Jul 13, 2011

0 Best Official 2 Wheeler Websites in India [2011]

Two of the best "Official 2 wheeler websites" in India which goes beyond providing plain vanilla "information"..

What makes for a great "official" 2 wheeler website?

A. A seamless browsing experience: The site design should be simple, intuitive and very easy to browse. All the pages should have a similar design, layout, theme so that it gives the visitor the feel that he/she is always on the same site.

B. Relevant content which adds value: Going the extra mile and providing value adding and relevant information differentiates a good website from a mediocre one.

C. Attempt at brand building: An official site can be used to build upon the brand by adding sections like a "historical timeline" of the brand, by building a community of followers and helping them to interact with each other.

Posted below are two of the best official 2 wheeler websites which have gone that extra mile to make browsing these sites a "paisa wasool" (value adding) experience..

1. Official Royal Enfield Website: (www.royalenfield.com)

The official Royal Enfield website has been updated very recently (probably today). The previous site was good but the latest one is better.

2011 Royal Enfield Site

The landing page of the Royal Enfield website is uncluttered and has an upmarket feel to it. Product details of all the models (including the export models) from Royal Enfield's current line up can be found on the updated site.

2011 Royal Enfield Lineup

The availability of a particular model in a specific country can also be checked. Currently Royal Enfield seems to be exporting to a total of 30 foreign countries..!!

2011 Royal Enfield Product Details

There is also a page dedicated to the rich history of Royal Enfield, which has been presented in a time-line format.

Royal Enfield History

A lot of emphasis has also been laid on building the online community of Royal Enfield Riders by helping them interact with each other, share their ride experiences and keep them informed with the ongoing ride activities.

The design of the site could have been slightly better in the sense that a couple of pages do seem slightly cluttered and not in sync with the minimalistic feel of the landing page.

All in all, the website is pretty engaging and definitely does it bit to build on the Royal Enfield brand. A definite must check out for a bike enthusiast.

2. Official Bajaj Pulsar website (www.mypulsar.com)

"MyPulsar.Com" is the dedicated site for the "Pulsar" brand of Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto has been lately focusing on creating a separate identity for its Pulsar brand. The exclusive treatment to "MyPulsar.Com" goes to show how special the "Pulsar" brand is for Bajaj Auto.

The previous design was innovative but not exactly intuitive to browse. The current one is definitely very user friendly and also builds on the "Brand Pulsar".

2011 MyPulsar Site

The landing page has a very simple layout with a "Pulsar" section for information about the products, price and explantion of Bajaj's famous DTS-i techonology.

There is even a section which has a collage of all the memorable Pulsar TV Commercials of the last 10 years. One can watch the archived TV Commercials online.

Pulsar TVC Collection

The best section of the "MyPulsar.Com" site according to me is the "History" section which has chronologically listed the changes of the Pulsar brand. Along with a brief description of the launches/upgrades, the memorable TV Commercials which were aired along with the upgrades have also been shown on the timeline.

Among the 150 cc plus category of motorcycles in India only the Pulsar has a decade year old rich and eventful history behind it. The site captures it very beautifully.

2001-2011, Bajaj Pulsar History

The "Mania" section is dedicated to building the community and more about "biking" than on the "bikes".

Apart from focussing on the Stuntmanina TV show which MTV India airs and a video Stunt guide section. There is also an informative tips on "Safe Riding", "Tips on Long Distance Touring" to "Motorcycle Maintenance Tips".

Pulsar Biking Tips

The "MyPulsar.Com" site could have had a slightly more bright and glossy feel to it and small details like high quaity images should have been used to depict color options (a couple of them are not of high quality) of a few models.

Apart from that kudos to the marketing team of Pulsar.. Two thumbs up for a good site..!!


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