Nov 14, 2010

33 Honda CBR250R Video Review [Autocar India] + Official specs

Autocar India gives the intial review of the CBR250R.. Honda finally reveals the power/torque figures.. Real shocker is the price tag..!! Booking starts from Jan 01..!!

[Update, Nov 15'th: Booking starts in India from Jan 01, 2011.

One can fill up the online inquiry form for the CBR250R on Honda India's website.

The Yamaha R15 and the Hero Honda Karizma ZMR will find it hard to justify their 1 lakh plus price tags..

Autocar India magazine happends to be my current favourite Indian Auto Publication due to their honest and "to the point" (without the hyperbole and the eloquent crap) style of auto journalism.

I even like their TV show the Autocar Show, which is aired on the UTVi channel. But reading a magazine a watching a TV show is a different matter altogether. Credit goes to "Kartikeya Singhee", the host and (Dy. Editor Autocar) of the Autocar Show, whose lively / cheerful presentation and screen presence makes the show a must watch for me.

Autocar Show CBR250R Review

Screenshot of the Autocar Show CBR250R Review

Autocar Show has recently posted a video review of the CBR250R on its YouTube channel. In the video, Kartikeya Singhee covers the global launch of the CBR250R straight from Thailand.

Highlights from the Review:

  • Great low and mid range torque

  • Decent handling on the race track (though not in the same league as the Ninja 250R)

  • Company claimed Fuel Efficieny of 50 Kmpl..!!

  • Less than Rs 1.5 Lakh price tag (From the mouth of HMSI boss)..!!

Posted is the Autocar Show video review of the CBR250R:

[Click here if one can't see the video]

My take:

With the Honda (HMSI) boss from India quoting a less than Rs. 1.5 lakh price tag for the CBR250R, it looks like it will be difficult for the full faired "desi" models the 150 cc Yamaha R15 and the air cooled 223 cc Hero Honda Karizma ZMR to justify their 1 lakh plus price tags.

I am sure that the CBR250R would find many enthusiastic buyers in India.

Honda CBR250R Technical Specifications

Honda has finally revealed the official max. power and torque figures of the CBR250R on its Global site for Honda's new 2011 bikes.

Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve DOHC single
Displacement: 249.4 cm3
Bore x Stroke: 76 x 55mm
Compression Ratio: 10.7: 1
Max. Power Output: 19.42kW (26 Ps) @ 8,500 rpm
Max. Torque: 22.9Nm @ 7,000 rpm

PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore: 38mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13 litres (including LCD-indicated reserve)
Fuel Consumption 27km/l (WMTC mode#)

Ignition System Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
Starter: Electric
Battery Capacity: 12V/6AH
Headlights: 60/55W (H4)

Clutch: Wet, multi-plate with coil springs
Clutch Operation: Mechanical, cable-actuated
Transmission Type: 6-speed
Final Drive: ‘O’-ring sealed chain

Type: Diamond; steel twin-spar

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2,030mm x 709.5mm x 1,1p27mm
Wheelbase: 1,369mm
Caster Angle; 25°
Trail: 95mm
Seat Height: 784mm
Ground Clearance; 148mm
Kerb Weight: 162kg (166kg C-ABS version)

Type Front: 37mm telescopic fork, 130mm stroke
Tye Rear: Pro-Link Monoshock damper, 104mm axle travel

Tyre Size Front: 110/70-17M/C
Tyre Size Rear: 140/70-17M/C

Front: 296 x 4.5mm hydraulic disc with dual-piston caliper and sintered metal pads
Rear: 220 x 5mm hydraulic disc with single-piston caliper and sintered metal pads

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praveen said...

finally honda justified the indian customers, less then rs 1.5lakh unbelievable price. its the perfect competitor for r15 & ninja i think zmr is not a worthy competitor for cbr 250 even the pulsar 220 is a perfect worthy opponent, by the way pulsar is also getting new avatar in 2011 i read the news from a popular automobile mazagine.interview of rajiv bajaj in that article he mentioned that its totaly different style advanced technology & higher cc from the current pulsar lineup may be 250 or 350 only god knows

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

WOW!!! Honda Rocks with CBR 250cc, can't wait till next Apr 2011...Great news, thankx Payeng...

kamal said...

