Mar 23, 2011

9 CBR250R Price for India revealed + officially launched

Honda CBR250R officially launched in India + Prices for India also officially revealed.. Finally..!!

    1. Non-ABS variant: Rs. 1.43 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi), Rs. 1,57 (On-Road Delhi)

    2. ABS- variant: Rs. 1.68 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Delhi), Rs. 1,84 (On-Road Delhi)

Its probably unprecedented in India that a motorcycle model has received around 2500 advance bookings without getting an opportunity to see the bike in the flesh..!!

The Honda CBR250R is the real/proper upgrade to the Hero Honda Karizma..

Even if advance bookings were open from 1st January 2011, the final official prices was not available. Forget about getting test rides, the bike wasn't even there in the showrooms for the guys to get an opportunity to at least see the bike.

Thanks mainly to the information freely available on the internet, the CBR250R has generated around 2,500 advance bookings so far. The bike has finally been launched officially in India on March 22nd, 2011.

[Prices Source: HMSI Website]

The bike will be available in India in three colors: Black, Red, Silver.

What kind of motorcycle is the CBR250R..??

The three letters "CBR" has usually been reserved for the Super Sports category of bikes from Honda. i.e for those kind of bikes with extreme forward leaning riding stances meant for attacking the race tracks. For example: CBR1000RR, CBR 600RR and CBR250RR (currently no longer in production).

The "CBR branding on the CBR250R might make you believe that this is another Super Sports offering from Honda, but this bike is far from being a Super Sports wannabe. In fact according to Honda, this bike has been designed to perform comfortably in everyday riding conditions.

So instead of a completely track focussed aggressive riding stance, on the CBR250R you get a slightly forward leaning but still comfortable enough riding stance which should be great for everyday street riding, to highway touring to the occasional track day. According to me.. instead of the Karizma ZMR, the Honda CBR250R is the real/proper upgrade to the Hero Honda Karizma.

Just that it is a bit confusing that the CBR250R looks more like the younger brother of the Honda VFR1200 than carrying the genes of the CBR series of motorcycles from Honda. Actually even a couple of members of xBhp.Com got fooled a couple of days back that they had spotted a CBR250R when they actually had seen a VFR in Mumbai..!!


The single cylinder engine of the CBR250R seems to have been tuned for better low and mid range performance rather than for top end rush. With liquid cooling, fuel injection and a DOHC (double overhead camshaft) engine head, the CBR250R is loaded for a bike that cost's 1.5 lakh "Gandhiji's".


Compared to the Yamaha R15 which has a perimeter frame, the chassis of the CBR250R is actually a simple affair. It is fabricated out of tubular steel. But then even the Ninja 250R has a tubular steel frame.

Also like the Ninja 250R and the Yamaha R15, the CBR250R also features a "Link Type" rear monoshock. In this type of suspension, rather than bolting the monoshock directly on the rear swingarm, it is connected to the swingarm with a extra "Link". This type of suspension offers a better ride quality and handling characteristics to the bike.

For more on the Honda CBR250R, visit World.Honda.Com/CBR250R

Another step forward for Indian Motorcycling

After the Yamaha R15 and FZ16 launch in 2008, the Honda CBR250R is the next significant step ahead for the Indian Motorcycle scene. With a price tag of Rs. 1.5 Lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi, the CBR 250R has also got the pricing spot on. The CBR250R will fulfill the aspirations of many bikers for whom the R15 was not upgrade enough and the Ninja 250R was a bit too pricy.

The Honda CBR250R might not be as track focussed as the Yamaha R15 or the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, but then what the heck.. how many tracks do we have in India..??

Time for TVS Motor and Bajaj to wake up..??

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Sandy said...

Great stuff. Good days for bikers in India

Vipin_S said...

posers buy the karizma ZMR for the ugly front fairing. it is one overpriced bike

Anonymous said...

but the bike is not yet been added to the honda india website

HP said...

Wow! looking so amazing. i love this CBR250. your post is nice . i like this article. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

is the tyre of cbr250 as fat as that of fazer....or is it thinner

melville said...

Dear SP, mentioning the ZMR in the same sentence with the CBR250 is an insult to the latter...And I thought the prices you've stated are those in Mumbai. I read elsewhere that the base version starts at 1.43 in Delhi...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Thanks Melville,

have updated the prices

Anonymous said...

its waste of money, better help your family, respect your parent, if u have lot of money then donate some needful person... or can able to do then better buy some property..

Anonymous said...


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