Jul 28, 2011

9 New Yamaha R15 (?) Spied.. once again (with video)

The new/updated Yamaha R15 caught on camera once again.. this time with a video too..!!

I have nearly lost the number of times "spy photos" of this bike has hit the internet.. Seriously, with all the spy photos since last December, the excitement for this bike now seems to be diminishing. Posted below is the latest and the clearest photos of the new Yamaha R15 that has appeared on the net.

Link to the original source: xBhp.Com

The bike now is now looking quite awesome.. sharp from front to rear and almost in perfect proportion. As evident from the other photos, the rear tyre is now fatter compared to the older/current one. But yes, the rear tyre hugger is definitely a big eyesore.

I won't speculate about whether there is any change in the engine capacity, power/torque specs because there are other blogs/sites which will do that for you (without any proof).. I'd rather wait for the official details to be out.

Video of the new Yamaha R15

Posted below is the video of the bike being tested on Noida roads. Not much is seen of the bike though.. more importance seems to have been given to the speedo of the car (doing 120 kmph) rather than capturing video of the bike.

Hmmm.. why does it appears more like a staged spy shot (+video) series to me..?? If that is the case, then that is absolutely unnecessary. All that Yamaha India needs to do is just launch the bike.

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hansel said...

im getting tired of this too .. and why is the r15 logo on the bike always blurred in all the photos !

Siddharth Soni said...

This doesn't seem R15. Why do I say so? Largely because of the time which has elapsed since the first such spy-pic emerged. I think these cosmetic upgrades do not take one year to work out.

Considering what the competing brands have launched in the meantime, surely it would seem absurd to create such a hype for R15, if all else stays the same.

My instinct says this isn't just R15.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

This bike with its revised stying, deserves something more than a 150 cc engine.

A 200 cc will be more than enough if not a 250 cc one

hansel said...

exactly .. it definitely shud b the r21 or r17 maybe :P nonetheless .. really tired of all this spy this spy that .. im waiting to buy it regardless of the cc's but just for its looks and name ! :P cmon yamaha get it released !

Sajal said...

Ye Vaibhav Saigal Kaun Hai??? (with an action packed background score of course)

It seems that Mr. Vaibhav Saigal is on a mission to uncover the deadly secret of the revised R15... he has left everything else and is with a camera hunting for the new R15 and the new R15 knows this ... therefore every now and then it crosses by our man on mission... who else than our very own copy righted, water mark maestro and gmail gem.... VAIBHAV SAIGAL!!


(this spy shot business has seriously started to suck and stink)

Anonymous said...

very nice song in background...whats the name of that music ??

Maximum said...

The new Yamaha R15 bike does not look proportionate especially from the rear foot-pegs onwards towards the back of the bike. This new R15 looks like it was decided to be developed after the new Honda CBR250R was launched in India at a very competitive price. So Yamaha has had a few months from that time & that's the reason for the delay. Even KTM has delayed the launch of their KTM bike by deciding to launch their 200 Duke instead of the 125. Honda’s CBR250R can do 160+ kph, average of a very respectable 30 kmpl & a pricing starting at Rs. 1,64,000/- on road which is very difficult to beat.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... why is it that of all the 1 billion people in India only one vaibhav saigal sees the bike on the roads and take pictures (this time a video clip too!) and post them on the net with his name labeled all over it... it's seriously starting to look like a scam to me!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the chassis r15 too fat for the size of a motorcycle with a 150cc capacity. Seeing this, the R15 fairing sizes as large as the ninja 250. What about the maximum speed? What no leaks?

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