Awesome.It wud be interesting to see what Bajaj does now.Hope to see Pulsar 250 round the corner sonn!!!wot say Payeng.

Sajal said...

The way Kartikeya reports, I mean all of his reports I've seen, makes me roll on the floor laughing. He sounds more like reciting a skit in school rather than describing a motorcycle!!

About the bike, well what more can you say... it's a Honda... it's gonna pamper it's riders and take into consideration that it would be having CABS as option, well, my take is.. even a guy how rides Hero Honda CD Dawn day in and out, wouldn't find it much difficult on the CBR250.

Payeng said...

@Sarath, I guess the CBR250R would be your next motorcycle :-)

@Praveen & Kamal, the CBR250R would not directly compete with the Pulsar 220F purely because the Pulsar 220 would still be 40%-45% cheaper than the CBR25R. But probably the KTM's (hope India gets a bigger engine than the 125 cc) which are expected to launch in India by 2011, might take the CBR250R head on.

Whether Pulsar 250/350 cc might be on the cards..?? One will have to wait and see.


Kartikeya does make the presentation light and entertaining.. No??
I like enjoy him on TV :-)

Anonymous said...

pulsar 250/350.....shhhhhhhhh !!!

Sharath.S.Kamath said...

I hope so too thanx payeng...i will be able to buy first bike...even though i have bought my first car last year (Swift VDI - Diesel...its Awesome)...obviously my family didn't allow me to buy P220 :(

But I have to wait see whts cooking in Bajaj n Yamaha champ...before I take the decision...Also it would be my birthday gift for myself as my b'day falls in April too...Hope my wish comes true this time around... :>

- SK
>> "Dead" or "Agile" <<

Shining Neptune said...

Cant say that yamaha r15 will have to justify its price tag...but really when this bike will be launched the falling sales of KARIZMA ZMR will be stopped forever...PULSAR 220 is on different league though...its little bit unrefined and vibrates a lot...faulty wirings...but the low price tag justifies that...
Well about CBR 250,what should i say.its a honda bike and designed for international no compromise bike.
Currently i have R15... will be buying CBR 250R after next six months.

Payeng said...

@Shining Neptune,

the very fact that a R15 owner like yourself is planning to switch your bike in favor of the CBR250R probably indicates that Yamaha would have to come up with something for the R15.. maybe a price slash.

Lets wait and watch.

Anonymous said...


Shining Neptune said...

You are correct. If the Honda releases this bike even at the price tag of 1.15 to 1.20 lacs,definately yamaha will have to come up with a new plans.because you cant justify any more by saying that R15 is a japanese technically advanced bike any more,when you have another bigger cc japanese bike in the block.
But i am not switching actually.will keep both the bikes on my garage.
Because i am very much satisfied with the bike that i am having now. I have ridden many bikes but no bikes can match this little genie when it comes to overall performance and handling. What do you say?

Payeng said...

@Shining Neptune,

The handling of the R15 must be ridden to be believed. Its just Awesome..!! The R15 is truly a scaled down replica of a super sports bike by the way it handles.

Lets see what's the CBR250R got in store for us.

Anonymous said...

get readyyyy ...
future is bright for supersports in india...
can't wait few more years to see hayabusa running backstreet of my home....!!
relieved to see india entering into super sportsbike arena....!!
To make international motor companies compete (even ducati and harley are trying to compete for us)..,,is profitable for indian bikers...and thats what happening now....
cheeersss 2011......!!

Anonymous said...

@ Payeng u have described as 50 km/l....but in tehnical specs its written 27 km/l ..???
and what is wmatc it fuel saver mode...!

Payeng said...


the 50 Kmpl figure has been reported by Autocar India and the 27 Kmpl has been mentioned in the official specs of the CBR250R.

Maybe we should expect a fuel efficiency of somewhere in between 27-50 kmpl in real life riding condition.

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr..... at least 35 km/l should be ideal for buying this byke or else no use.....i wish autocar india to be correct.....lets wait...
and what about yamaha ..i heard they are thinking to launch a 250 cc street fighter motorcycle......does any1 know..???

praveen said...

anonymous, atleast 35 kmpl...! wat a funny even my yamaha fazer 150 delivers around 35 to 40 kmpl in city riding and ur expecting 35kmpl in a 250cc bike. i think 25 kmpl is more than enough for this machine....

