Feb 4, 2011

24 Official News: KTM Duke 200 and next Gen Pulsars by year end..!!

KTM 200 Duke and Next Generation Pulsars to hit India by year end..!! And no, this one is not just another wild, baseless and speculative blog post..!!

Engine parts of the new Pulsars will be shared with the KTM engine..!!

There are numerous blogs/sites which claim that KTM 125 Duke is India bound.. or that a twin cylinder, 250 cc Pulsar will be launched soon.

God knows from where these guys get these wild ideas (as there is never any accompanying proof), but all of them invariably try to sound as if its the "Exclusive Official News" that they have got.

I have always tried to shy away from making wild speculations on my blog without any proof / official announcement / link etc. along with the post.

KTM 125/200 Duke

As previoulsy posted by me (only after I had official proof from the KTM 125 Duke Fanpage), India is indeed set to get a 200 cc, KTM 200 Duke and not the 125 Duke which is basically a model meant for European markets.

With the KTM 200 and bigger than 300 cc models, looks like the Honda CBR250R is set to get a real torrid time..!!

Need proof? Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (MD Bajaj Auto) has said this himself. No, not to me silly.. but to Business Standard Motoring (BS Motoring).

BSM has carried an exclusive interview of Mr. Bajaj on their latest Feb 2011 issue..!! To hot things up, the interview also carries a little bit of info of the new Generation of Pulsar bikes..!!

The following is a snapshot of what has been revealed about the KTM 200 Duke and the new Pulsars in Feb 2011 issue of BSM magazine..

KTM 200 Duke for India:

  • Launch date: End of 2011

  • Bigger KTM's (even bigger than 300 cc) to find its way to India at a later date, and not just in the naked Duke form..!!

  • Price of the KTM's for India: Double the price of the Pulsar (over 1 lakh and hopefully under Rs. 1.5 Lakhs)

Completely re-engineered Pulsars to hit India:
  • New Pulsars to celebrate the bike's tenth anniversary (2001-2011)

  • Most of the engine parts of the new Pulsars will be shared with the KTM engine that Bajaj will make..!!

  • Four Valve per cylinder engine, both in Air-cooled and Liquid-cooled versions..!!

  • Styling has been completely done by Bajaj

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj

Read the full interview in the Feb 2011 issue of BSM:

The interview also has more about Kawasaki in India. But I won't be revealing more as it would not not fair to BSM.

Get away from that computer/laptop screen and buy the Feb 2011 issue of BSM magazine to read the full interview.. lazybum..!!

With the KTM 200 and bigger than 300 cc models, looks like the Honda CBR250R is set to get a real torrid time ahead. I am also curious and excited to see how the New Gen Pulsars will turn out..!!

Boy.. am I excited? What about you guys..??

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Saurabh said...

Thanks man for the post and relative links.
:-) :-)
I m just glad about next Pulsars hitting market.
Much more glad to hear(read) that The Mighty Next Gen Pulsars will share parts from KTM!!! And it will be totally INDIAN made.
:-) :-) :-)
What a fabulous news.
Surely see the bright future of Bajaj.
Eager to watch the pic...
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Bajaj making KTM bikes and its engine parts? damn!
there goes my dream of buying a european superbike!

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Says who?

Ducati sells its 20 Plus lakh 1198 in India.
BMW S1000RR is also probably here at probably same price range.
And so will be the Aprilia RSV4.

What are you compaining about? You want a European built "Superbike", there are 3 legally available in India.. go for it.

Lightsportz said...

Yes I am exited. I always wanted to upgrade into Pulsar 180 from my 135LS when it's time!!!!

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

Thanks Payeing
Now that's a great news !
I can extend my wait till the year end for my cbz x-treme upgrade if things are according to plan...
Well new gen pulsars sharing tried and tested mills can make a world of difference.
One can expect cutting edge technology and class leading performance from bajaj as expected
but niggle free motorcycling and better refinement/handling is what I expect from gen2 series...
Will it be complete revamp/replacement of the series or phasewise upgrade?
I am more concerned about the 220 gen 2.
(KTM powered engine means a 200 cc engine I guess?)

And how bajaj positions the KTM series will be something interesting (kawasaki range ninja?)

Anonymous said...

Instead of "Business Standard Motoroting" it should read "Business Standard Motoring"

Anonymous said...

so..you are trying to say to wait and skip buying Pulsar 220 and continue waiting for this KTM 200?


I hope it's not too long to launch

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


the Pulsar 220 might be launching in Indonesia anytime soon.. the KTM 200 will probably take almost a year to be launched in India.

So according to me you can go for the Pulsar 220. Moreover the Pulsar 220 won't cost as much as the KTM 200

Anonymous said...

what a nice info bro...
I always waiting the information about indian bike from the expert one like you....

hopefully i can buy the pulsar series someday...


Gunawan MS said...

I can definitely wait for KTM 200 or Pulsar's next gen bike, since my P200 has been through some modification, especially on its weak sauce electricity & headlight (by modifying it with implementing full wave regulator-rectifier alongside the original one, rewounding the stator assy with thicker wire, and making it -almost- full DC electricity. ofcourse, an OEM projector of ex Nissan Teana made a way into the headlamp, powered by 50 w HID system, hehehe).

melville said...

@Gunawan...could you please share some images ..?? I'm a big fan of the P200. what you've described above sounds very interesting.

Gunawan MS said...

@melville, just add my FB profile :http://www.facebook.com/Gunawan.MS

Then go to photo album "Nightwolf":http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=39009&id=1329739219

Plenty of images regarding my bike modification. I modify the bike mostly on its electricity & headlight, not much over its engine or bodywork.

Anonymous said...

will have to do a lot of waiting :S

Suddhatma said...

@Payeng : any news about the Pulsar 250 ???...........everyone has almost expected it !!!

Lohit Mohanta said...

@Payeng.. Any more news on this one ?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Am waiting for it Lohit.. officially the word is out that the 200 Duke will be launched in the Jan 2012 Auto Expo

Lohit said...

There are some pictures online of test rides of a small KTM in the Mumbai-Pune highway. But its looks are very much similar to the 125. So was confused if Bajaj is really launching the 125 or 200.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


KTM has officially stated that they are launching the 200 Duke in India. Therefore there should not be any doubts

Torque said...

I appreciate for posting news with official affirmation :-)Hope Bajaj comes up with something good for their anniversary.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see ktm duke 200cc in malaysia alive

nick dev said...

dear sir, when do you honestly assume the ktm duke 200 wil be laucnhed here in india.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@nick dev,

I assume by Jan 2012 (2012 auto expo)

Anonymous said...

i have ah qestion if what is the price of the pulsar 2012 aka Ktm duke and went it 2 release

a4uvarun said...

Check out the bike at KTM store in Vashi Navi Mumbai with all the details.

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