Apr 23, 2011

12 "Its a 2011 Yamaha YZF-R15 for India" Says MCN!!

Motorcycle News has published photos of what looks like the new Yamaha YZF-R15 for India..!!

Back in December 2010 there were a couple of spy shots (clicked near the national capital) of what looked like an upgraded/new Yamaha R15 for India. There were some indications that the new bike might be launched in Jan 2011. But so far everything has been silent from Yamaha India.

MotorcycleNews.Com has recently published of what looks more like a company arranged grainy photos (than leaked scoop photos) of the new YZF-R15 for India. The new bike in these photos looks strikingly similar to the Spy Photos that had appeared in Dec 2010.

2011 Yamaha R15..??

2011 Yamaha R15..??

There is still some speculation in the online space that this could even be a 250 cc model (to counter Honda's CBR250R). Earlier there was even some wild speculation that it was the R125 for India. But when seen with the original R15 (posted below) launched in 2008, the bike in the above photos looks more like an upgraded R15.

The presence of a "Saree Guard" clearly dispels doubt that this is indeed an India spec bike..!!

2008 Yamaha R15

2008 Yamaha R15

When launched in 2008, I wasn't very impressed with the Yamaha R15 for 2 reasons:

1. The bike did not have a good low end torque

2. The styling of the complete bike did not gel well (it looked like a styling job done in hurry)

The R15 is a gem:

But after 3 years now, I have grown as a biker and I have realized that Low End Torque is not the "be all and end all" in a motorcycle. The 150 cc liquid cooled, fuel injected engine of the R15 coupled with its modern perimeter frame performs like a Super Sports track bike on the streets. The R15 is actually a gem, a pocket rocket.

The revamped 2011 treatment has now made the bike perfect

Now it looks like Yamaha has decided to do something about the malnourised look of the rear end of the bike. The bike now looks complete from every angle. The new bike even seems to have a slightly redesigned full fairing, R125 inspired alloy wheels and a tasty and sturdy looking rear swingarm. From the photos it seems to me that the wheelbase has been increased too.

To tell honestly, even with a 150 cc engine, the new Yamaha is appealing more to me than the Honda CBR250R..!! Only the rear tyre hugger looks out of place, but then one can always remove it.

Bring it on Yamaha, and please don't hike up the price for the new model by too much. Else the Honda CBR250R would seem like a better bargain.

Photos Source: MotorcycleNews.Com

2011 Yamaha R152011 Yamaha R15KTM Duke 125

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Anonymous said...

so by what time can we expect this bike to be on road

Anonymous said...

how real have been the news from MotorcycleNews.Com in the past

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

Bike's design looks even closer to the mighty R1 and I consider it as good thing. I would echo Payeng's opinion when he says current r15's styling looks like hastily done with those disproportionate looking tyres and conservative rear end.
Still my concern is regarding the pillion seat which looks tad too impractical for regular use. People might argue considering R15 is a sports bike and it doesnt require a regular pillion but still the general mass would look forward to that..

Bike looks contemporary and not as conservative as the ninja which looks like sbk of yesteryears..

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

@Payang - Did you get any chance to see Honda CBR250 on road??? also did u get any chance to test ride the CBR250 (with ABS or without ABS)??? just wanted to know more abt this bike...feel n experience on that bike...i am also trying from my end to get test ride of this bike...n any idea when yamaha with above bike launch or any update from Bajaj...with respect to KTM / Pulsar upgrade...jsut thought of asking u from sometime now...Also hope u had a wonderful trip... :-)

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Anil, yep the bike looks complete now.

@Sharath, Haven't seen the CBR250R yet bro. According to interview given by Mr. Bajaj, the KTM/Pulsar upgrade should be there by year end.

Anupam said...

In the 3rd pic.. i.e. the back side view, it resembles the 990cc M1 from the same photo angle... Check it out if ya al can...

Anonymous said...

oho great news.....so kab a rahe he ye..?

Aamir J said...

I'm really looking forward to buy my first bike after waiting for SO long and will hopefully get one of these as soon as it is launched officially.

After all log sahi kehte hain... Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai :)

Braydon said...

Great news.Thanks for your sharing.really very nice.i like it.
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Anonymous said...

it looks gr8 i am waiting for dis bike to launch in india soon

Anonymous said...

it sucks really .......................
i'm waiting to buy this bike....................

Anonymous said...

i have got d current r15 last month after watin long fr d r125..bt wen gt to knw dt it wld nvr mk it to india.i gt r15..m a yamaha fan...bt m realy dishrtend frm d news of dis new upgraded r15..can u clearly tell dt wether yamaha goin to launch ds new mod or its jus a mere mod of d prsnt r15 done at a regular mod shop(which luks more obvious to me).cuz after a week i gt my r15.i gt to knw ds..n srchd n net lyk a freak fr mr info.n gt to rd smwr frm a yamaha oficial dt no upgrd vrsn f r15 is gona launch n com is satified wd d sales of d prsnt...so jus need a view point f urs...

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