Apr 2, 2011

11 KTM 125 Duke launched in Europe, 200 Duke for India soon

Europe finally gets the KTM 125 Duke.. can't wait for the KTM 200 Duke to hit India by year end.. which should probably be my next bike

The KTM 125 Duke keeps it's promise of the March 2011 official launch in Europe. A group of European auto journalists recently got the opportunity to test ride the baby Duke.

KTM 125 Duke launched in Europe

Auto Publication, VisorDown has published its first ride experience of the KTM 125 Duke and they have found it as delightful as expected. VisorDown is all praises for the KTM 125 Duke's engine, handling, riding comfort, clutch and gearbox. Just that they wanted a bit more softer compound on the tyres.

(To read VisorDown's review of the 125 Duke: Click here)

It's a proud moment for Indians as these bikes have been manufactured in Chakan, Pune by Bajaj Auto (Co-developed with KTM). Bajaj has already sent some 2,000 units of the 125 Duke to Europe.

KTM 200 Duke to be launched in India by end of 2011

My future definitely looks Orange..!!

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (MD Bajaj Auto) has mentioned that India will get a KTM 200 Duke and not the 125 Duke. According to him the 200 Duke should be launched in India by the year end.

I am very excited and eagerly looking forward for the KTM 200 Duke's India launch as in all probability that is going to be my next bike..!!

Why KTM 200 Duke as my next bike..??

    1. Been there, done that: I have done my share of riding of our our "desi" street bikes (Pulsar, Apache RTR, FZ etc.)

    2. Been there, done that: I have also experienced the "full faired", entry level super sports wannabe (Yamaha R15, Kawasaki Ninja 250R)

    3. What I don't want to do: I am not looking for any significant increase in power or speed, so I probably won't go for a 600 cc, 1,000 cc speed demon

    4. What I want to do: What I am looking for is a new kind of ride experience.. something like a Supermoto motorcycle (On-off road bikes with street tyres), light weight and fun to ride

    5. For the poser in me: When our "desi" tom-dick-bihari might be riding a Japanese "full faired" bike, I want to be a bit more exclusive & show off my evolved taste in motorcycles by riding a KTM..!!

KTM 125 Duke

What's the KTM 200 Duke got to offer?

The liquid cooled, 200 cc engine of the KTM 200 Duke India will probably not make peak power more than 22-24 Ps. Which is actually not a significant bump up from the 19 Ps that my Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi makes.

But as the KTM 200 Duke would most probably share the body of the 125 Duke, it should also have an ultra light kerb weight of 130-135 Kgs (the 125 Duke weighs 130 kgs), which translates into a healthy power to weight ratio for the 22-24 Ps of peak power.

Just for the record the Honda CBR250R makes 25 Ps peak power but also has a kerb weight of 167 Kgs.. about 35-37 Kgs heavier than the baby duke.

So with a light weight body, tasty cycle parts like upside down front forks, liquid cooled - fuel injected, 4 valve engine, a comfortable upright on-off/supermoto riding stance, wide street tyres.. plus the respected brand name of KTM, the 200 Duke makes an exciting ride for me as I move into my mid thirties.

My future definitely looks Orange.

KTM 125 Duke: Photos [Photo Credits: VisorDown]

KTM Duke 125KTM Duke 125KTM Duke 125

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Akash said...

I would even go for 125cc KTM Duke. I am not interested in more CCs, I just want light weight body, upside down front forks, liquid cooled - fuel injected engine, a comfortable upright on-off/supermoto riding stance, and wide street tyres just like you payeng.

I hope they price the KTM Duke 200 in between R15 and CBR250R. Its gonna be hell of a ride, also exclusive.

hemant said...

I think duke would be good option for 200cc seekers.it does not seem any lesser then cbr250r.with the light weight it has it can deliver better pick and milage as well.
hope they price it well so that can give a good competetion to cbr and delight to customers of options.

melville said...

Just because you got a chance to swing a leg over the Ninja, no need to run others down or be ethni-racist :P :D

On a lighter note, it's good that you're not following the Herd Mentality.....I personally would love the see the CBR maintain some exclusivity rather than be reduced to a Pulsar 150 on the roads.

To each his own...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Melville, (also Akash & Gautam)

If I had the money I would have gone for the Ninja 250R.. maybe the grapes are a little bit sour for me.. :-)

but then hey, the Baby Duke definitely seems novel and exciting

melville said...

SP, The Ninja is out of bounds for me right now and its price tag is still one of its biggest weaknesses.

The Duke sure is novel and you have made a strong case for your choice, but again, every biker is in a different rev range ;)
I hope it meets all your expectations and brings some top-notch quality to the table. It will be distinctive and I'm anxious to see it in the flesh..

Personally, considering all rumours and apparent-confirmations from Yamaha, Suzuki I guess the 200-250cc segment should present a clear picture of itself by start-2012...so while I raise funds, I have decided to stretch my waiting game a little further.

Anonymous said...

For the poser in me: When our "desi" tom-dick-bihari might be riding a Japanese "full faired" bike, I want to be a bit more exclusive & show off my evolved taste in motorcycles by riding a KTM..!!
Who do you think you are I just saw the article, there are guys from each state who are good in riding!so I its better not under estimate individuals.....its shows your bad taste DUDE!!!

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Why so serious?? That was just a comment made out of jest. Cool.. take a chill pill.

Haven't you noticed that I am even calling myself as a P.O.S.E.R?


even my purchase would be probably somewhere in 2012. lets hope there are quie a few choices by then

Chinmay Avachat said...

I saw the bike 2 days ago as i was riding back from mumbai to pune..
I saw it at the small ghat which comes on NH4 just between talegaon and kamshet.. The guy was going in the opposite direction.. so coulnt take pics.. :P He went really fast though.. The bike looked nice.. :)

melville said...

'Quite a few' ....Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

dont know what quality bajaj would give for ktm !

Anonymous said...

hey S.P how u doin??
i wanna ask about the status of ktm duke 200???
will they launch it this year?? hw much do i have to wait for it??also wat wud be the expected price....
waiting so desperately for it currently own p220 fi...

thanks and regards..

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