Jan 1, 2011

6 Happy New Year 2011. Honda opens booking for the CBR250R from 1st Jan

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2011..!! Keep those helmets on and ride safe.. you can book the CBR250R from Jan 1st

Honda CBR250R bookings start from 1st Jan 2011.. a member of xBhp.Com has booked the first CBR250R

Bike India might have reported that bookings for the Honda CBR250R would start from Feb 2011. But Honda Scooters and motorcycles India (HMSI) has decided to give the first new year gift to bikers in the form of opening bookings for the CBR250R from Jan 1st.

One can visit the official website and fill up the online form to know more http://www.honda2wheelersindia.com/enquiry.asp.

To book the CBR250R one needs to visit a Honda dealer in your city. Deliveries would probably start from April 2011. A member of xBhp.com has in fact booked the first CBR250R in India. Click here to read about it.

  • Booking amount: Rs. 5,000

  • Color options: [1] Candy Ruby Red & Accurate Silver Metallic, [2] Sword Silver Metallic & [3] Accurate Silver Metallic and Black Metallic & Accurate Silver Metallic.

  • There will be two variants:[1] Standard-base model [2] Another model with C-ABS

  • Price: [1] Standard Base model: Rs, 1,50,000 (Ex-Showroom) [2] With C-ABS Rs. 1,80,000 (Ex-Showroom)

Well the on-road price seems to have turned out a bit more than the "promised" less than Rupees 1.5 lakh by the Honda India boss.

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praveen said...

"dear buddy i wish u & ur family this happy and prosperous new year will bring many more happy moments in ur life". And happy prosperous new year to all bike enthusiastics readers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Bro. and wishes for all readers of this wonderful blog.
Lets wwrrrooooooooommm.....


Akash said...

Happy New Year to the readers of the Best Bike blog of India - Akash

Anonymous said...

great.. we in indonesia still waiting for honda cbr250. maybe in june 2011..honda sale this motorcycle

melville said...

Bastards! Even after CEO Shinji Aaoyama, or whoever it was, promised on record that the price would be within 1.5 lakh, these guys still have the nerve to go ahead and price it at Rs, 1,50,000 Ex-Showroom !?!

It's not a matter of 5-10 grands, but of principle. I don't think even 10-15 grands would make a lot of difference to the Target Audience of this bike...

praveen said...

Honda got the record response and even in bookings of CBR250R

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