May 7, 2011

16 Hunto..!! Pulsar, India’s No. 1 Sports Bike! [2011 Pulsar TVC]

Pulsar TV Commercial makes a "Hunto" comeback..!!

Q 1: What's common between: Bullet trains, Yakuzas, Samurais, Sushi bars & Geishas ?

Ans: All of them belong to the land of the rising sun, Japan.

Q 2: So what’s it that they got to do with our "desi" Pulsar..??

Ans: Check out the latest TV Commercial to find out.

Pulsar TV Commercials have been traditionally done by one of the best ad agencies in the business, O&M. The memorable “Definitely Male” (2001-02), “DTS-i, Wheelie/Stoppie on the bridge”(2003), the mind blowing “Pulsar Mania”(2008) and the cheeky “Fastest Indian”(2009) TVCs have all been classy ones and has set the benchmarks in India for motorycle ads. This latest one probably too has been done by the same agency.

The Japanese just can’t believe that Pulsar sells 5 times more than any Japanese Sports bike in India.


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Harmanjot singh said...

what is its engine size 180 cc 220cc or more

SANTOSA said...

Not a good one as compared to previous pulsar ads

Anonymous said...

I dont understand What is wrong with Bajaj top heads.Few days ago Rahul was saying that people who wants scoter go for Honda while Bikerz go for Bajaj..It looks so cheap when an intellectual makes such comments and now this commercial.

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

What's wrong with bajaj?
This is seriously a crap ad. I guess they are feeling the heat from the newer and better competition . They don't really have to show us such statistics and should rather stick with the classical way displaying the pulsar series(previous iterations were awesome).

Btw what is it with this '5 times the number of Japanese bikes sold'
I guess they included the total pulsar arsenal (including 135) and compared it with FZ/R15 combo to come up with such figure :-D

Sports bike??
I guess they meant 'bike with sporty intent'
Pulsar 150 'A sports bike.'
They should retire.

Gautam said...

For MadAd world, Bajaj is going 2 b new Hero Honda now....

Sajal said...

I would be going with the majority here as Bajaj has seriously let itself down with this gimmick (that's what I would call it)

“The Japanese just can’t believe that Pulsar sells 5 times more than any Japanese Sports bike in India.”

It's as simple as the Sun rising from East.... the day Japanese motorcycles start getting manufactured in India and for Indian market, the results for companies like Bajaj and other Indian manufacturers would be as simple as the Sun setting in the West.

Seriously un-expected from sane minds like Bajaj.... time to chill off I guess.

Sandy said...

Bajaj has become mentally unstable.they have been kicked out from their scooter market & now they are feeling the heat with bikes like CBR 250. hence they think pulser is better sports bike then CBR.

Sankoobaba said...

bajaj rocks..

now for a reply by the japs(honda,suzuki,yamaha)

sunil said...

@ those why aren't pleased with the ad.

pulsar selling more is a fact and needs to be communicated to the customer. what's wrong with that?

the ad is not saying anything BAD, its just telling a fact. CHILL.

and yes, bajaj pulsar rocks!!!!!

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

According to me the latest "Hunto" Ad is not as blatant as the "Coke vs Pepsi" ads.. its ok to me

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

I fail to see why jap fans are cribbing about this ad.. they aren't claiming anything out of this world. Pulsar is outselling competition quite comfortably, that's a fact. And the ad doesn't mention anything derogatory on jap products!! It only says Pulsar is selling more than jap products, which is true.

melville said...

Okay, my two bits-
At first, I was bemused with the ad as I thought (actually hoped) it relates to some minor upgrade for one of the Pulsars..But gloating over the sales figures is very un-Najaj-like and gimmicky, as someone above said. 'Sports bike' is perhaps the most abused term in Indian biking, hence this makes for a gimmicky ad. (Post the advent of the Ninja 250 and the Hyosung GT hopefully things get clarified as to which are truly 'Sports bikes')
Though the ad looks slick, it has a very short shelf life.....for how many days can you talk about it anyways? I think Bajaj should get their heads down and the next generation Pulsar platform out asap as promised. It's time they built 'sports bikes' no?? ;)

melville said...

Sorry..I meant un-Bajaj-like

Anonymous said...

There is no word in Japanese called 'Hunto'; infact there is no 'hu' sound in Japanese language. The word is 'hontou' and it means 'really' and depending on the intonation could mean 'really???'.
To learn Japanese

Gunawan MS said...

BAJAJ should consider entering/strengthening the matic/moped market, it's getting popular everywhere considering its simplicity, affordability, and agility in the increasing crowded urban life around the world.

Anonymous said...

bajaj is comparing with yamaha,honda,suzuki LOLzzz

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