May 17, 2011

6 Not Every KTM Bike is an Off Roader

Introduction to the world of KTM motorcycles..

The other day I was chatting with a biker friend of mine about our next purchase. I told him that I am quite interested in the KTM 200 Duke. To which he spontaneously replied, "Oh Ok, but that is an Off Roader!".

I have come across this perception about the KTM brand even across many guys in xBhp.Com. For them too "KTM = Off Roaders".


First of all let me clarify that the KTM 125/200 Duke is NOT an off roader.

In my words the baby Duke can be called is a two wheeled "Urban Soft Roader"

The strong image of KTM with off road motorcycles is not without reason. KTM is definitely one of the most famous brand when it comes to off road bikes.

KTM currently has around 180 plus world titles in various off road competitions and also 10 consecutive "Dakar Rally" (one of the toughest rallies in the world) titles to its name.

Secondly, NOT every KTM motorcycle is an Off Roader. Posted below is the chart which shows the various kind of bikes that KTM manufacturers.

2011 KTM Product Lineup

Read my previous post on the "International Motorcycle Categories" for more clarity.

If one looks at the chart posted above, KTM actually makes two types of "Pure Off Roaders" i.e. its Motocross Range (SX Series) and Enduro Range (EXC Series).


Motocross bikes get its name from the sport which takes place in dirt tracks either in the open country side (Motor + Cross country) or on man made indoor dirt tracks (it is then called Supercross). The bikes which takes place in these competitions aren't even road legal and can't even be registered..!! They are purely meant for the sport.

They don't even have headlights, tail lights, turn indicators or a street legal exhaust system..!!


Enduro bikes also get it's name from a sport called "Enduro Racing". These bikes get street legal exhausts and Headlamp/Taillamp and can be registered, but then even these bikes with their knobbly off road tyres and small fuel tank aren't practical to be used on normal roads.

So even if KTM is the most revered brand in the world of Motocross/Enduro bikes (real off roaders), it also makes some neat road bikes like..

    >> Supermoto Bikes: 690 SMC and 990 SMC,
    >> Adventure Touring Bikes: 990 Adventure Series,
    >> Street Sports Naked Bikes: 690 Duke, 990 SuperDuke and also
    >> SuperBike: RC8


Superbike: RC8

KTM 690 Duke

Street Sports Naked: 690 Duke

KTM 990 Super Duke

Street Sports Naked: 990 Super Duke

So what kind of bike is the KTM 125/200 Duke?

It is a "Street Sports Naked Bike" but with the hint of the KTM "off road" genes (Slightly tall suspension and a light weight body) a bit like the 690 Duke. In my words the baby Duke can be called is a two wheeled "Urban Soft Roader".

But for heavens sake, the 125/200 Duke is NOT an off roader. For anyone still in doubt, just look at its tyres.

KTM 125 Duke

KTM 125 Duke

KTM 125 Duke

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Gunawan MS said...

KTM Duke 200, i pressume this is the Duke for developing countries market, using spec down Indian parts for affordability, while Duke 125 would go to the developed/European countries market, with high, european parts spec. That's nice, as long Duke 200 can be priced competitively against the like of Honda CBR 150 R or Yamaha R 125, it can be plenty successful around the globe.

Sajal said...

Very nicely put together bro!! That should clear a lot of things to many, and if that doesn't, nothing can :)

Anonymous said...

A good one Payeng.And I believe that the KTM 200 's build and finish will be of international standards.Frankly speaking I am not happy with the overall finish of CBR 250R.Something is lagging in that bike.The quality is not upto the mark.
Look at the build of NINJA and R15.Zero vibration and no gaps.The same we want from others too.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Gunawan, Sajal & Boon

thanks for sharing in your views. If a bike is priced above 1 lakhs in India, I would expect nothing but the Best Finish & Quality

Kaustubh Bhide said...

Excellent...Too Good...
So Dude wch Bike U will Suggest for Off Road and Street Biking in India???? CC range????
Xpecting answer from U..........

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


the Hero Impulse seems to be the most suitable bike for off roading

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