May 7, 2011

5 2011 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR? Not really

Look closely.. Hero prepares for it's imminent divorce from Honda..

Hero Honda designers/painters have added a bit of color here and there, that's all. According to me it’s definitely not an upgrade for the Karizma ZMR per se.

Karizma ZMR

Where has the paint been applied this time?

    1. Body colored rear view mirrors and rear grab rails

    2. Copper (dull gold?) colored silencer heat shied

    3. ZMR branding replaces the Hero Honda branding on the Speedo console

    4. Engine has been untouched (yawn)

According to me it is the 3rd point which might be a subtle but represents an important change.

By now everybody is aware that the Honda name will soon disappear from Hero’s products (as the 26 year old partnership nears its end).

Of late Hero Honda seems to be copying/following Mr. Rajiv Bajaj’s strategy of putting the product brand in the limelight instead of the mother brand. Remember the Karizma ZMR banners at the 2011 Cricket world Cup? Or the recent Hunk banners at the 2011 IPL?

So the removal of Hero Honda branding seems to have started, the one at the Speedometer gets removed first. The rest (right now just above the headlamp and the sides of the fairing) will also get removed soon, and therefore every time we can’t call it an upgrade can we?

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melville said...

The ZMR is a the largest scooter in the Indian market. HH should just plonk in the variomatic tranny and move tht motor beside the rear wheel. Period.

New Honda Bikes said...

Hero Honda bikes are very reputed bikes in India. The bikes are popular for their superb technical features and high quality parts. As these bikes are affordable, fuel efficient and low maintenance bikes, they have become first choice of youngsters. I am also planning to own Honda bike very soon.

Anonymous said...

Sport Model With Dual Shock.....not interesting

polo said...

i want to install the projector headlight in my zmr so plz any budy tell me how to remove the fairing.
or tell me other any suggestion because i drive most in night but i failed that my zmr light not to much for highway because i cant see the any one crossing the road or any thing above 3 ft.

Aravind Gopan said...

Which is the better choice...?Pulsar 220f or Hero karizma zmr pgm fi?

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