Apr 30, 2011

10 Coming Up Next: Bike Trip to Tawang [Resurrecting a Biker Next Door]

Why did I take this bike/motorcycle trip to an exotic and largely untouched Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh?

My Wife: "Bike Trip? If you really have to go, then why can't you take a car/taxi?"

One of my relatives: "Bike Trip (smiles sarcastically)? These are antics of bachelors, not responsible married adults like you."

So why did I decide to go on this bike/motorcycle trip?

2011 Tawang Bike/Motorcycle Trip

    1. Adventure? Explore an unknown destination. Maybe..

    2. Vanity? Try to prove that I am a better/accomplished/experienced biker. Maybe..

    3. Insecurity? Maybe I had a point to prove that I am not just a "Laptop Biker". Maybe..

    4. Men being just Men? Celebrate the joys of being a bachelor again for a few days. Maybe..

Perhaps all the above is true to some degree.. but as I look back, it was actually the sense of a "fading biker" in me that forced me to try something that might resurrect it.

    5. Fading out of a Biker Next Door?

I knew that my passion for motorcycles would have to take a back seat post my marriage. And just as anticipated, I started to drift more from motorcycles after the purchase of a car.

Not just my wife, now even I could no longer tolerate the traffic, the fumes and smoke, the dust and the heat of the trip from the residence to the grocery or the mall. Whenever I/we had to go out somewhere I have noticed that now I tend to reach for my car keys instead of the bike keys.

I was in fact feeling guilty posting on this blog week after week..

..knowing that I was doing so without any genuine passion

I knew something was seriously wrong with me and my love for motorcycles. Therefore when I got to know that a couple of my close friends were organizing a trip to one of the least visited places in India, Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh), I decided that it was probably now or never. Moreover the trip also coincided with my annual vacation to my native, Assam.

So that's how this nearly week long bike trip to Tawang kickstarted.

In the next post I will be sharing about the trip in detail, my experiences of exotic and untouched Arunachal Pradesh along with photographs and some memorable experiences.

So did the bike/motorcycle trip revive the biker in me again? Will be posting about that in the next post.

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VRJ HGD said...

Gr8 waiting for the post. After a long time I am back too..Never got the chance to say thanks for the help your blog provided during my internships.

Sajal said...

I'm pretty damn worried about the point 5 there (having been in situations like those quite a few times)... but you doing those on hills is a completely different scenario!! Be absolutely safe man. Looking forward to you BIG POST

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


you took the word "death" literally. I have now edited the it with "fade" now to make it clear



Great to have you back bro.. it seems you got a new ride as well

Anonymous said...

Hey Payeng...thats great to read. Waiting for your next article along with some good pics. Keep going..Good luck man..Ride Safe..

Sajal said...

Aaaah see that's what I keep fighting for in my office for 14 hours a day!! Words change the meaning :)

I'm so happy that nothing like that happened :)

Ricky said...

waiting for ur next post :)

Shaiju B said...

WOW, It would have been a helluva ride, cant wait for long for the travelogue.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Thanks, will be posting the travelogue soon

Sankoobaba said...

ride safe...
and enjoy the ride..!

Anonymous said...

@ S.P
I was born and bought up at Bomdila...I hope that you have enjoyed your trip a lot..

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