Jun 18, 2011

10 Myths/Excuses for not wearing a Helmet

Collection of a few misconceptions/lame excuses often heard for not using a helmet while riding a motorcycle.. along with some solid myth busters..!!

Myth: Wearing a Helmet Causes Hair loss

One of my ex-boss once said this during a conversation, “Of course, wearing a helmet causes a lot of heat formation on the head/scalp. This cause’s hair loss”. On hearing this I felt like screaming out my lungs and say “WRONG..!!”. But obviously the boss has to be always right, even if he is sometimes blatantly wrong.

Fact: Wearing a helmet might cause a slight friction on the scalp which might lead to you a small amount of hair fall. But then even a slight amount of hair fall daily is natural and happens to everybody even without a helmet.

Hair fall among most mature/aging males is a common phenomenon. One’s genetics, testosterone and a stressful life is more to blame for it. A helmet will in fact keep your scalp clean when out in the traffic by keeping away the dust and pollution.

Myth: Wearing a Helmet Impairs Vision

There are guys/gals who feel that wearing a helmet specially a full face one, interfere with one’s peripheral vision and hence might be dangerous if we don’t get the full view of the road.

Fact: Human beings do not have eyes like fish/horses set which is set on the sides for a wider peripheral vision. Our eyes are arranged in a manner so that we are able to focus what’s in front of us rather that what’s coming up on our sides.

A clean helmet visor will in fact provide a clear/unobstructed view of the road ahead by keeping away the wind and dust from entering our eyes.

Myth: Wearing a Helmet blocks our hearing

Some guys/gals think that isolating ourselves from the sounds on the road is unsafe. They have an apprehension that they won’t be able to hear warning sounds like horns from other vehicles.

Fact: Try getting inside a car. The more expensive a car, the more isolation you get from the external environment. It’s actually soothing to be shut out from the noisy traffic and hear only the meaningful sounds, like the horns from other vehicles.

A good quality helmet in fact would shut off the unnecessary sounds like a car. Even the wind noise impairs our hearing while riding. In fact did you know that there are ear plugs available for motorcycle riders..!!

Myth: Prolonged use of helmet causes Neck Injury

Fact: Had it been so, Sachin Tendulkar should have retired long back from cricket due to spondylitis..!! For God's sake, a helmet protects your skull from cracking open in case of a fall.

Myth: Wearing a Helmet makes me look stupid

Fact: Can’t help it if one has such a weird sense of fashion (posted below).

But then tell me, do I look bad in my helmet?

Wear a helmet, we have just ONE LIFE TO LIVE


The decision for not wearing a helmet while riding might be claustrophobia or maybe it’s just a careless attitude towards life. But the ones mentioned above are basically misconceptions or in some cases, just lame excuses.

Have you heard of any other funny excuses for not wearing a helmet?

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Anonymous said...

once i asked my frnd ,that why u don't wear your helmet he gave me this excuse that while wearing a helmet he is unable to show his hair styles,also i feel that wearing a helmet looks cool........

Sm said...

The stupidest thought is "I do not need to wear a helmet here dude! No cop is checking here". Some people just wear helmet at traffic stops so that they don't have to pay a fine, rather a bribe.

Sankoobaba said...

i m sharing this link on facebook

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Sanketh, thanks dude

@above, those wearing helmet for cops and those who think that it messes with their hairstyle actually don't deserve to ride.

Anonymous said...

You are looking awesome with that helmet and the green crazy masculine beauty. Can i have both for me to look good?
(Im going to bye a Helmet today form me :) )
- Jagan

Sunny said...

Fact: Human beings do not have eyes like fish/horses set which is set on the sides for a wider peripheral vision. Our eyes are arranged in a manner so that we are able to focus what’s in front of us rather that what’s coming up on our sides.

--that was just awesome huh :D...i read it n was laughing ....:D I've bought one of Vega Movable jaw so i can open it whenever i feel like Heat n all!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you entirely on the topic of helmets.
find one that fits and with appropriate venting for heat/cold/wet and a visor for your eye protection and wear it all the time while riding for your own safety and protection. your head is a terrible thing to waste.
for further protection of my hearing i also wear light ear plugs under my helmet. it dampens the constant roar of wind rushing past my helmet.
i can hear fine, even voices, but theyre quieted a bit which does make for loud conversations (with helmet and plugs) but a much more relaxing ride.
talk to an older motorcycle rider - in the United States anyway - and you'll have an up front and personal view into hearing loss later in life that accompanies riding without a helmet and without ear protection. what? what? what??!
i'm not a doctor, but what i have heard is that your ears are like a the eraser on the end of a pencil. every time you use them, they are a little less effective so best not waste your hearing on wind noise! :) -ride well.

doc said...

wow that was a awesome comments, i am a doc and i know how difficult is to convince my own people to buy a helmet,good job, but i do not understand why these national channels dont do talk show or awareness programme to reduce mortality in india. deaths due to road traffic accidents are the commonest mode of death and india ranks high in it. good job
another reason my friend had given me was that he gets pimples when he sweats so he wears a mask underneath to reduce it

Somnath Ghosh said...

Exactly wright awesome article. you know sir many people say wearing helmet in summer can face stroke also. This happen only in India. Actually there is a proverbs in Bengali " less knowledge is very dangerous" this thing happen to this guys & rather than a more interesting thing you will see that this people will spend about 50k on bike but spend 150 bucks on cheap which if you throw it it will break easily.If you ask them why they do so answer is i don't need helmet just for police while they disturbing during riding.

Chethan Srinivas said...

Great post dude, sometimes I laugh out loud whenever I see people wearing cap helmets(pink stuff). When I wear a helmet and a jacket people laugh, obviously its summer, they think I'm stupid enough to protect myself from the heat radiating from the road, the sun, projectiles from cars and trucks(they sting). Nowadays, for Rs1000 helmets are pretty good, I own a streetfighter Galactic from vega, very good ventilation and light in weight. A jacket is preferable.

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