Apr 22, 2011

33 2011 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme launched

New Cosmetically Refreshed 2011 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme launched with a few new features..

Hero Honda has given its 150 cc CBZ Xtreme model cosmetic refreshment for 2011. True to the Hero Honda tradition the Engine remains predictably identical as the older model.

The cosmetic changes include:

The 2011 version seems to have put in some extra kilos.. its 148/149 Kgs now compared to the original 141/143 kgs in 2006..!!

1. Digital Speedometer Console

2. Key shutter for ignition switch

3. Redesigned Headlamp Visor

4. Tank extension

5. Redesigned Rear panels

6. Self Start Only (Kick starter has now been removed)

7. New Design 5 spoke alloy wheels

8. Rear Disc

9. Redesigned LED tail lamp

10. Gas filled rear shocker absorbers (GRS)

11. Redesigned silencer heat shield

12. Split Seats

13. Engine under cowl

15. Clip on handlebars

16. 12V4 Ah Maintenance Free Battery

17. New Design Rear View Mirrors (Which seem to have been carried over from the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler)

2011 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Features


According to the Hero Honda website the indicated price of the 2011 CBZ Xtreme is

1. Rs. 51,550 (Ex- showroom Delhi), Rs. 68, 945 (On road Delhi)

2011 CBZ Xtreme, Technical Specifications


Type: Air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder, SOHC
Displacement: 149.2 cc
Max. Power: 14.4 Ps @ 8500 RPM
Max. Torque:12.80 Nm @ 6500 RPM

Bore x Stroke: 57.7 x 57.8 mm
Carburettor: CV Type with carburettor controlled variable ignition
Starting: Self Start Only
Ignition: Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System (AMI)


Clutch: Wet Multiplate
Gearbox: 5-Speed Constant Mesh


Type: Tubular Diamond


Front: Telescopic hydraulic type
Rear: Gas filled rear shock absorbers with rectangular swingarm


Front: 80/100 x 18 - 47P
Rear: 100/90 x 18 - 56P


Battery: 12V - 4 Ah, Maintenance Free Battery
Headlamp: 12V - 35/35 watt Halogen Bulb
Tail/Stop Light: 12V - 0.5 watt/4.1 watt (LED)
Turn Lamp: 12V - 21 watt


Length: 2080 mm
Width: 765 mm
Height: 1145 mm
Wheelbase: 1325 mm
Ground Clearance: 145 mm
Fuel tank Capacity: 12.1 litres
Reserve: 1.5 litres (usable)

Kerb Weight: 148 Kgs (Front Disc + Rear Drum), 149 Kgs (Front Disc + Rear Disc)

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Anonymous said...

Karizma R silencer and tail lamp part designs. SPoke wheel doesnt look sporty though, Head lamp sucks, earlier one was far better! Looks like HH gone crazy in styling. Totally disproportionate body parts and styling is out of this world.!

Akash said...

This looks even more hideous, and plasticky. Seriously who designs these stuffs at Hero Honda?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Akash & Anon,

I was actually holding back my views :-) But seriously awkward styling to say the least

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

The bike remains to be seen in flesh before concluding on its looks. Surprisingly most hero honda bikes look better in real and I hope its true with version as well. But still some of the bits looks overdone and view changes we unnecessary.
Good thing though is the level of equipment and the pricing. Surprisingly we get a Hero honda bike that comes with classleading set of features and that too at reasonable pricing.
Some of the critical aspects like
-grs suspension (improved ride ? )
-rear disc (stronger bite. Safer stops?)
-MF battery (peace of mind?)
would do world of good to this machine.
But we can expect some drop in performance owing to the higher kerb (149 kg against 143 kg)

Gautam said...

Thanks God, HH removed the bloody wedge shaped lamp over headlight. Thats just looked like third eye of Lord Shiva....
Bye the way I do not agree with others that its design becomes more hideous, But it looks more realistic now. Only one cos here, HH is seems to be copying the fuel tank extension (from Pulsar?), that could be more attractive.
Anyway HH is becoming master in one field: Cosmetic Surgery!!!

hemant said...

I think this upgrade should look good in real.in pics also overall upgradation looking good.But what i didnt like is increased weight.if they cant tune for more power then they should have looked to cut weight.otherwise bike is looking better the previous xtreme.

Anonymous said...

Does it have Tubeless tyres?

Sunil said...

No, it does not get tubeless tyres

gautham said...

looking very ugly
nxg head lamp
zmr tail portion
hunk's fuel tank cowl's
the main thing is head lamp.
the old cbz(super sprint&star)has better than this new version.
it must be repaced with older one

gautham said...

only one major drawback is the headlamp.
it must be replaced with older cbz(super sprint&star)
cbz peru chedagoduthundhi e kotha version head lamp,

gautham said...

digital console lokking awesome 2 dis bike
the only draw back is head lamp,it must be replaced with older cbz(supersprint)or cbz star
hoping to do like this change

anshuman abhisek mishra said...

