Jan 3, 2011

17 Yamaha SZ-R Photos

Photos of the newly launched 153 cc, Yamaha SZ-R

In my review of the Yamaha SZ, I had mentioned that the showroom guys did not allow me to take photos of the SZ-R (the front disc brake variant). So here are a couple of photos of the Yamaha SZ-R (Courtesy Yamaha India and Zigwheels)

Yamaha SZ-R

The SZ-R variant has a different kind of tank extension than that of the SZ-X. Also the turn indicators on the SZ-R is transparent compared to the amber colored ones found on the SZ-X and SZ. A tachometer also finds its place on the SZ-R variant. Also the kick lever has been removed from the SZ-X and SZ-R variants.

The SZ-R is by all means a good looking bike and won't look out of place when placed alongside the comparitively costlier current crop of 150 cc bikes. But one has to point out that features like a hi-beam/pass flasher and a trip meter has been omitted from the Yamaha SZ-R.

Yamaha SZ-R [More Photos] (Posted below)

Yamaha SZ-RYamaha SZ-RYamaha SZ-RYamaha SZ-R

Yamaha SZ-RYamaha SZ-RYamaha SZ-RYamaha SZ-R

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praveen said...

Probably Yamaha tried to cut price of SZR 150 by leaving tripmeter, and pass switch funny thing, even today 100cc bikes also equiped with this common features and even in some of the Yamaha models YBR 125/110, SS 125.

Anonymous said...

The bike has a good design but features are less.Mainly due to price cut.At least they should put these features of top model and would raise price a little higher.I mean how much these feature cost-some around 1500 bucks or less.

The new design exhaust and tank look real macho.

Anonymous said...

yamaha should install LED taillights
as the current taillight looks funny.


hi Iam Nandan singh Ghugtyal From Faridabad. I am also fan of Bike
As per as I think ,This bike is superb in its categary.Right now nothing should be change .After one an half year ,Yamaha has to improve it AS per customer requirement


vinay said...

Yes I agree, small- features should be there like.. Digital meter, tubeless tyre and others.. it spoil the sale of this bike just due to small features....

Anonymous said...

it would be better if there is LED lights and trip meter etc.,,

Tirupur .

Anthony said...

This the on-road price for bikes in Bangalore with Self-Start and Disk Brake.

Honda Twister 110cc costs 55k
Suzuki Slingshot 125cc costs 56k
Honda Shine 125cc costs 63k
Honda Stunner 125cc costs 66k (analog meter, no kicker)
Yamaha SZ-R 150cc costs 67k (analog meter, but no kicker)
Suzuki Gs150r 150cc costs 72k (digital meter, with engine balancer, with 6th gear for highway)
Honda unicorn 150cc costs 73k (analog meter)
Bajaj Pulsar 150cc costs 73k (digital meter)
TVS Apache 160cc costs 73k (digital meter)
Honda dazzler 150cc costs 77k (digital meter, with rear disc, but no kicker)
HeroHonda Hunk 150cc costs 77k (digital meter, with rear disk, but no kicker)
Yamaha Fz16 150cc costs 78k (fully digital meter, but no kicker)

Clearly, Suzuki and Yamaha offer better value and features for money. Honda is overpriced. SZ-R and dazzler both dont have engine kill switch.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!
I have been planning to buy a 150cc bike. So, i went through a lot of blogs and thousands of user reviews of different bikes. I found that, most of the people's verdict was Yamaha SZ-R is best.

but , I have some questions to the owners of Yamaha SZ-R as i couldn't find the answer in any of the blogs:
1. Tyres are tubeless / tube type?
2. How thick is the rear tyre? Is it like pulsar150 or thinner?
3. Can kick start be fitted if we pay extra?
4. Does it look ugly if we fit a leg guard?
5. I heard, it has got a problem with the rear brake, headlight and rear tyre road grip. is it true?

Please be honest while answering!

Anybody who has a yamaha SZ-R, please send me some real pictures of the bike (rear tyres, top view).

Thanks in advace,

abhi said...

hi..i recently buyed Yamaha SZR. the bike is really cool. It got muscular, sporty and stylish body and riding it is really a fun. It cost me Rs 61,000/- on road in dehradun. The main con of this bike is that it lacks Pass switch and its tyres are little slippery..But i compromised it with its looks and performance. The showroom guy told me its average of 50-55 and i am getting 37-42 now. Its only 10 days old and m sure the mileage will increase soon. and one more thing that it is little higher than other bikes, means the height of bike is little bit high

Unknown said...

Arvind ...said SZR Blue perfect for stunts..... implemented by me...

Anonymous said...

@abhi.i am dr.ganguly 6"1'..85kgs....shud i take this bike 2 ride with pillion?hw smooth ios this on highway n city street?mileage?acessories i may ask 4 while buying it..plz reply

Anonymous said...

what is the mileage of yamaha SZ-R ?

Anonymous said...

I got a mileage of 50km for 100rs petrol fairly 1.25 liters.

Anonymous said...

I am planning to buy SZR, however i am confused as other bikers. I am not sure on the grip of the bike. Also how worse it can be without kick start?

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@above, the latest 2012 SZ-R comes fitted with a kick starter

Anonymous said...

Hi i am PREM bangalore,,
Petrol tank is not comfortable. its touching the balls, so please change,,,

Anonymous said...

Hey bro... Am 160cm height... Is any prob 2 buy Yamaha SZR wit ma hieght? 2mrw am gng 2 book.. So rpl me as soon as possible...

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