Apr 1, 2011

7 Discover 125 launched. Is Bajaj confusing people?

A new Discover 125 joins the Discover 100 & 150.. is Bajaj confusing people with too many variants?

On March 31'st (read this), Bajaj has launched a new Discover model in a 125 cc Avatar. Priced at Rs. 45,500 (Ex-showroom Delhi) this model now stretches the Discover brand across 100, 125 and 150 cc variants.

With the Discover 125, Bajaj now has the entire spectrum of the basic commuter motorcycles in india covered. Interestingly the Discover 100, 125 and 150 are currently priced very attractively at Rs. 43,000, Rs, 45,500 and Rs. 49,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi) respectively.

For the common man, the Discover 125 will be difficult to differentiate from the 100 and 150 as the Discover 125 virtually carries forward the same looks.

Is Bajaj confusing people..??

"Why is Bajaj confusing people with so many models? Wasn't the Discover a 125 cc, a 112 cc and 135 cc once?"

My brother (who used to be a bike enthusiast a few years back) said the above to me this morning, when he heard about the new Discover 125.

Discover and Pulsar..

isn't that just the two names that Mr. Rajiv Bajaj want's us to remember?

To answer him, I just asked a few questions: "Can you name the models from Bajaj's current lineup"?

    He replied, "The Pulsar series.. the Discover models.. and.. err.. the Platina". He had forgot to mention the Avenger, which I reminded him.

I then asked him, "Can you name the current models from Yamaha"?

    He replied, "R15.. Fazer, FZ.. and hmmm...". I told him that he missed the SS125 (which is basically the rebranded Gladiator to which he had no clue), SZ/SZ-X/SZ-R, YBR 125, YBR 110 and Crux.

I went further and asked him, "Can you name the current models from TVS"?

    He said, "I do not have an idea about the current commuter models, but I know the Apache RTR". I told him that the other motorcycle models from TVS are the Flame, Jive, Star City and Sport.

Knowing very well by now as to where the conversation was headed, my brother told me that he knew that the Hero Honda lineup was cluttered with too many models and also that he won't be able to recall all the models from Honda's (HMSI) stable either.

By now my brother realized with a smile what I was trying to convey.

It's actually a baggage of the past which Bajaj carries (in the minds of a few old timers)

In the past, Bajaj did put many models/brands on the road. For. eg. 4S Champion, Caliber, Caliber Croma, Caliber 115, Aspire, Boxer AR, Boxer AT, Boxer CT, CT 100, Plaitna, XCD 125, XCD 135. Most of which were eventually discontinued.

In the case of my brother it just happens that he belongs to a generation which had passionately followed the 2 wheeler scene of India a couple of years back, therefore he still carries the historical baggage of Bajaj back in his mind. Currently his interest in two wheelers is like just another normal guy/customer.

In the end, Discover and Pulsar, isn't that just the two names that Mr. Rajiv Bajaj want's us to remember? And if one can recall those two names, is there really any confusion?

Did you know:

[1] The Maruti Alto (India's current largest selling 4 wheeler) was first launched in India with two engine options of a 800 cc (sourced from the Maruti 800), 3 cylinder engine and a 1,100 cc (sourced from the Wagon R), 4 cylinder engine

[2] The 1,100 cc engine was later discontinued

[3] Recently a new variant with a 1,000 cc, 3 cylinder engine was introduced as the Alto K-10 (currently even the Wagon R comes with the same engine)

Confusing.. would you say?

As a common guy I have got a lot many things in my mind than keep myself updated with the historical updates/changes on car models. To me the Maruti Alto is the same old, reliable brand that I have known for years.. regardless of whether it was 1,100 cc or currently has an 800 cc or 1,000 cc engine.

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Anonymous said...

Bajaj has a problem of not sustaining any of the brands that they develop with the sole exception of Pulsar. They give the impression with every model that soon it will not be there. No wonder their bikes have low resale value. Bajaj needs to build and sustain brands and not pull the carpet from under the very customers who trusted them. Look at Honda...they are still behind the Activa brand. Ten year old. But still there. Any similar support for a Bajaj product? I think not.

Subby said...

Apart from the Pulsar which gas been there for 10 years now the Discover too has been around for quite sometime now.

Th past is poast but as mentioned in the above post, Bajaj will now focus clearly on Discover and Pulsar brands. These two have been there and will be there in the future.

melville said...

Also, the 'old Zen' was internationally known as the Alto and the Esteem was called.......Swift!

Sankoobaba said...

Discover 125 had superb reputation in the market..as the go-to commuter 125 cc bike..I think except honda shine it had no competition..i dont know why they discontinued it..now that its back .. it will gain some customers..and in the end help discover brand grow .. its good strategy by bajaj.. i mean look at Hero Honda lineup there is cannibalization..in their lineup.. their own bikes eatup others share (passion pro/splendour eat up NXG, super splendour eats up glamour, hunk eat up CBZX/achiever) i mean.. at least Bajaj is trying to run profitable model..where bikes have parallel volume growth.. good business idea.. maybe in the future Discover will grow out to be touring brand.. while pulsar will be sporty/racing brand.. like many big car companies have..my grouse is why not do same with avenger... i mean its just idea.. but why only one avenger..220, ok..just a thought..

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


not a bad thought actually.. there could be room for a smaller/more fuel efficienct/economical Avenger.

Discover and Pulsar might get most attention but we know that another brand the "Boxer" is there for export makerts like Africa and would be launched for Rural India as well.. also the Avenger is chugging on peacefully without any competition

Anonymous said...

wind 125 was also in bajaj linup...

Jitendra Nikam said...

I think Bajaj has lost they way of quality in competion of sales profit booking & directing wrong to bikers.......bajaj products are too maintanance needy.........after 1 or two years the fibre use in bajan vehicle makes the rider think.......bikes are good in early days but cause problem later.........& there are many edited products are in market like bajaj dis 150.......... I am telling my own experience I have Pulase 150 & hero honda passion plus & have just bought SS 125 yamaha

Yamaha is cool bike as of now in all of these three bikes,no problem with average not with pick up & maintance.......I will preffer yamaha to new buyers..

Thanks & Regards,
Jitendra Nikam

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