Gud upgrade with significant feature additions and a giant step for Hero Honda but I must admit that it is a it plasticky, yet the overall feel should be great, something I'm ready to bet on.... Cozz when I first saw the original CBZ X-treme it didn't look so gud from any angle in the pics but I realized its design significance when one crossed me on the highway.... CBZ X-treme in reality looks better as package and in skin than the sum of all its parts individually.... And the best part still is the engine and the reliability.... It is never an issue crossing the new Pulsar or the TVS Apache 160RTR FI with its 2007 Hunk engine.....

Also, as far as the parts borrowing is considered, Hero Honda is far behind Bajaj where same boring designs and same inefficient parts get circulated between its new, old and facelifted models..... Bajaj doesn't even have the guts to introduce new conepts or ranges of bike beyond its Pulsar or Discover range.... At least Hero Honda is making an attempt to redeem its old image.... So, plzz bear with it....

sunil said...


don't talk about bajaj's guts. these features like digital speedo, nitox suspension etc. has first been brought by bajaj. hero honda is very late in copying them.

and just wait for the next generation of pulsars which will knock everybodys wind with liquid cooled engines and 4 valve cylinder heads. these new bikes are ging to have engines which will be shared with that of KTM bikes that bajaj is also making

anshuman abhisek mishra said...


Are you trying to tell bajaj made them all by itself???? U gotta be kidding me.... and if it didn't, so what's wrong with Hero Honda making its own.... And if u know, Hero Honda till date didn't have an R&D section (a dedicated one).... Even then, it leads the market.... what lesson do u get from it??? As far as introduction of Digital Speedo, Gas-charged shocks by Bajaj is considered, it should have more experience so far... yet, its suspensions keep knocking(rear) and seeping(front).... Why the hell on earth has it failed to mend them???? May be Hero Honda was late but at least it gave you things you could appreciate and enjoy... As far as being orthodox and rigid is considered, in that way you can never appreciate Hero Honda all your life.... So, if you actually are that way, please don't reply.... But, if you think you can be flexible, reply with some valid points that can be argued upon.... Not all this bajaj intoducing this and that non-sense, and similar crap things... Frankly speaking, if Bajaj would have been such a gr8 company, it would have easily been leading the market for the last 4 years..... But, it doesn't... So, truth is Bajaj isn't any great company which was just blessed with a brand called Pulsar that is helping it survive.... Tell me any other model that was "actually" successful... (plzz don't say Discover you would definitely fall far below my expectations of you being a die-hard bike enthusiast)...

rohit said...


Fact 1- looks like someone is becoming quite emotional here (ha ha ha)

Fact 2- hero honda is only FOLLOWING PULSAR by putting features which arrived in pulsar years back

Fact 3- the cbz & hunk still can't convince people not to buy the mighty pulsar

Fact 4- Bajaj made pulsar and it did not fall from the sky

Fact 5- discover is a great product, you saying it not won't change anything. it is the only brand which has managed to challenge the splendor (something which not even yamaha, suzuki, honda, tvs has ever managed to do)

Fact 6- Hero Honda is no. 1 because of its Splendor and Passion models which majorly rural India buys

Crap- You dreaming that bajaj suspension being poor

Reality- You farting some crap doesn't make it a fact

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


keep it cool, they are just motorcycles

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

- you can say it for lack in assistance from Honda for which HH actually suffered.
I guess in the coming year Hero would develop partnership with some other venture and use its already wide network hold its position.
These small upgrades are just to keep the things ticking before the major change happens.
Hero is a shrewd company (just like bajaj) and won't all itself to lose its hold over the market so easily. Even after the breakup.

Different companies do have different strategies.
Cbz xtreme has been among the most reliable and dependable bikes in its class. I being owner can very well proclaim that

Anonymous said...

i wud like 2 say one thing to those people who r saying that hero honda is copying features from bajaj like grs.. digital speedo etc... bt do u know that alloy wheel waz first brought in Indian bikes bey hro honda in its karizma first model... from bajaj copied it to its pulsar... xtreme is the best 150cc bike...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


It was Royal Enfield which brought alloy wheels in India on its Royal Enfield Explorer model. And for your information it was also the first to introduce Gas Filled rear shock absorbers in India on its Bullet Electra model..!!

