Mar 11, 2011

9 TVS Apache RTR 180 with ABS launched

TVS Officially launches ABS (Antilock Braking Systems) on its Apache RTR 180 model.. but are you buying it..??

TVS Motor and the Indian 2 wheeler industry reaches another milestone today as TVS Motor officially launched its ABS (Antilock Braking System) which it has co-developed with Continental AG Germany.

Apache RTR 180 ABS

Price: According to SunilG of xBhp who attended the official event, the price for the ABS variant of the Apache RTR 180 is 78,880 (ex showroom Delhi). This makes it around Rs. 9,000-10,000 dearer to the non ABS (normal) Apache RTR 180 variant.

"Jo Alag Dhikhta hai, Woh bikta hai..!!"

I know it’s sad but true

To differentiate the Apache RTR 180 ABS variant, it will be available only in the white color with orange colored "RTR" branding on the tank flap/extension. The tank flap also gets "ABS" lettering on it. Apart from that, the rest of the bike is exactly same.

Even in terms of performance, the Apache RTR 180 is exactly same with 17.02 Ps Peak power @ 8500 rpm and 15.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm. But the kerb weight is going to increase by 4-5 Kgs as I had read somewhere that this particular ABS kit puts an extra 4-5 kgs on the bike.

Why ABS?:

As I have posted earlier, having an ABS on our less than perfect Indian roads is a must. Although I am yet to ride a bike with ABS, but having had two unpleasant falls (both due to font the wheel locking), I am more than pleased that TVS has started the trend of introducing affordable ABS on our motorcycles.

But, its not a perfect world (or market) that we live in..

After the news of the launch of the ABS kitted Apache RTR 180, there has been kudos, oohs and aahs from members of xBhp.Com (India’s largest online 2 wheeler forum).

But even after 12 hours there has not even been a single post which says “When are they taking booking?”, “When are the deliveries about to start?” or “I want to book one for myself”.

According to TVS, "If the RTR 180 ABS is successful then TVS will give the RTR 160 ABS as well". I can clearly see the writing on the wall that unless TVS offers the ABS on a premium models like a 200/250 cc motorcycle which is visually different (preferably with a “full fairing”), not many Apache RTR with ABS might find its way out of the showrooms.

India is a very price sensitive market. I do not see many prospective Apache RTR buyers ready to pay an extra Rs. 10K for a motorcycle which has no different “looks”. Even if the extra Rs. 10,000 could actually save their lives.

Jo Alag Dhikhta hai, Woh bikta hai..!! I know it’s sad but true. For example, just how many Apache RTR 160 Fi models do you get to see on our roads?

Personally I am very happy that TVS Motor has started the trend of introducing reasonably priced (yes, Rs. 10,000 is reasonable for an ABS) ABS units on our "desi" bikes.

Photo & news credit: xBhp.Com

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Anonymous said...

When does the booking start?

Venkatesh said...

the RTR 180 already is a puny looking bike. why can't TVS give it bigger looks? racing DNA my foot. where do TVS expect us to race? on streets?

Anonymous said...

TVS as usual if far away from the market reality

Anonymous said...

tvs team had not clerified the maintainance regarding issue of the abs technology..its just wait and see drama here .

nikhil said...

does abs will increase the maintenanace of the bike...

Sampada said...

Thats a very nice bike!!!
Check out this link for some tyre safety tips and some good information about tyres

Sam said...

I would like to have this bike

manish said...

I already booked it since 1 jan 2011 ....
its worth for money as well as for you life too...
I am waiting it from Jan 2010....

Anonymous said...

I had initially planned to go for yamaha SZR(I have been an yamaha loyalist for past 15 yrs) but after the launch of Apache 180-ABS, i have channged my mind.The one factor that changed my decision was the safety factor that comes with ABS technology especially on indian roads.
I am surprised that other bikre manufacturerer like yamaha,bajaj.herohonda didnt think of ABS .
TVS by being the first after Honda( 250c..overprized bike)to come in below 1 lacs category has marched ahead of the competition with innovative thinking.Kudos to TVS.
Ideally I am an fan of 150 cc seg,so would have preferred that TVS had launced the same feature in 160 cc also.

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