Anonymous said...

@ above ...are bike daily commuter and touring purpose ke liye bani hai....not a total sports bike for common puposes koi bhi ise din bhar me 7 bar for sure milage bhi to chahiye......agar tumhe milege ki koi prob. nahi hai to go 4r mahindra mojo....!!if it is to be successful here then it had got to give a good milage i said 35 km/l should be ideal...!!
aur india is a country obessed with milage not every1 is so rich to pay daily such amount of rs.....specially youngsters like me...
aur jahan tak fazer 150 ki bat hai then u dont know to ride the bike properly and how to get maximum 4rm the bike...!!

by the way comments are welcomed...:P

Payeng said...

@above 35 kmpl is the average fuel efficiency figure that I mostly have heard for the 153 cc, Yamaha FZ/Fazer.

Also why else would you want to ride like a moped if you have bought a motorcycle, just to extract the maximum fuel efficiency.

Anonymous said...

I would rather ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow...
just only expect to be better milage and wish autocar's prediction to be true...!!
when its got to performance lets see what this bike got for us.....
is it true that its booking starts frm 1st of january....?????????!!

Anonymous said...

its not abt cc ..when u r saying it a daily use and commuter bike then its not fair to give it a tag of 20 km/l or something like that..if these are the figures then honda should call it a super sports rather than commuter....???
now lets wait for the answers of honda in april....!!

praveen said...

anonymous,i know how to ride a bike and iam happy with my bike performance, i have previously mentioned about the mileage figure of my bike in city riding condition & in highway it delivers around 40 plus and i hope its not a commuter bike its for touring purpose.

Arjun said...

Any idea when Honda is starting the bookings for this vehicle. I am eagerly waiting to book one. how many colours available in CBR250 version.

adroit's said...

am waiting like hell for this bike to launch am definately gonna buy it!

adroit's said...

i need dis bike rite nw

Anonymous said...

Thanks Payeng!! Just few days before I had commented here about INSECT-LIKE headlights of the then sensation in Indian automobile market "Launch of Mahindra Mojo". By that time I thought it was unfortunate that I was not being able to like any of the BIG/SPORTY bike options available in India and Mojo too did not look great to me, though I felt it was a great attempt.
I'm nearing 28, for about 5 years, since first day at job I have been riding my first bike i.e. a Honda Shine (No doubt like all my rides starting from my first bicycle this one too is close to my heart). Many times in last few years I had thought of getting a pulsar220/R15 or even a Ninja. I was fighting myself hard to keep myself patient. After seeing Mojo, I was almost settled on buying a RE Classic 500 in first quarter of 2011.
But now, I guess my wait is over :) Thanks for bringing in the good news.


Anonymous said...

oh! Man,i feel hurt to hear the news that pulsar is upgraded (dont know whether praveen bro's news and floating rumours are true).But i seriously do not want the upgrade at least till June 2011 because i am fond of P220F and will surely buy it in june.I would like that bajaj would do not do make up on the bike.ALAS!:(

I can only hope bajaj keeps up the bike till then........


Anonymous said...

hey hey hey hey guyssss
i have heard about honda cbr250r mugen version....its mouth watering.........!!
my questions...
will it be available in india...!!????

Anupam said...

I don't think CBR250 will be a R15 killer.. That's simply bcoz Mr. Honda said a price tag of 1.5 lacs.. And we all know it is going to b higher when launched.. Plus on road prices will b even higher.. Expect 2.3-2.5 lacs.. Honda 250 will definitely be reliable.. But it's not your refuge if u seek performance.. Head straight straight to the 33ps Ninja250 as against 26ps CBR250..

Better call the CBR250 a VFR250 bcoz it's styled like the bigger VFR, a sports tourer and not a supersports bike.. And styling of VFR sucks...!!! I personally don't think this 250 justify the CBR tag.. The CBR's should be designed with sportiness in mind.. And the current ugly, Fat and VFRish CBR250 disregards them all.. What say people...??

Anonymous said...

mugen is definitely a gud opt...!!

rkm said...

i had booked one

sunny said...

will this bike be available in full metallic black colour in india or not

New Bikes in India said...

This bike will definitely capture the market.

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