Jul 28, 2011

6 Made it to the top 20..!! Need your Vote one more time [+ my 1st video post]

Need your vote once again.. this time to make it to the top 6 finalists..!! Watch me on video for the first time..

A couple of weeks back I had appealed for your votes to make it to the top 20 in the "Biker of the Year" contest.

I am pleased to announce that thanks to your valuable votes, I have made it to the top 20..!!

Now in order to qualify to the top 6 finalists, I again need your help one more time.

Please vote for me once again so that I make it to the final round. Explanation of how to vote for me can be found here.

Click here.. to visit my profile on the "Biker Of the Year" site and vote for me.

I have also recorded my first video post, in which I have spoken a little bit about the biker and blogger in me. Do check out my first video post.. and please cast your valuable vote for me.

P.S: Last date of casting votes is 31'st July 2011

My first video post:


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Thushad said...

Ok. I voted for you second time. Best of luck.

NKD said...


santosa said...

Hope you will win.

one important thing to do is to confirm your vote in your mailbox after voting at xbhp.

Nitin said...

Voted for you. Couldn't see the video though as I have a VERY slow connection. Hope you make it to the Final six.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks a lot guys

Anonymous said...

Voted all 5-stars. Good luck with the next round, Bro!

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