Jun 14, 2011

6 TVS to relaunch Victor in India..??

Autocar India says that the TVS Victor might be brought back to life in India..

Trivia. Name the first indigenous motorcycle of India

Ans: Its NOT the Bajaj Pulsar (Nov, 2001) but it was the 110 cc, TVS Victor, which was launched in Aug, 2001 a couple of months before the Bajaj Pulsar..!!

After its "Scooty" brand, the "Victor" brand probably was the most sucessful for TVS..

Back in those days I had to travel nearly the entire stretch of the country from my home in Assam to my Engg. college in Surathkal, Karnataka; and if I can try hard to remember, the TVS Victor did manage to make a decent splash back in those days.

But after a couple of years the Victor lost steam. TVS got busy with its Centra (failed), Star, Apache and Flame series of bikes and before the decade ended, the Victor had seen its last in the Indian market.

The June 2011 issue of AutocarIndia magazine carries a small story that TVS might resurrect the Victor in India. The magazine has published a spy photo of a bike shot from its rear three quarters. The bike looks strikingly similar to the Victor model of yesteryears. The photo seems to have been taken in Chennai, the capital city of the home state of TVS Motor.

The bike in the spy shot published in the magazine definitely looks very much like the "Victor GX" model with identical looking turn indicators, rear tail lamp, grab rail, tail piece. As changes, the bike did have black colored alloy wheels and a back colored full chain cover.

Interestingly TVS still has retained the Victor GX (110 cc) and Victor GLX (125 cc) in its international lineup. Therefore it could even be that the spy photo published in the magazine could be of a Victor model under test, but one which is for the export market and not for India..!!

2011 TVS Motor Model Line up

The exact reason for the slow death of the TVS Victor in India remains unclear, but according to me after its "Scooty" brand, the "Victor" brand probably was the most sucessful for TVS. Just like Bajaj has striked gold with its "Discover" brand of bikes in the commuter space, the TVS "Victor" probably still has got the goodwill to become a succcess story for TVS in the commuter motorcycle space.

The much hyped (125 cc, 3 valve, twin spark model) "Flame" has been a dissappointment for TVS. The "Star City" and "Sport" is popular in specific pockets of India. TVS therefore needs a model which can have a pan India appeal.

Therefore relaunching the TVS Victor in India would not be a bad idea.. with a slight redesign/refreshment of course. All said and done, I just hope that it's not a couple of years too late for TVS Motor.

What say..??

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Anonymous said...

i don't think relaunching the tvs victor will make any impact in indian markets because currently there are many more bikes in this criteria (eg:passion,splendor,discover,etc) which holds a strong position in the mind's of people.

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

Not sure about this move, people might have already forgot about Victor. But Victor sure made a splash on it's entry with Sachin as it's brand ambassador. Discover's case is different, it was always around in different forms, so people never really forgot the brand. It's interesting to see how TVS goes about this launch, if at all it happens.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Veerendra and anon,

I would tend to agree with both of you.. the common people might have nearly forgot about the "Victor".

Moreover if launched, the new Victor should not be the exact model which was launched 10 years back.. there should be some design changes on it to make it contemporary.

Sridhar Naik said...

the New Victor can have an impact if there are some modifications in its looks. The victors look has become old fashion now.

Anonymous said...

victor is the more comfortable powerful bike than passion. i have it since 7 years. its pickup is awesome. i had ride it 427 kms continuous . in i didn't get tired. coz of the great pickup and great suspensions. it is the powerful and most comfortable bike than pasion.

suresh kumawat said...

TVS Victor was the first 110cc bike launch in India. It's an awesome powerful bike for long drive. TVS Victor gives users great pickup power,good speed and excellent stylish etc.

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