Jan 27, 2011

10 Royal Enfield: New Classic Chrome/Bullet 500 UCE for USA. New models in the pipeline

Royal Enfield has been in the news lately.. and for all the good reasons

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Chrome 500

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Chrome 500

Royal Enfield in the news:

1. Royal Enfield launches Bullet Classic Chrome & Bullet 500 UCE models in the USA [Source: Click here]

2. Royal Enfield gets a new CEO

3. Royal Enfield has plans to set up a new plant in India [Source: Click here]

4. Royal Enfield might set up an assembly plant in Brazil [Source: Click here]

5. Royal Enfield is mulling over a new 500 cc Thunderbird model and also the possible development of a 750/1000 cc Twin cylinder model [Source: Click here & here]

6. Royal Enfield also has plans for a diesel powered motorcycle and a "cafe racer' model [Source: Click here]

With just two engine platforms, "less means more" at Royal Enfield

The Twin Spark, Unit Construction Engine (UCE) has turned the fortunes of Royal Enfield in a big way. One must note that the UCE has replaced all the engines (the older cast iron and the AVL developed lean burn engines) of the Royal Enfield domestic and export models.

Indian models gets the 350 cc UCE on 4 models: Bullet 350 UCE, Electra Twinspark , Thunderbird Twinspark and the Classic 350. India also gets the 500 cc UCE on the Classic 500 (fuel injected).

The export models are currently all based on the 500 cc UCE (all fuel injected): Bullet Classic in UK/Bullet C5 in USA and the Electra in UK/Bullet G5 in the USA.

So basically with just 2 engine platforms [1] Carbureted 350 cc UCE and [2] Fuel Injected 500 cc UCE, Royal Enfield has streamlined its entire lineup. In fact currently the demand for Royal Enfield models is so high in India that models like the Classic 350/500 have a 10 month waiting period..!!

Bullet Classic Chrome & Bullet 500 UCE for USA

Dr. Venki Padmanabhan the new CEO of Royal Enfield unveiled and launched two new models for the USA market in the 2011 New York International Motorcycle Show.

The new Bullet Classic Chrome (posted above) is basically the Classic 500 model but with a generous dose of chrome on it. The other model the Bullet 500 UCE (posted below) is the Bullet 350 UCE that sells in India but with the 500 cc engine, a front disc brake and a self starter. The Classic (or the C5 as it is known in the USA) has so far had only the self starter, but the new Classic Chrome also gets a kick starter to add to the authentic retro appeal.

Royal Enfield Bullet  500 UCE

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 UCE

New CEO for Royal Enfield

Dr. Venki Padmanabhan has replaced Mr. RL Ravindran as the new CEO for Royal Enfield.

Mr. Ravindran has moved to the Eicher (Royal Enfield’s parent company) board. Dr. Venki has already served Royal Enfield as its Chief Operating Officer.

New plant(s) to meet the demand for its bikes

Royal Enfield has plans of a new Greenfield plant to meet the high demand for its new generation range of bikes. The location of the new plant hasn’t yet been finalized, but according to news it could be somewhere in either Tamil Nadu or in Andhra Pradesh. Royal Enfield also seems to be planning for setting up an assembly plant in Brazil.

Royal Enfield was expecting sales of around 200 units per month for its Classic 350/500 models in India, but it seems that the demand is around 1000 units..!!

New bikes on the anvil

According to news a new Thunderbird model is being prepared with a 500 cc engine. But the most interesting news is the plans of developing an all new Twin Cylinder engine, probably in the range of 750/1000 cc..!! Interesting, very interesting.. I’ll say.

The Military Green Classic couldn’t make it to India as the color is reserved for the Indian Army. But India can definitely get the Bullet Classic Chrome both in the 500 & 350 cc guise.

Royal Enfield also seems to have plans for a diesel powered motorcycle in the next three years. There are also plans of a cafe racer model based on the Bullet platform which might be in India by 2012.

Bring it on Royal Enfield.. and yes, keep rocking..!!

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic Chrome & Bullet 500 UCE: Photos [Courtesy, Autoblog]

Royal Enfield ClassicRoyal Enfield ClassicRoyal Enfield ClassicRoyal Enfield Classic
Royal Enfield ClassicRoyal Enfield ClassicRoyal Enfield ClassicRoyal Enfield Classic

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sau007007 said...

The Bullet is designed for a superior class of people around the world.
Not everyone can ride it.
:-) :-)
The machine is full of torque is meant for Raja(king).
I remember my father moving on a two silencer HD in the town in early 90s.
The sound fill me a kind of joy at that time.
:-) :-)
Kudos to Royal Enfield.

Arun said...

the Classic is a freakingly beautiful motorcycle

Anonymous said...

You sound like a racist!

sau007007 said...

Sorry everyone,
I didnt knew that such lines would sound like a racist.
Even now, not a single member of my family has such a bike.

The 'superior' people according to me are the ones who have courage to own such a big bike and also take care of them effortlessly...
I this era where everyone wants to have commuter or a sports bike,they are the people who dare to live their dreams spending around 1.5L and such a huge maintenance in India which has a good categories of bikes in the world.

Such people, according to me are Raja(king).
And i respect them.
Though i further apology for my lines....................

sau007007 said...

And thank you anon
for getting me know the other(dark) side of words.
I didnt knew that,touchwood....

S.P - Biker Next Door said...


Its ok bro, I know perfectly what you meant. Not everybody has the courage, patience and dedication to ride, maintain and care for a Royal Enfield.

Its a differnt breed of bikers who ride them

Anonymous said...

sorry dude. i meant no offense. i thought you're just another Internet focker bullshitiing around :D. i totally respect your views & apologize for what i wrote.. problem is just that i don't like enfield :P

Saurabh said...

Its alright dude

George Poruthur said...

Please look into the consideration of the waiting period for Enfield 350 UCE, inspite of having booked in the month of October 2010.

Anonymous said...

waiting eagerly for the twin cylinder 750cc or 1000cc

already have a TB and AVL 500 :)

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