Mar 30, 2011

6 Mahindra Mojo, Why..??

Should Mahindra launch the Mojo? Or should it not?

Why should Mahindra launch the Mojo?

1. Make a statement:

Show the established bike makers of India how to think beyond the 200-220 cc barrier. Get the attention of the bike enthusiasts. Build a reputation as a serious bike maker and thereby earn respect.

2. Get the crowds to the showroom:

The Stallio has been stalled (sorry couldn't stop myself), but according to Mahindra, it should be back in a couple of months.

Since Bollywood star and brand ambassador Aamir Khan has not been to convince the customer to go for the Stallio, the flashy Mojo should bring the crowds back to the Mahindra showrooms (and maybe convert them as Stallio customers).

3. Its a matter of pride now:

How can they not launch it after they have officially unveiled it?

Why Mahindra should NOT launch the Mojo?

1. The Honda CBR250R has already made a louder statement:

So what if the CBR250R has about 50 cc less engine capacity? 1 bhp less peak power (25 bhp vs 26 bhp of the Mojo)? Does not have upside down front forks and even has one exhaust pipe less?

It's a Honda "baby CBR" after all..!! And also priced attractively at Rs. 1.5 lakhs compared to the Rs. 1.7-1.8 lakhs (so far announced) of the Mojo.

2. Crowds/foot falls won't guarantee "Stallio" sales:

For the record: Yamaha has got the R1 to pull in the crowds/foot falls. But Yamaha has also got a bike like the (150 cc) R15 to sell to the crowds. Else's what's the point? Has there been any sales spurt of the Yamaha Crux post the appearance of the R1 in India..??

3. Forget pride, think of profitably: Business after all is done by the head and not the heart.

P.S: I have not yet said anything about the odd ball styling of the Mojo or it's amusing name.

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Sankoobaba said...

mahindra sold scooters well due to long waiting period of activa...but no such luck in bikes... they went too far to create something distinct(mojo)....and didnt try hard for commuter (stalio) with honda entering 100cc econo-commuter soon ..they must have to replan

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

You said it Sanket.

Even giant like Honda has so far not taken Hero Honda's 100 cc Splendor/Passion directly with the Twister.

Mahindra needs to rethink its stategy

Gautam said...

Did anyone said same to Maruti for launching their Grand Vitara or Kizashi???? NO....
(The 75% sale in premium sedan & SUV in India are diesel one. Its really hard for buyer to spend Rs 18/20 Lacks on petrol sedan, when Germans & Czechs offering the same or even better things in diesels & Rs 1/2 lacks cheaper..)

So the point is that, its immature to comment whether to launch or not. Let Mahindra launch it... Let judge it by its performance then.

Only thing we can do now is, a wish that, Mahindra should launch it with revised price....

Subby said...


but then the Grand Vitara has been a failure from Maruti and most probably even the Kizashi will be another flop. who will pay 10/20 lakhs on a Maruti when he can buy a Honda Civic or a Skoda?

melville said...

This will add insult to injury....

Hope Mahindra get back their mojo (pun intended) and do something about this bike, for the sake of biking!

ashley said...

o The above thought is smart and doesn’t require any further addition. It’s perfect thought from my side.

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