May 9, 2011

2 Avenger (or any Classic Cruiser) is not a bike for bad roads

Classic Cruisers like the Avenger are not the ideal set of wheels to ride/tour on bad roads..

Two of my friends with whom I went on the recent bike trip to Tawang, had been Avenger owners. One of them has switched to a Royal Enfield Classic 500,the other still has his Avenger with him. The reason for both of them going for the Avenger was because they were into touring.

This is the common image of a motorcycle in the Classic Cruiser format. i.e. a bike suitable for “touring”. In reality, a Classic Cruiser motorcycle is comfortable to ride only on perfect, smooth roads. These kind of motorcycles are not at all suitable to ride on bad/broken surfaces, leave alone touring on off road terrain.

Avenger on Bad Roads

Why are bikes like Avenger not good on bad roads?

    1. The feet forward riding stance: is comfortable on smooth roads, but on bad roads one sometimes need to stand on the foot pegs to cushion the impact as the bike rides over potholes/broken surfaces. On a feet forward bike like the Avenger, there is no choice but to let your poor butt and spine take the beating

    2. The rear suspension: on a Classic Cruiser doesn’t get too much travel, hence more thrashing for your rear end over bad surfaces

    3. The raked front forks: provide the lazy/easy rider attitude on a Classic Cruiser, but it also makes steering and braking such a bike on loose/bad surfaces a nervous affair

Avenger 200

The above are also the feedback of an owner of an Avenger and my touring friend, Mrinaljit Dutta. But then he does add that on the well laid out roads New Delhi where is currently based, the Avenger is a very comfortable ride.

So, if you have an Avenger or any Classic Cruiser, including the Harley Davidson Fatboy/ Softails, stick to our smooth city roads to "Feel like God". And if you are think of going touring to Leh-Laddakh, pick any other bike.

Avenger: Feel Like God

By the way, Mrinaljit has already booked a Royal Enfield Classic 500..!! And Yes, the Royal Enfield Classic is NOT a feet forward Classic Cruiser (nor is the Thunder bird).

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Sankoobaba said...

when i was out to buy my first bike..
P-180 .. avenger was also on my list.. and it still is one of my fave bikes..
but one friend told me its not much practical in city traffic..and horrible on bad roads and uncomfortable for pillion..
so I never bought it...
on the Himalayan roads with would stop feeling like god.. and start groaning..oh god..oh god..ha ha

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


the Avenger is not that a bad bike for City traffic, just that its difficult to use the rear brakes by the right foot in slow moving traffic, as in such traffic the foot has to be put on the ground.. and as I have found out using ONLY the front brakes is not the safest way to brake in India.

Apart from that the Avenger is a dream to ride on smooth, open roads.

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