Nov 12, 2010

3 New Pulsar Commercial (Pulsar Mania II?) to feature Jorian “Untouchable” Ponomareff..!!

A new Pulsar commercial is being shot which will feature one of the hottest young international talent in the world of Freestyle Motorcycle Stunting..!!

New Pulsar Commercial: Pulsar Mania II?

Right from it’s birth in 2001, TV Commercials of the Pulsar has always set the benchmark for motorcycle commercials in India. The iconic 2008 Pulsar Mania commercial (posted below) has so far been my personal favorite among the lot. To me the Pulsar Mania TVC with its "synchronized ballet on motorcycles" is till date the Best Motorcycle Commercial in the world.

Participate in a contest and get to visit the sets where the new Pulsar commercial will be shot..!!

Improving perfection is a very tall task, and I have had my doubts whether the Pulsar Mania commercial could ever be superseded by anyone, including Bajaj themselves. But it looks like now there is a new Pulsar commercial (Pulsar Mania II?) in the making which is poised to do just that.

And this time Bajaj has roped in Jorian Ponomareff, one of the hottest new international talents in the world of freestyle motorcycle stunts to feature in the next Pulsar commercial..!!

jorian Ponamareff

Who is Jorian Ponomareff?

Jorian who is a Frenchman, is being hailed as one of the brightest stars among the next generation of freestyle motorcycle stunters by the likes of Chris Pfeiffer and AC Farias, who are themselves big international names in professional motorcycle stunting.

Untouchable The Movie

The baby faced Jorian also happens to star in a movie called "Untouchable", which has shots of Jorian performing stunts in various countries along with the best stunters.

Correction: [November 17, 2010] The "Untouchable" movie has already been released in Feb. 2010, and not to be launched in Feb 6, 2010 (as posted earlier). Thanks to Michael Pollack, the director of the movie who has corrected me on that. Currrently both of them are working on another different film.

A two minute video clip (posted below) gives a peek at the jaw dropping talent of this exciting young blood.

[Those who can't see the video.. Click Here..]

Stunt Guru Chris Pfeiffer comments Jorian’s wheelie style as "Personalized Kamasutra of a Wheelie" and AC Farias calls Jorian as the "next generation" in the video. Interestingly AC Farias was one of the stunters who featured in the 2008 Pulsar Mania commercial. Chris Pfeiffer had visited India earlier this year to perform stunts in a couple of Indian cities.

Jorian Wheelie

Jorian Ponomareff doing his stuff

The 2008 Pulsar Mania TVC:

[Those who can't see the video.. Click Here..]

Visit the sets of the new Pulsar Commercial being shot..!!

Yep, if you are a Pulsar owner, then you could be one of the lucky 5 contestants who would visit the sets of the new Pulsar commercial and meet and see Jorian Ponomareff do his stuff. All you have to do is visit the Pulsar Fan Page on Facebook, and upload a picture of your Pulsar and you along with a caption on why you should be there.

Visit the Pulsar FanPage on Facebook. Hurry, the contest closes on November 14, 2010.

My take

I expect the commercial to make it to the TV screens and on YouTube by early 2011. The 2008 Pulsar Mania Commercial had given me goosebumps, hope that Jorian Ponamareef does something even more spectacular this time.

When other brands are falling head over heels to sign expensive Bollywood and Cricket stars to promote its products, Pulsar is getting some real hardcore bikers to feature in its commercials. Respect!

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praveen said...

yes iam one the fans who very much likes these commercial ad

Gautam said...

Hope ur last para is for Hero Honda...The only childish ad makers in market!

Michael Pollack said...

My name is Michael Pollack, I am the director of Untouchable. There has been a mistake, the movie is out right now and available for purchase, it was released on Feb 6, 2010......right now jorian and I are working a new film for 2011

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