarmania Reto 10 (Pulsarmania Challenge 10) has recently been aired on Colombian TV airwaves.

Pulsar MTV Stuntmania (III) Underground

The third season of the Pulsar MTV Stuntmania in India is currently running on MTV. This time the show is being hosted by Ranvijay one of the popular VJ of MTV India who also happens to be an avid biker himself. Compared to the inaugural season, the skill on the contestants in the current season is several notches up. The presentation this time is very obviously influenced by the Hollywood movie “Tron”.

Visit the Official Pulsar MTV Stuntmania site to view the episodes online.

Pulsarmania Reto 10

The Colombian show has 10 contestants who compete against each other. The skill of the contestants in this show is pretty good too. The host of this show, Silvana makes you feel that Spanish is the hottest foreign tongue in the world. Jokes apart, a lot of love seems to have gone into making this show.

The Pulsar 220S models used in the show also gets a hot "metallic green + matt black" treatment.

Visit the Official Pulsarmania Reto 10 site to view the episodes online.

Also visit the Official Pulsar Colombia Fanpage on Facebook to get glimpse of Colombia and Colombians.. I did, and was blown away.

So which show did you like more? India’s MTV Pulsar MTV Stuntmania or the Colombian Pulsarmania Reto 10?

Also how about Ranvijay and Silvana along with Colombian and Indian stunters teaming up for a show together?

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