No one copied from anyone, it was Karizma reintroduced alloys as a "Premium" feature in India and just that Pulsar made it accessible to the common people, like it did with the Digital Speedometers, LED lights anf Gas Filled Shock Absorbers.. and Hero Honda seems to be following the same path now


Anonymous said...

according to me the previous model of cbz xtreme (front black & rear red alloy wheel) is much more better.... it wud hav been better if they added this digital speedo in the previous model.

Hari said...

To Rohit, Sunil and Anushman,

Kindly note a fact that these digital meters are first introduced by the World's Largest Two-Wheeler Manufacturer - Hero Honda, in its model Karizma.

And they are the who started this 150CC era in india with their legendary iconic model the CBZ. It created a revolution among indian bike enthusiasts.

Sporty riding positions, aero-dynamic designs, good power-train etc were all been followed from Hero Honda by all the other bike manufacturers in india.

Bajaj Seriously introduced lots of new technologies in india.


But what happened to the refinement and long-term reliability of their products.

For all your kind information do ask any of your mechanics about Karizma's handlebar set up and how to fix up the weights into its handlebar.

You have to insert a weight rod inside the handlebar poles which should be surrounded by 2 rubber bushes each side. A clamp with a small pin type lock to fix these rods firm inside the handlebar. then the weigh has to be screwed into the handlebar.

------> The weight rods are for balancing.
------> The Rubber bushes on it cuts off the vibrations entering into the handlebar.

Just fixing a weight in the handlebar. How much they think off it.

Then think about the engine.

I'm not criticising Bajaj or any other manufacturer.

Whomever it may be, should satisfy their customers by offering quality products and quality service.

Alpokemon said...

Come on guys, why argue over Hero Honda and Bajaj, get Yamaha or Honda instead, i can't say anything about indian bikes as of now, let's just say it's a learning period for them, if you are really motorcycle enthusiast, get an international one instead, who have had enough experiences i this field, than those guys who think only about mileage, For instance, YAMAHA, look what they did with a 150cc engine R15, all these other companies TVS, Bajaj, HeroHonda, are still struggling to beat this with much higher capacity engine, like the 220cc Bajaj Pulsar, one might say it's the fastest indian bike, well it is, only on long straight roads, but then again that is not practical isn't it, the handling and the engine refinement sucks....look at this CBZ Xtreme...u might say its s good bike...but if u were in Europe...would u ride this inproportionate bike, i don't think so....so open your eyes guys, who knows one day, u might have a a beautiful girl sitting on the back of your bike, that is, only if don't drive these moppets looking bikes...THANKS

Arjun said...

Dont Be stupid Hero Honda Officials , Get back ur basic CBZ , Give it the new alloy wheels , More effective Head light WITH THE same Design ,Remember 1 thing this was the first to inspire all the bikes to get masked headlights,introduce Gas Filled rear shock absorbers, with Clip on handlebars , effective horns and the present tail lamp and pillion rings , split seat and the same old engine of the basic CBZ .and u can say.....................
That i will say in ur official Hero honda website.

Anonymous said...

All you Pulsar lovers..... i am considering buyin a bike and there's no way i'm gonna go for a pulsar cos honestly it has become the indica of the biking world... every other guy has it... like every other cabbie has an indica.....

sammy said...

@the above guy,

obviously you are buying nothing but just out here to speak ill about the Pulsar because the cbz still can't beat the pulsar. ha ha

Anonymous said...

better bike yar jes vait my bro ramesh taking dis bike get ready guys ramesh rayala vit cbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

chandraj said...

my dream bike is CBZ
but after this new model
my dream is wrong and now
"my dream bike was CBZ"

now i go for hunk

Anonymous said...

Cbz is very beautiful model of hero honda it s digital meter is superb

Anonymous said...

man this is the best model in cbz line,and dont talk about copying,it is human behaviour,still cbz xtreme 2011 rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunil kumar said...

Sunil: Look at the mileage guys it is giving around 57 - 60 Kmpl yaar. HH Rocks with its brand name by its engine performance

Sunil kumar said...

New CBZ Xtreme Rockkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssss

Shadakshari Manu said...

While taking an new CBZ xterme the new mode bike, check the rear seat and head light DUM from that lots of sound will come and seating in rear seat no comfortable company sales peoples wont tell this problem no experienced machines r there to make an good service. I had taken the bike and i am facing this problems. no proper millage my bike is giving only 40kms only one month old that's it.

Shadakshari Manu said...

I am facing an lots of problem in the my bike CBZ Xterme.
1.Lots of sound from rear seat and frent dum.
2.No proper service.
3.Millage is too low i am getting only 30Km .
4.NO experienced machines for servicing.
5.Sales People will tell lie for sealing.
6.In rear seating comfortable is bad.

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