Jun 11, 2011

13 Updated Yamaha R15 sighted.. Once again..!!

Spy pics of the updated Yamaha R15 caught being tested.. once again..!!

Posted below are the latest spy pics of the updated Yamaha R15.

2011 Yamaha R15
[Photo Source: xBhp.com]

This is the fourth time that photos of this bike has made its way on the Internet.

First Time: It was in December 2010 when photos of what looked like an updated Yamaha R15 being tested on the roads of NCR (National Capital Region) found its way on the net. The Indian cyber world went into overdrive with crazy speculations.

Second time: International auto publication/sites like Visordown and MCN posted grainy black and white photos of a bike which according to them is an updated Yamaha R15.

Third time: This time a clearer photo of the same bike found it's way to the net. In the photo the bike looked almost production ready and seemed to have been clicked at a production/assembly facility.

Fourth and the latest one: Now the same updated Yamaha R15 has again been sighted on the NCR roads by the same guy "Vaibav Saigal" who had first broken the news of this bike back in December 2010.

But now I have a feeling that the excitement for the updated R15 is losing its novelty. Enough of these spy pics.. It's about time for a proper launch.

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Anonymous said...

Hi payeng,slight mistake..1st one is not december 2011..

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


oppps thanks for the correction

Anonymous said...

ye bike bar bar Vaibav Saigal ko hi kyu dekh rahi hai

RTR said...

maybe Vaibhav Saigal is being paid by Yamaha to do publicity :-)

honestly it is getting boring. I am more interested in the new Pulsar series which will be mind blowing

karthik said...

rear seat seems to be bit smaller

Anonymous said...

c'mon yaar, we all know it's gonna be there by end of this year .... then what is YAMAHA waiting ?? why don't they declare this officially ??

melville said...


It's pretty clear by now- Yamaha India is leaking these pics out intentionally at regular intervals to ensure that it stays in the online buzz and rivals don't run away with bikers' attention and their moolah. As others have pointed out, chances are bright that Mr. Vaibhav Saigal has been paid/hired/planted to manage their ORM (online reputation mgmt). Trust me, the auto industry takes cyberspace VERY seriously as it influences most purchase decisions.

@Karthik- It's not a seat, it's just a layer of foam covering the tailpiece. :P

Honestly, they are dragging their feet over the launch of this updated R15 now. It would be funny IF Bajaj launch the all-new Pulsars before that! But knowing Bajaj, the Pulsars might come in 2012 and not end-2011.

P220 said...

That rear tyre hugger looks really ugly.

Anonymous said...

shame on Yamaha for such cheap tatics. looks Yamaha is really nervous with the attention that cbr250r is generating. Yamaha wants people to do not go for booking the honda cbr250r.

but this yamaha will just be the same 150 cc r15 and not any 250cc

Aamir J said...

I'm SO looking forward to this bike!!! Hopefully it'll still retain the 150cc mill with slight performance tweaks here and there because that is all I can afford right now... I hope it gets launched within this month or the next one so that I can hopefully get one of these crotch rockets once I hit the Indian soil :)

Anonymous said...

i wrote the post number 6

guess what, i just called the Yamaha Helpline and asked about all this stuff. After much argue, I managed to talk with a guy (who seemed to be intelligently on higher post).

I asked : what about the speculation and hype for New R15 ??

He told : sir, that bike is of European standard, and not for India.

I said : I've been keeping an eye on internet, and I've seen spy-shots with Indian number plates. C'mon now, in Japan press conference Yamaha officials declared 2 new bikes for India in 2011.

He said : We don't have any information on this. For updates visit our official website.

I said : Your website is very rarely updated.

He said : How ??

I said : The White Fazer was in showrooms 8 days before your website displayed it. I've been waiting for my dad's permission, thus waited for R15. But, now I'm stuck wheather to buy R15 or wait for new R15. So, please help me out ....

He said : The New R15 will hit the Indian roads for sure .... but we don't have any official date.

Finally, I'm waiting for new R15 !!

- Sameer Mehra

Dewashish said...

definitely..the rear tyre hugger looks so yuck..i agree with p220's post...(post number 8)

Anonymous said...

Why the back rear tyre have covered up ahhhh it;s looking like discover plss remove that to look really sporty the previous model back tyre look was good compare to this one the tyres need to be looked not to be hidden Sare Bike ki waatlaga raha hai back Tyre Cover .. Hat jaye to Mast Lagega

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