Feb 6, 2011

7 Bajaj to launch a 150 cc Boxer & a new Discover in India soon

150 cc Boxer & new Discover on the cards..

150 cc Boxer coming up..!!

A couple of weeks back the "desi" blogosphere went berserk with the news that Bajaj is going to resurrected its the Boxer brand in India [After the news was published by national publications].

The Boxer used to be a popular 100 cc model from Bajaj Auto untill it was stopped from production in India in 2004. So the speculation this time was of another 100 cc model. Some blogs also speculated a 125 cc Boxer.

Mr. Bajaj & 150 cc Boxer

But to shock everyone, this time the Boxer is going to come back in a 150 cc avatar..!!

Don't believe me? You should actually, as I am not speculating here without any proof.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (MD Bajaj Auto) had himself mentioned about plans for re launching the Boxer brand in India as a Utility brand to the NDTV Profit channel.

And this time with a 150 cc engine..!!

[Click here to watch the video].

[Lets see how many blogs now report this "breaking news", once again]

Details of the Boxer for India..

  • 150 cc engine

  • Sub Rs. 40,000 price tag

  • Boxer as a ultility Brand for Bajaj Auto

For a motorcycle to qualify as a real "utility motorcycle", it's engine has to perform like a workhorse..

therefore the 150 cc engine

Pulsar is the Sports brand for Bajaj Auto which is also the market leader in India in the sports category with over 50% market share. Similarly for Bajaj Auto, the Discover is the Commuter brand, which has become a strong contender to the best seller in it category, i.e. the Hero Honda Splendor.

So far, the Utility category of bikes is almost non existent in India. The 100 cc Hero Honda CD Dawn and TVS Max 4R (another 100 cc) is definitely present in the market as sub Rs. 40,000 models, but then both of them hardly have any significant sales.

According to Mr. Bajaj, for a motorcycle to qualify as a real "utility motorcycle", it has to have an engine that can perform like a workhorse; for example, carry three adults or carry heavy goods (like farm produce, milk cans etc.). And therefore the 150 cc engine for the Boxer.

Would a 150 cc engine be too much for a guy looking for a ulitily motorcycle? But then, the motorcycle would be priced at sub Rs. 40,000 range, so why not?

Will it work? Will it not?

New Discover coming up too

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (MD Bajaj Auto) has stated the following in an Interview to MoneyControl.com

The Pulsar and Discover together is still 70% of total motorcycle sales. Of the domestic, it is more than that, it is again close to 85% because in the export we have another brand Boxer.

In terms of sales going forward, my own anticipation is that we should hold on to this number in February, which has simply 10% fewer days. But from March, I honestly expect this to go up because as I have said before, we have two initiatives ruling out in March, 130 new dealers become operational and we have a new Discover in the market place. So, I am certainly hopeful that from March, we exceed 300,000 bikes and get close to 350,000 bikes from April quite honestly.

So far, the two Discover models (100 cc & 150 cc) have been a sales success for Bajaj Auto, challenging the market leader for over 10 years, the Hero Honda Splendor.

So what will this new Discover be like? Sticker/Cosmetic upgrade/refreshment? Could be.. but mere cosmetic touches is uncharacteristic of Bajaj. Lets wait and see.

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Saurabh said...

Hello buddy,
:-) :-)
Nice explanation.
I think this year is important for Bajaj (and for ones seeking Bajaj bikes :-)).
I would like if the new Discover comes in 4 value and based on platform of Pulsars.
:-) :-)

Lightsportz said...

I guess the new discover to be a 125cc. But do you think there is any possibility to it to be a 200cc????

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Since Discover stands for efficient commuter bikes, my guess is that whatever the new model is, it should remain true to its identity. Lets wait and see what's in store


thanks buddy

Lightsportz said...

@ S.P
It took 8 months for Bajaj to launch P135LS in Sri lanka. P220 was launched more than a year after its launch in India. Is there a reason for such long time gap?? Do you think the KTM's will be exported to sri lanka???

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Models are exported after they have been proven in India. Mr. Bajaj has reportedly mentioned in interview about plans of selling the KTM products in markets where Bajaj is present.

Therefore it should come to Sri Lanka.

Lightsportz said...

Thanx, now I have something to wait for........ :D

Anil Anupam Mohanty said...

Everybody would love have that 'more for less' concept.
But bajaj is trying too much of permutation and combination in the <Rs50K range which is confusing the costumer and isn't help their cause.

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