Mar 7, 2011

4 Handcrafted in Chennai. Wow..!!

A beautiful video on what makes Royal Enfield special..

"Buddha on Two Wheels".. that's what I visualize of myself the day I decide to settle for a Royal Enfield.

It's not about owing the fastest set of two wheels.. nor is it about riding the most reliable or flashy piece of machinery. There will always be something faster, something more reliable, something flashier waiting for you round the corner.

Biking Nirvana is about being at peace with someone as special as you.. and with something as special as your bike.

Royal Enfield has recently posted a video titled "Handcrafted in Chennai" on Youtube. Without speaking even a single word, the video leaves a lingering impression. The 2 min 24 sec video is almost therapeutic for a "desi" biker looking for that inner peace.

I hope the guys behind the "O Suzuki Slingshot TVC" takes a look at this video posted below. Because this is how you build a brand into a cult.

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Sajal said...

or even the current team of Hero Honda Ad planners should also have a look at this ad!! it's light years ahead of the crap what we regularly see on our TV :)

Subby said...

Beautiful. Royal Enfield is on a roll

Adil said...

Proud to be an Indian

Steve said...

Nice.. I like Royal Enfield

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