Mar 6, 2011

19 Suzuki GS150R Review: The Smooth Operator

Review of the Suzuki GS150R..

If there is currently a motorcycle which is the exact diametric opposite of the "TVS Apache RTR 160 HyperEdge" (phew.. quite a mouthful) it is the Suzuki GS150R.

The stark difference between the bikes becomes all the more comprehensively clear when ridden back to back. And that it what I had exactly done, i.e. ride the GS150R after I had checked out the Apache RTR 160 HyperEdge.

In a nutshell this is what the Suzuki GS150R feels like vis-à-vis Apache RTR 160

    1. If the Apache RTR 160 is a light weight and compact bike, the GS150R is comparatively a heavy and big bike (especially for a shorter guy)

    2. In terms of engine performance, if the Apache RTR feels like an impulsive and enthusiastic teenager, the GS150R feels like a mature adult

    3. The riding stance of the Apache RTR is aggressive and sporty the stance on the GS150R is upright and relaxed.

    4. The Apache RTR 160 is in its elements as a city slicker, the GS 150R on the other hand will be very comfortable munching away the miles on the highway

    5. Vibrations are a repertoire of the Apache RTR 160’s engine while the one on the GS150R is as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom

It was as if the top management at Suzuki Motorcycle had decided that they would make a 150 cc bike which is exactly the opposite of what their erstwhile partners, TVS Motor had in their line up (Apache RTR 160).

Looks: ”Was that a Pulsar that went past?”

In terms of looks the styling of the GS150R doesn’t break new grounds. The GS150R simply follows the lines that the Pulsar has defined in India. Just by pumping up the tank doesn’t make a totally new design. In fact the Yamaha FZ-16 has shown very clearly the wonders that a fresh approach to motorcycle design can do.

Suzuki GS150R

Ergonomics and Riding stance:Physically bigger than other 150 cc bikes out there with a comfortable upright stance

Yes sir, the GS150R is big for a 150 cc. The tech specs might show a seat height of 790 mm (the normal seat height on current desi bikes), but believe me I was not able to put both my foot on the ground comfortably. Also at 149 Kgs, the GS150R is the heaviest 150 cc in the market. Hauling around the bike felt almost like my Pulsar 220..!! For a short guy the GS150R is a handful.

The riding stance is upright and relaxed. Tall easy to reach handle bars compliment the front set footpegs. Even the gear shifter is a commuter friendly "Toe + Heel" one.

Engine and Gearbox: “Smooth and Sedate”

From my previous experience of the Suzuki Fiero I have always been all praise for the smooth gear box and engine that Suzuki puts on its bikes. The GS150R is no different either. The engine on this bike remains smooth and unless you look at the tachometer it’s difficult to tell that the engine can rev till 7000-8000 rpm without a hint of protest. The GS150R also gets a 6’th gear which makes an already smooth ride to a new level. The gear shifts are perfect.

The power delivery of the GS150R is calm and sedate. Acceleration is linear and predictable and does not quite scare the pants out of you.

Suzuki GS150R Digital Speedometer

Braking, Stability and Handling: ”Feels like a big bike”

Handling and braking on the GS150R is good but it is the bike bike feel of the bike that stands out. A bit of extra weight coupled with a good suspension does help in providing a more planted feel. The GS150R feels and rides like a big bike.

Suzuki GS150R LED Tail Lamp

Fuel Efficiency : Delivers what is expected from a 150 cc

Although I have not personally confirmed the actual fuel efficiency of the GS150R, ownership reports suggest that the GS150R delivers whatever a 150 cc bike is expected to deliver. i.e. around 45-50 kmpl.

Verdict:Not exactly a fire breather but more of a smooth operator

I had mentioned at the beginning of this review that the GS150R is the opposite of the Apache RTR 160. The GS150R a smooth and sedate 150 cc bike which tall guys will find ergonomically comfortable.

