Dec 21, 2010

8 Honda Twister is the 2011 Indian Motorcycle of the year (IMOTY)

The Honda Twister walks away with the 2011 Indian Motorcycle of the Year award..

Photo and news source: BS Motoring

Previous Winners of the IMOTY award:

2008 IMOTY: Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi
2009 IMOTY: Yamaha R15
2010 IMOTY: Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Needless to say, all the three previous winners of the IMOTY awards were ones which had set performance standards (in the “desi” sense of course) in India. But take a look at the..

Contenders for the 2011 IMOTY award..

  • Honda Twister [Read the Review here]
  • Bajaj Pulsar 135LS [Read the Review here]
  • TVS Jive [Read the Review here]
  • Bajaj Discover 150
  • TVS Max 4R
  • Mahindra Stallio

The Honda CB Twister won with 66 points while the Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS with 63 points gave a tough fight. TVS Jive was at a distant third position with 48 points.

With no major performance motorcycle launched in 2010 (wonder why the the Honda CB Dazzler was not included), that was the lineup for this year. Apart from the baby Pulsar, the rest all are pure 100% commuter bikes. But with the 110 cc, Honda Twister winning this year’s IMOTY means that the IMOTY award is for something more than mere performance.

The Jury for the 2011 IMOTY

The IMOTY award is given by a jury comprising of members from various major auto publications of India. This years jury comprised of:

  • Bike India: Aspi Bhathena
  • BS Motoring: Pablo Chaterjee
  • Top Gear India: Girish Karkera and Debabrata Sarkar
  • Auto Bild: Vikrant Singh
  • Overdrive: Sirish Chandran and Shubhabrata Marmar

A big omission from the above list is non participation of India’s largest Auto Publication Autocar India.

My Take:

The Twister is actually quite a good bike. I was impressed with its near flawless 110 cc engine when I had taken its test ride.

A slightly premium price than other 100 cc bikes and a skinny rear end might be the only issues that one can pick in the Twister.

Congrats to the Honda Twister for winning the 2011 IMOTY.

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Anonymous said...

i feel that pulsar should who it.
But experts much know than me :-)

Akki said...

Indians still suffer from the mentality that anything foreign is better than us. the pulsar 135 is a superior product with is 4 valve technology. the pulsar 135 beats the hell out of bikes like the FZ.

even then the twister wins the IMOTY? these journous are nothing but morons

Anonymous said...

The announcement would have been"From the first
2008-p220 dtsfi, then we had
2009-r15 them
2010-Ninja 250r

and now ladies and gentleman we have our new IMOTY for 2011
Every one please cross your fingers......

'The Great 110cc Honda CB Twisterrrrrrrrr....."


S.P - Biker Next Door said...

The CB Twister is not a bad bike.. It might be designed for sedate riding, but it does its job pretty well actually

Raj said...

another way to look at it.

A 110cc Honda bike won over a 150cc and 135cc(4 valve engine), thats commendable if its really that good.

praveen said...

Justification is right with 110cc CB Twister, but P135 also right to own the crown of best motorcycle award. Bajaj had done a good job selling more than 1 lac plus Pulsar 135s in just 5 months of its launching comparable to Honda had done with its CB Twister.

melville said...

My vote goes for the Pulsar 135 LS. It's a remarkable bike from what whatever I have seen and heard and it seems better built and technically advanced than all the bigger Pulsars out there.

If we set the design aside for a moment, the Twister only has the engineering that is anyways expected from Honda.

Shubhasish Bose said...

Yeah!!! that's my bike

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