Jan 21, 2011

11 Pulsar is now the Official Sponsor of Ghost Ryderz Stunt Team..!!

Ghost Ryderz becomes the first professional motorcycle Stunt Riding Team from India to be officially sponsored by a motorcycle brand..!!

"Pulsar, India’s No.1 Sports Bike is the official sponsor of Ghost Ryderz, India’s No. 1 Motorcycle Freestyle Stunt riding team".

That’s what the landing page of the Ghost Ryderz site says. Ghost Ryderz has indeed become India’s first professional motorcycle stunt team to be sponsored by a corporate entity. The team has recently revealed a new set of Pulsar 220S bikes which has been custom modified into genuine street fighters along with a customized paint theme as well.

Ghost Ryderz on Pulsars

Who are Ghost Ryderz?

They are a team of 5 talented young guys from Kerala who call themselves as "Damboy", "Smokey", "Phenom", "Nio" and "Dauntless". They first shot into national limelight in 2009 when they were picked up to tour with MTV for the 2009 Pulsar MTV Stuntmania auditions (to perform stunts in front of the crowd at various cities across India). They were once again chosen to tour with MTV for the second season of the MTV Pulsar Stuntmania "Rockathon" Auditions in 2010.

Ghost Ryderz now regularly perform Stunt shows in various cities of India. To get a glimpse of the Ghost Ryderz doing their stuff, check out their Facebook Page.

[To visit the Ghost Ryderz website: Click here, To visit the Ghost Ryderz Facebook Fanpage: Click here]

The 'Ghost Ryderz' Guys

Pulsar and Motorcycle Stunting

Pulsar is the first motorcycle brand in India to associate itself with Stunting. Bikers in India have now started to strongly associate stunting with the Pulsar brand. And it is for good reason.

The 2003 "Pulsar DTS-i" TV Commercial (Wheelie and Stoppie on the bridge) is still very fresh in my mind, and how can one not mention the 2008 "Pulsar Mania" TV Commercial which featured jaw dropping synchronized stunts. Pulsar has also sponsored India’s first Stunt Reality TV Show "StuntMania" on MTV in 2009 and 2010.

Ghost Ryderz Official Stunt Bikes

The association of Pulsar and Ghost Ryderz, which is the first of its kind in India, is great news for the budding sport of Freestyle Motorcycle Stunting. I seriously hope that this association with Pulsar would provide Ghost Ryderz the boost to make us proud even on the international freestyle stunt circuit.

Go Ghost Ryderz..!! Go Pulsar..!!

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sau007007 said...

Top news of the New Year..
:-) :-)
Now it is clear that as Pulsars are greatly used for stunting,their build quality is quite enough to take lots of pressure.
:-) :-)
My respect for the GREAT PULSAR grew one more step ahead..
Kudos to the INDIAN PULSAR.
Ye world champions,HERE WE COME WITH OUR PULSARS.......

Akash said...

Instead of wasting money on bollywood stars and cricket stars this is the correct way to promote bikes.

kudos to Pulsar

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

@Payeng -
I agree its Great news at beginning of the year...
There are big brands for cars...like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes...
Now "Pulsar" is a brand name (created by Bajaj) the Indian bike lovers identify with n cherish too...

aravindk2004 said...

@ the writer

WUD LIKE TO correct some details furnished above

@the quote:They are a team of 5 talented young guys from Kerala who call themselves as "Damboy", "Smokey", "Phenom", "Nio" and "Dauntless".

GRZ is a team consisting of about 70 !

The main stunters include team coordinator Mikhil Mohan aka Phenom
from trivandrum, Abhishek aka Neo From chennai, Senthil aka DAUNTLESS from chennai, janaganesh aka DAMBOY from chennai, Srikanth rajan aka Brutus from trivandrum,Lotus sabu aka smokey.Indrajith ramesh aka redaktor .Saran b sasi aka nemesis etc
GRZ has another section named GRZCUSTOMS.inc mainly under the guidance of Rakesh J unnithan ,Jiji philip
for more details ,pics and video log on to www.thegrz.com

thanking you for a wonderful review
on behalf of team and team members
Dr.Aravind krishnan

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

@Dr. Arvind

Thanks for providing the accurate details about Ghost Ryderz. Be assured that I'll make another detailed post about you guys.

And don't thank me, you guys deserve it.

aravindk2004 said...

No mention bro :) have a wonderful life ahead :) btw keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Red color alloys...if this is done by HH/Honda then surely lot of criticism has been done...

Akash said...


An in your face designed bike like from KTM without a red colored chassis would look boring. In the end it all depends on the kind of bike.

On a commuter like the Hero Honda CBZ/Glamour a red colored alloy wheel/chassis/spark plug cap etc. naturally make it a laughing stock, which it already is.

the bikes of the ghost ryderz are meant to be in your face and the red color alloys go perfectly with the theme.

Anonymous said...

since many days m searching 4r the ...stunting gears like--

1.rear hand brakes
2.12 bars
3.crash cages....

i had asked many people but nobody knew abt it......:(
does any1 know abt it and where to get it in kolkata.......!!!

importing these means lots of money more than 1\2 price of byke....!!

hope bajaj to release pulsar of same kind........will be a gr8 relief and boom to the stunter guys in india ...!!...like me...:)

Jees K Denny said...

Hey I want to know the Official Website For the Ghosty ryders,..

Pawan Khatana said...

I want be d member of dis....love u guys...

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