May 25, 2011

21 2011 R15 Photo of the Production Model..!!

Finally..!! A proper photo of possibly the updated 2011 R15 for India..!!

After months of speculations and Spy photos, finally a new photo of what seems to be a "production ready" updated 2011 Yamaha R15 has surfaced..!! Specs and details of changes remain speculative as of now.

The revamped R15 now gets the proper Super Sports styling. Now... aren't you guys excited..??

Visible Changes:

The Pillion Seat has been raised and the Grab Rails have been axed in true Super Sports style..!!

Increased Wheelbase: The wheelbase of this new bike seems to have been increased compared to the original/older model. [Photo posted below]

This has possibly been done to retain the balance/handling of the bike due to the incorporation of a fatter tyre. The rear tyre/wheel now extends more towards the rear (compared to the older model) vis-a-vis the rear seat.

The increased wheelbase should also make the bike appear longer and bigger now..!!

New Yamaha R15 Increase in Wheelbase

Fatter Rear Tyre: The original 100 section MRF had no issues with its dynamic abilities around corners, but aesthetically it was a diasaster for me. Looks like Yamaha has taken the market feedback positively as the new R15 seems to have finally got its polio shot and now wears what looks like a fatter rear tyre.

Although the exact size of the new rear tyre is not clear, from the spy photos posted earlier it definitely looks "at least" a 120 section (stock Pulsar 220 rear tyre) rear tyre.

LED Tail Lights: From the initial spy shots, it definitely appeared that the new R15 has got LED tail lights. And now from the latest photo it appears that the tail lamp design is inspired/carried over from its 600 cc R6 motorcycle..!!

Yamaha R6 Tail Lamp

Slightly Redesigned Fairing: The fairing seems to got a slight redesign with the slats / air ducts clearly visible. The front turn indicators also seemed to have been lowered on the fairing compared to its older model.

Other Visible Changes: A couple of bits which seem to have been carried over straight from the European Yamaha R125 onto the new R15 are: Sporty looking split seats, new design alloy wheels and a sturdy looking swingarm.

The rear pillion seat on the new bike seems to have been raised in the proper Super Sports style language. Also if looked closely, the pillion grab rails have been axed as well. The new bike gets a slit rear tyre hugger which according to me doesn't gel with the rest of the bike. But then, one would be easily able to remove it

[Image courtesy]

Just a word of advice/caution: Don't be swooned away by the speculative "changed" engine specs of this new model as reported by many a "blogs".. at least till the official word from Yamaha India is out.

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Lohit Mohanta said...

Aren't we excited. Hell yeah :)

Anonymous said...

yamaha itna maat satao.....ab to jaldi se isko market me lao

hemant said...

ktm duke 200 vs 2011 yamaha R15 ( in looks only )

RTR said...

those useless blogs are still making baseless spectacular claims of 22 ps. its really fuuny actually.

the new r15 is definitely looking much much better than the boring honda cbr250r

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

@Payang - This is awesome news...Loved it!!!...finally New R15 looks complete bike...n hope Engine upgrade/ power increase has been done....N height of New R15 bike has been increased from old R15 bike...after seeing this i feel R15 looks much better class of bike than CBR250...Hope yamaha lives upto our expectation after it is launched... fingers crossed!!! :-)
- SK
>> "Dead" or "Agile" <<

Taufik said...

Longer wheel base because of using anew swing arm set?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


I agree the bike now looks almost complete and much better than the older one.. hope there is some increase in the power/torque too.


Yes, I think that the wheelbase has increased probably because of the new swing arm and the wider rear tyre.

Lohit Mohanta said...

But still.. which this was a 250 cc.

Sreejith said...

Thanx alot on the spy release f the new r15...just wanted to
know,incase the bike gets released,would i be abled to transfrm the
tail of my r15 to the new one with new of al the bike looks
similar,would the chasis be redesigned as the tail has gone higher?i
know this would be difficult to answer as the bike is not yet
out..just wanted to know if there wer posibltis to customise the old
r15 to the new1...


Anonymous said...

cant wait for this one to launch. The slim tyres is what kept me from buying the older r15 and instead go for the p220 street bike but now dont think anymore unless Bajaj has something up its sleeves as well.

The Bad Wolf said...

Damn.. the bike looks like shit. How in the blue hell can you justify super sport styling on a 150cc ? words fail me ... thats how ugly this bike looks.

Anonymous said...

only three words to say wtf...!!
can u help me guys---
would i be able to change my tail and swingarm 4r a wider tyre of my old r15...??

Anonymous said...

The comparison pics are wrong... check the revised image on xBHP :)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


right now all seems to be assumptions.. lets wait till the curtains are officially taken off

Sharath said...

guys save the image on pc and zoom pic to R symbol on the bike
i am seeing R25 not 15

its not clear but try this from below

infact compare the 1 in R15 pic (available on off site) and the very grainy image next to R

the image seems fatter but its one image(so R125 or 225 not possible)
the 1 in R15 is like slash(/ thin)

pardon if im seeing things

chumaney said...

Probably.. if R25 lunches before Upcoming Pulsar 250cc.I would opt. for R25. ^.^

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


A 250 cc would make it the perfect package.. but according to what I know the current 150 cc engine has reached it's limit and can't be increased.

Developing a brand new 250 cc engine doesn't look too profitable.. so I have my doubts if this new bike would get an engine upgrade.

In all probablity the new bike might get some minor uprated torque (to counter the possible increase in weight).. lets wait and see.

Sharath said...

@ SP

i think it makes great marketing sense for yam
coz yam needs a 250cc to beat ninja and cbr to capture growing 250cc market in india and abroad

in india ppl want sports bikes but not many can afford R1s or R6
but R25 will be "cheaper than thm" and powerfull and may be loaded like its big bros

i wd like 2 c a ninja killer to heat up competition
yam has wat it takes to beat it

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard the news of NEW PULSAR 250cc Coming this Diwali and it is also said to clash all the bikes in this segment by its looks, performance, mileage and competitive price tag.....
And also new looks and with new platform of pulsar 180 , 220 coming around this Diwali......
Waiting for the bikes to roll out...

surya said...

hey is it possible to customise the old R15 rear part with the version 2.0 parts , ???????

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Hi Surya,

the modifcations might not be very easy to perform, read this:

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