Suzuki GS150R, Technical Specifications:


Type: Four-stroke, Air-cooled,SOHC
Displacement: 149.5 cm3 (cc)
Max Power: 13.8bhp@8500rpm
Max Torque: 13.4Nm@6000rpm
Compression ratio: 9.35/1

Carburetor: BS26 with TPS
Ignition: CDI
Transmission: 6-speed (1-down, 5-up)
Starting: Electric & kick


Overall length: 2,095 mm
Overall width: 775 mm
Overall height: 1,120 mm
Wheelbase: 1340 mm
Ground clearance: 160 mm
Seat height: 790 mm

Dry weight 134 kgs
Kerb weight: 149 kgs


Front: 2.75-18 42P
Rear: 100/90-18 M/C 56P


Battery: 12V, 5Ah
Headlamp: 12V 35/35W


Rs. 60,270 (Ex-Showroom Delhi) / Rs. 66,772 (On Road Delhi)
Rs. 62,619 (Ex-Showroom Pune) / Rs. 68,695 (On Road Pune)

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Sajal said...

The biggest criticism that came for the GS150R was it's build quality. A lot of rusting issues coming fairly early and I guess that's what hit the sales of this otherwise wonderful package

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Yes Sajal bro.. there were some issues on rusting which I had heard/read. But I hope that by now they should have been sorted out.

satyamzma said...

great review Payeng

hemant said...

payeng sir it can be more better if unicorn would have been there for comparison in your review.

Akash said...

How does GS150R compare to the new HH Hunk? Which one is better overall?
If u cud do a review of the new Hunk, it would be great.
Take your time, as you have a non-biker life to handle as well :P

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Hemant & Akash,

I don't mind riding different bikes... but as Akash has rightly pointed out, I have a busy "non-biker" life too to handle.


But will definitely keep updating my blog about my motorcycle experiences. Do drop in your comments ocassionally

Deede said...

Halo... Salam Kenal dari Indonesia. Secara pribadi saya berharap Suzuki segera menghadirkan motor ini ke Indonesia. Modelnya simple dan uraian tentang stabil Handling dan Smooth Operator bikin menarik.... :)

ashwin mehra said...

Hey bro,

Thanks a lot yaar.... that was really helpful.about GS150R

Antony said...

The Suzuki Gs150r feels and handles like the unicorn and hunk while riding. It is just 3 kg heavier than unicorn and while riding we dont feel the weight. Unicorn is easier to turn in city traffic due to monoshock, but on bad roads hunk and gs150r give more comfort due to gas-charged rear shock absorbers. Gs150r has an equally smooth engine like unicorn, but gs150r due to engine balancer is much more smoother than unicorn at higher speeds around 75-80 kmph.

Overall, like unicorn and hunk, this Gs150r is a big power-commuter/family bike but with much better looks, digital speedo and gear indicator, and smooth engine with engine balancer and 6th gear for highways.

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

Overall gs150 is a pretty good package and if somebody is looking for a highway tourer below zma, then apart from unicorn GS is a very fine option. While i agree with most of the points you have mentioned in your review but i differ from the point that GS has got a refined powerplant. Yes it does feel smooth and silent at lower rpm but as the revs rise (>5000 rpm)it feels as if the engine is doing some damage to itself with an unhealthy exhaust note and boby vibrations. Unicorn remains the most refined bike in its class. But GS is an able performer overall

Anonymous said...

dont think of buying gsr150 no pick up and no milage u need take bike only in hiways not in city limits plzz my advice

Anonymous said...

A clever review....

lokesh said...

i have buy a GS150R by mistake this bike is not worth a single rupee
the company does not listen to the costumer they don't give there email id there is no way we can contact the company.
my bike start giving me problem from 2000kms till date i have driven it 34000+ kms the last time i have told service center my chassis broken on just 29841 km was under warranty but there in no reply till date

Anonymous said...

I agree with statement - currently a motorcycle which is the exact diametric opposite of the "TVS Apache RTR 160 HyperEdge" (phew.. quite a mouthful) it is the Suzuki GS150R.
My brother has Apache and riding both bikes is a different experience.

Sanjay said...

lokesh please visit xbhp forum of Suzuki GS 150r, i am sure this will help you to sort out your problem, further, I don't agree with one of post that the bike has no pick up and milage... I believe that statement shall be made only after evaluating the facts

Anantha said...

Can a 5ft 8.5inch guy ride this bike comfortably. Bike looks taller compared to other bikes

Ankur Saxena said...

Which is a better option honda unicorn / GS 150r

Anonymous said...

This bike is a boon for 6ft Tall people like me. Ultra comfortable. I used to own a Apache 160 rtr which caused severe damage to my back and legs. It was a good bike, never gave me any problems but it was very uncomfortable for me.

SRIKI said...

a superb review, wanna read dis again n again!

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